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Prepare Cosmetic Labels in Time for Summer Sales

Prepare Cosmetic Labels in Time for Summer Sales

Are your cosmetic labels summer-ready?Update Custom Cosmetic Labels to Prepare Items for Summer

Now that the weather's getting warm again, it's time to change up your custom cosmetic labels for the new season. With the prevalence of sunlight in the coming months, customers will be worrying about their skincare regimens. More sun means an increased desire for UV protection and new makeup styles. In summer, women like to go for a sun-kissed tanned look that can give an appearance of being in the sun without the corresponding skin damage. Another typical summer makeup trend is to reduce the appearance of makeup for a more low maintenance look, but this doesn't mean you don't have the potential to grow makeup sales in summer. Just call more attention to natural hues rather than bright eye shadows or lipstick colors. On top of that, many people do gain some color in the summer months, which means their old shades of concealer and powder may not match their skin as well anymore. Well-designed seasonal custom cosmetic labels can do wonders in the summer months.

Get Your Cosmetic Packaging Ready for Sunshine

Adjusting your cosmetic packaging to include summery imagery will alert consumers that your product is a good choice for this time of year. Whether you make bronzer, concealer or powder, a seasonal packaging scheme can you get the attention of the customers who are beach or pool bound. Since shoppers are more likely to be headed toward a water source, it can be a good idea to include images of sparkling lakes and ocean waves that will entice the eye. Blue skies, green grass and flowers all call to mind the bliss of the natural world. If you expect consumers to head outside, direct their attention to products that have an SPF capacity, so your makeup may be able to double as sunscreen.

Could Your Lip Balm Labels Use a Summer Update?

Don't forget your lip balm labels when you're adjusting your packaging for hot weather. Lip balm may not be as oriented toward beauty, but there's a good chance that every tote bag headed to the beach will have some lip balm in it. While people tend to think of lip balm as a winter ointment, it can sooth wind and sunburned lips as well, making it a yearlong utility. Use summer-oriented imagery like sunshine and blue skies to indicate that your lip balm could be useful when it's warm outside as well.

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