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Bath & Body Product Labels Can Jazz Up Mother's Day Products

Use Bath and Body Product Labels to Make Products Attractive and Indulgent for Mother's Day

Bath and Body Product Labels Can Jazz Up Your Products for Mother's Day

One of the best ways to boost product awareness and sales is by redesigning products to effectively attract consumers. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and shoppers will soon start perusing store aisles and websites to find the perfect gift for Mom, Grandma and other important mothers in their lives. You can make sure your goods are ready for the occasion with the right bath and body product labels.

Perhaps you haven't considered revamping your product labels for Mother's Day because you're worried about the time and money necessary for the process. However, if you're working with the right bath and body label printing service, you'll find designing and ordering labels isn't just a walk in the park, it's speedy and affordable as well.

Still not convinced a Mother's Day makeover is the right move for your product packaging? Consider this: in 2012, Nearly 87 percent of the U.S. celebrated Mother's Day, and consumers spent a total of $18.6 million on gifts with an average of $152.52 per gift, according to By not investing in the marketing opportunity using labels for bath and body care this season, you may miss out on incredible revenue this Mother's Day.

Here are a few other fun facts about the holiday the source compiled:

  • On average, men spend nearly $190 on Mother's Day gifts, while women spend about $117.
  • Young professionals aged 25 to 34 are likely to spend the most on Mom, and people over the age of 65 tend to spend the least.
  • While about 65 percent of consumers plan to buy Mom a gift, 22 percent plan to treat their wife and nearly 11 percent will give a gift to their daughter.

2 Ideas for Attractive Labels for Bath and Body Care This Mother's Day Because bath and body products can make perfect Mother's Day presents, labels for bath and body care need to let shoppers know a brand offers high-quality, gift-ready items. Here are two ways to design custom labels that will convey the right message this Mother's Day:

1. Design Product Labels With Mom in Mind Consider boosting your seasonal marketing efforts by designing stickers and labels that focus on Mother's Day. You won't even have to veer too far away from your current packaging designs - just add or alter images or copy that acknowledges Mother's Day and explains how your product will be a great addition to Moms' bath or body care routine.

However, if you do want to revamp your product's image completely, bath and body label printing can help you choose the perfect custom packaging design.

2. Choose Bath and Body Label Printing that Makes Items Gift-Ready While some people may already be browsing or at least thinking about what they plan to get the special mothers in their lives this year, a major portion of gift givers don't actually buy presents until days before Mother's Day. In fact, more than half of shoppers don't purchase gifts before May 1. Three in 10 do so one week ahead of the holiday, and 18 percent buy presents 48 hours before. That means gift-givers don't have a lot of time to wrap their purchases, and even if they do, the cost of wrapping paper and gift bags can be extremely troublesome for many consumers.

When shoppers come across items that are already gift-ready, they're likely to be drawn to the brand immediately. As you design your custom packaging, consider including the phrase "Happy Mother's Day" and incorporating other elements of the holiday.

Happy labeling!

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