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Recalled Custom Food Labels Listed Inaccurate Ingredients


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Recalled Custom Food Labels Listed Inaccurate Ingredients

Misprinted Custom Food Labels Cause Recall   A Colorado company is recalling its packaged fettuccine alfredo due to inaccurate custom food labels. The product is a dehydrated pasta made by American Outdoor Products, which is meant for backpackers, local news source eNews Park Forest reported. While the front label is correct, the back label was switched with the one for the company's Jamaican jerk style rice product, which meant that it failed to indicate certain ingredients the pasta product contained. The custom food label printing issue was reported by a retailer in Vermont, which notified the Colorado company.

Brands Need to Be Careful with Food Product Labels Because the resulting food product labels failed to report known allergens, such as milk and wheat, the Colorado company recalled the products. According to news source the Virginian-Pilot, the product code for the mislabeled packages is 07/02/2020 and contain the product number P-4933 inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection mark. So far no adverse reactions have been reported. However, it's vital that brands pay close attention to labeling products that contain known allergens to prevent any harm to consumers.

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