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South Africans Hopping Mad After Kangaroo Found In Products With Beef Custom Food Labels

Study Unveils Custom Food Labels Often Wrong

Custom food labels have been in the news lately, but for all the wrong reasons. A recent scandal engulfed most of Europe when horsemeat was found in a number of supermarket beef products. But the trend of mislabeled meat products isn't exclusive to Europe, South Africans recently - and grimly - found out.

A study by the University of Stellenbosch in the African nation examined the content of local supermarket products labeled as beef. Researchers instead found such products actually contained donkey, kangaroo and water buffalo, among other animals.

Government Looks To Strengthen Regulation On Food Product Labels As a reaction to the grossly inaccurate food product labels found in South African groceries, BDlive reported Rob Davies, minister of the country's department of trade and industry, is set to publish new proposals that would tighten regulations on how beef products are labeled.

"The existing labeling requirements are perhaps not strong enough," he said. "There is perhaps a need for stronger definitions."

Davies suspected imported meat products as the problem source, but will nonetheless pursue investigations into all parties involved in the labeling fiasco.