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There's Still Time: Use Custom Holiday Stickers to Promote Your Business

There's Still Time: Use Custom Holiday Stickers to Promote Your Business

Custom holiday stickers make things more colorful, exciting and fun. This holiday season, custom holiday stickers could help your brand get shoppers into a holly jolly mood and remind them that your products make great gifts. While it might seem too late to order holiday stickers, with December already upon us, the right label printing partner can give your company the bright and impressive custom stickers it needs to stick the landing of the holiday season.

Turn Regular Products into Festive Favorites

If you produce or sell items that make good gifts, or are essential parts of the experience at a holiday party, stickers can drive that point home. Adding Christmas or Hanukah stickers to packaging is a quick and affordable way to make this connection, one that doesn't require you to engage in a full-on redesign of your labels. Products that are already on shelves can stay there, but with added stickers to boost their appeal.

When the season is done, goods that received Christmas stickers or Hanukah stickers but didn't sell can simply be returned to their seasonally neutral mode with the removal of the stickers. Of course, there probably won't be many such products, because stickers can be applied sparingly. If items are selling through at a fast pace, some more products can receive a festive rebranding.

Order Now - It's Not Too Late

With an all-digital printing process and facilities located domestically to avoid time-consuming outsourcing, Lightning Labels is able to turn orders around in days, not weeks or months. This means that you don't have to save your ambitious holiday stickering plans for next year, and can launch them right away instead.

The high-quality stickers you receive from Lightning Labels can give your items' branding a boost at this most essential time of year. Then, once the holidays are over, it's time to think of new seasonal sticker ideas that can keep the momentum going.

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