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Tips for Designing Sunscreen Labels that Shine

Tips for Designing Sunscreen Labels that Shine

Great Sunscreen Labels are a Necessity

Now that the days are getting longer, it's time for your brand to rethink its sunscreen labels. Sun lotion sales are about to spike as consumers head outdoors more frequently. Whether they're on their way to the beach, pool or day hike, sunscreen is necessary to maintain dermatological health. Since sunscreen bottles tend to get left at home or shoved to the back of a cabinet when they are most needed, it's likely that shoppers will pick up a new bottle soon to replace the ones they have misplaced. Use bright colors and clear legible text on sunscreen labels to make sure shoppers choose your product when they run to the convenience store. Smaller containers may also appeal to last-minute or vacation shoppers.

It's the Perfect Time to Design New Sunscreen Labels

Don't make do with last year's packaging, create new sunscreen labels! Customers are increasingly aware of the necessity of using an SPF product to avoid UV damage. While making an attractive and eye-catching label is important, highlighting the ingredients and sun protection elements in your product may be more important than utilizing summer imagery, although using warm sunny colors can't hurt. Highlight the SPF levels of your product so shoppers know they can expect your sunscreen to provide the protection they need.

Of course, there's another aspect to sunscreen label design as well. Sunscreen can be a messy product. Since it's going into a tote bag alongside towels and seaside attire, you have to make sure the bottle can stay clean. Lightning Labels' water- and oil-proof labeling materials can make sure the label stays intact when it comes in contact with various materials. A mess-proof label will stay put when it gets wet, and will allow consumers to easily wipe off anything else that may get on it. This is great for customers because they can easily contain messes, but good for you, because your brand information will remain pristine throughout the life of the product.

Refine Your Summer Cosmetic Labeling Strategy

Your cosmetic labeling could also get a summer upgrade. Sunscreen isn't the only skincare necessity for the warmer months. Many consumers will substitute SPF cosmetics for sunscreen when they are just outside for short periods of time. This means the same design rules may also apply to cosmetic products. If your product provides SPF protection, make sure you call attention to this fact on the label. As with sunscreen products, it can't hurt to use attractive, sunny colors.

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