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Parents Are Hyper-Aware of Food Labels Due To Allergies | Food Allergy Labels

Parents Are Hyper-Aware of Food Labels Due To Allergies

Parents buying food for their kids' lunches are stocking up right about now. When it's time to send children back to school, families may opt for new and different foods and beverages to make sure this year's meals are interesting and nutritious. With this bustle of shopping activity comes an important question: Do any of these foods include allergens that might cause a reaction?

To make your brand more appealing to discerning parents, you should make sure all allergens in the items are clearly labeled, meeting and potentially going beyond your legal requirements. Shoppers will be grateful to see this info written out clearly for them on food allergy labels.

Labeling Your Food Products

If it's been a while since your brand updated its food labels, you should check to ensure you're meeting all requirements for ingredient disclosure. Mistakes with food allergen labeling are one of the leading causes of expensive and time-consuming recalls ordered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Once you're in compliance with relevant laws, you may want to further and go into greater detail about the ingredients in your items,

Parents shopping for their kids' lunches are dealing with the stress and headaches of ensuring the children are doing well - and eating well - in the new school year. You can cut down on the work that goes into buying groceries when you adorn your food and beverage products with extremely clear and informative custom labels. Parents' gratitude may manifest as increased brand loyalty. Winning families over now, in the rush of back-to-school season. may help you establish trust that will last all year.

Working with a Top Labeling Partner

When your brand teams up with Lightning Labels to create food allergy labels and packaging, you gain access to high-quality label options that can help your products stand out. For example, you may opt to use extended content labels, which fold out or peel off to reveal more information. These labels give you a greater amount of space to work with when working on content, so you can include a full ingredients list along with many other branded elements, such as imagery and logos. Lightning Labels enables quick turnaround times, so you don't have to wait for next school year.

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