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Label Your Ingredients to Prevent the Risk of Allergic Reactions

Label Your Ingredients to Prevent the Risk of Allergic Reactions

Ingredient Labels Can Raise Allergen Risk Awareness

If companies want to ensure their customers do not suffer an allergic reaction while using their products, they need to utilize ingredient labels to raise awareness of the risk among their buyers. Achoo Allergy reported that more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, while approximately 55 percent of all U.S. citizens test positive for one or more allergens.

Fifty-five percent of U.S. citizens is a substantial number of prospective customers, and companies looking to stay on their customers' good side need to make any allergens used in products apparent to customers. Product labels are the perfect place to start, as people will be able to moderate their usage of goods that contain allergens if they are aware of the risk.

Designing the Right Product Label

Product labels need to make allergen risks apparent from the outset. Before people even purchase an item, the sticker should inform them of any potential allergen dangers. This may be easier said then done, simply because there are just so many allergens located in household products - they aren't limited to food.

Sylvane noted one of the most common allergens in households is formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. This allergen is typically found in adhesives, air fresheners, floor polishes, glue, carpet backing, dyes, liquid cleaners, markers, paint and toilet cleaners.

"While very high levels of exposure to formaldehyde cause physical reactions in everyone, some people have allergic reactions to even small exposures," the news source explained. "Symptoms include: burning of the eyes and throat, rashes on skin, tightness of chest, fatigue, headaches."

Of course, food can also contain allergens that should be noted on product labels, but it's important for manufacturers to note that there are a broad number of allergens that can affect customers.

Warning Labels are Necessary for Allergic Reaction Prevention

Businesses can't control how people use their products, but the right label can help to promote allergic reaction prevention. If labels clearly state that products contain allergens and warn people not to use these items if they suffer from allergens, then companies can rest assured knowing they did what they could to preserve the health of their customers.

If companies produce an item or good that may trigger an allergic reaction, it's in their best interest to make this risk apparent to customers. This way, the can avoid any negative experiences that people may have with specific products.

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