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Poultry Company Sued for Misleading Product Labels

Poultry Company Sued for Misleading Product Labels

Perdue Farms Faced With Lawsuit Alleging Product Labels Are Deceptive

Perdue Farms, a poultry company based in Maryland, is facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly placing false information on product labels. Florida resident Wendy Roy brought the suit against Perdue in a federal court. She argued that the custom food labels on certain products stating chickens were "humanely raised" are misleading.

According to weekly newspaper Capital Press, the claim Perdue makes on its labels is based on guidelines from the National Chicken Council. Roy's complaint stated these recommendations promote "a system of mechanized brutality," and therefore are nothing close to humane.

Company States Labels for Food Products Exceed Industry Standards In response to the lawsuit, Perdue said the information it includes on labels for food products is legitimate.

"All of our chickens are raised cage-free on family farms," a statement from Perdue read, according to Capital Press. "They live in temperature-controlled housing with fresh air ventilation, where they are protected from disease, predators and the elements."

The newspaper stated a similar claim was brought against the company in 2011, the suit for which is still pending.

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