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    Tough Product Labels Help Your Brand Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

    When your product demands a cold environment in stores, your labeling requirements are different from the average business's needs. Unless you find durable labels, your branding won't last as long as it needs to. This is where Lightning Labels can step in, delivering great-looking packaging for your ice cream or other frozen treats this summer.

    July is a perfect time to purchase new product packaging labels for your ice cream products, because it's National Ice Cream Month. These weeks, set aside to celebrate frozen treats, can yield new limited-time flavors or simply bold and attractive imagery to remind customers to pick up your everyday offerings. While you may believe there's no need to tell people that ice cream tastes great in the summertime, a little reminder wouldn't go amiss.

    Pick Your Labeling Strategy

    If you've decided to launch a new flavor  to celebrate National Ice Cream Month or the summer in general, a new label design is a natural addition to your brand's offerings. You simply need to ensure that it matches a distinctive, can't miss appeal with enough continuity that buyers tie it in with the rest of your line.

    Even if you're not branching out with a new flavor, a custom label strategy based on National Ice Cream Month is a fine way to drum up excitement and attention for your brand. Potentially, the packages could even have a functional element to their design, listing desert recipes that make use of your ice cream. This time-tested strategy can encourage people to take the products home and follow the instructions.

    "You have to employ durable labels so that they'll stay visible and vibrant."

    If neither of the aforementioned ideas fit your strategy, you can simply execute a line-wide redesign. That may be enough to catch the eyes of consumers in the frozen foods aisle, especially if you make use of colorful and compelling imagery. You have to make sure, however, that you employ durable labels, so that they'll stay visible and vibrant after months in a freezer case.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    You have your choice of label materials and finishes with Lightning Labels, including those capable of resisting the moisture and cold temperatures associated with ice cream. Combine this with lightning-fast turnaround times enabled by an all-digital printing process and you've found the ideal partner for your brand's next redesign, whether it takes place during National Ice Cream Month or not.

    The warm summer months are made for ice cream, and your brand can launch promotional campaigns during this time for a perfect storm of attention and excitement among customers.

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  • Grow Your Garden and Lawn Care Product Sales with Custom Labels that Stand Out

    Seize the Day During National Lawn and Garden Month

    There's no season quite like spring for the lawn and garden care industry. If this is your field, now is the time to act and capture customer attention. This is especially true during April - National Lawn and Garden Month. Whether you want to tie your items in with this gardener's holiday or just celebrate spring in general, custom labels are a great choice. Dressing up your products with colorful and vibrant reminders of the season can get customers excited to do some gardening - and help your items stand out in a world of competitors.

    Be Colorful, Helpful and Exciting

    There are two ways of looking at gardening: It's either a chore or a fun activity. If your lawn care product labels give the latter impression, you may have an easier time converting shoppers and keeping them enthusiastic. You can become a knowledgeable helper for your customers by printing plant care or yard maintenance tips on your fertilizer, pesticide and seed products. These informational panels play the same role as recipes on food packaging, and encourage gardeners to pick your brand.

    Hints and information require a lot of text to get across, which means you should always work with a custom label provider capable of printing high-quality product packaging. Blurry or illegible words aren't convincing and they make your brand look unprofessional. The space you have for helpful text is extremely limited, as you don't want to skimp on bright spring imagery and a memorable logo. If the product is something potentially harmful (such as a pesticide), you have to devote some of your label space to warnings and ingredient information. High-quality printing is the way to ensure you have room for everything.

    Choose Tough Labels

    Your choice of material will play a large part in determining whether lawn care product labels end up looking good. Since these items are typically stored in garages, sheds or out in the elements, tough and waterproof labels that won't smear or fade over time are essential. Unless you go with waterproof materials, your products may look bad by the time customers need to purchase another item. If your brand name has worn off, the products won't be able to act as subtle advertisements encouraging shoppers to come back for more.

    An Ideal Partner

    When Lightning Labels is your third party of choice, you gain access to the competencies described above - many tough materials that can hold up through wet outdoor conditions, as well as speed, quality and customer service. The short time from placing an order to receiving your labels is especially important, as it means you have a chance to quickly capitalize on temporary occurrences such as National Lawn and Garden Month.

    Lawn and garden products are an industry where smaller companies can compete with the big brands. Every spring is a fresh new start, and if your products look bold, helpful and positive, you could catch shopper attention and gain new customers. If your current labeling style isn't up to the challenge, now's the time to step up.

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  • Give Cosmetic Labels a Fresh Look for Spring

    Spring Colors and Beauty Tips Enhance Packaging

    As spring begins, everything starts to feel different. Spurred by warmer weather, people want to get outside, be active and - vitally for cosmetics producers - wear spring colors in both clothing and makeup. The change of seasons is a great time to change your cosmetic labels. Whether you're launching new products or just urging customers to take a different look at your existing line of cosmetics, there's room to spread such a message via your labeling.

    Offer Hints

    When you work with a label provider capable of producing bold, high-quality labels, you can include more text on your labels than you'd be able to fit otherwise. This can encompass hints and tips, showing ways to use your products to achieve a certain effect. The change of a season is a great time to switch up the beauty suggestions on your cosmetic product labels, with new priorities and preferences coming to prominence as the temperature rises.

    Get Colorful

    Products and labels alike can benefit from a burst of spring color. The floral hues that define April and May seem tailor-made for your custom cosmetic labels. If your company mostly sells locally, you can also incorporate a regional feel. No matter what you choose, fun and freshness are reliable go-to themes. People are excited to spend more time outside, so you can't go wrong with adding more sun and fun to your product labels.

    Plan for the Sun

    If you offer sun-blocking products in addition to pure cosmetics, spring and summer are when they'll be at their peak importance. Refreshing your custom sunscreen labels while the days grow steadily longer label ensures they'll be at peak attractiveness and effectiveness when the scorching days of summer arrive. Protecting your customers' skin from UV rays is an important role for your products, meaning these labels can combine vital health advice with a fun, outdoors-themed look.

    High-quality cosmetic labels

    Of course, if your products' labels aren't manufactured to high standards, it will be difficult to make a good impression on your customers in spring or any other season. Working with Lightning Labels is therefore an essential part of launching an effective spring campaign and making your cosmetics products look great year-round. Lightning Labels offers a variety of materials and finishes that are perfect for cosmetics. When you go with labels that resist water and oils, you ensure they'll look great for a long time - when it's time to buy that same product again, your logo will still be clearly visible, urging shoppers to go with your brand.

    Spring is a great time for a new labeling campaign, and a good prelude to still more changes in summer, autumn and winter as preferred makeup styles shift with the seasons again. When you work with an all-digital printer such as Lightning Labels, you get the benefits of fast turnaround times and low minimum order sizes. This means you can set up new campaigns for every season without dealing with expensive waste and leftover labels. Your cosmetic brand can take on optimal new looks every few months.

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  • Custom Cosmetic Labels - Going Beyond FDA Rules to Inform Cosmetics Customers

    Custom Cosmetic Labels Capture the Trust of Your Audience

    When cosmetics are your main product, establishing a trust-based relationship with your customers is an important element of securing your future. After all, customers who abandon your brand after one purchase aren't likely to sustain the company for any significant length of time. You need strong bonds with shoppers, an audience of consumers who feel well-served by your products and will therefore continue using them for years. This is the recipe for reliable revenue, and it can all begin with met expectations.

    Go Beyond FDA Requirements

    While the FDA does regulate some of the elements of cosmetics labeling, there are terms and promises you can employ without the department's approval. Of course, you should still be very careful with your deployment of these descriptors to ensure a bond of trust persists between you and your customers. Someone who feels misled by the promises on a label isn't likely to come back.

    The American Academy of Dermatology recently released a report through Science Daily specifying areas where shoppers may end up feeling deceived by cosmetics manufacturers. Ensuring your brand's bath and body packaging is straightforward and clear in these areas can set you head-and-shoulders above brands that take advantage of the lack of regulation to overuse the terms and deceive shoppers.

    For instance, dermatologist Rajani Katta stated in the AAD article that there is a glut of current brands using the term "all-natural." She added that this is not a meaningful descriptor in skin care, as there are plenty of elements that come from nature but don't help the body at all. Furthermore, combining basic ingredients with preservatives is a common practice in the beauty product field. If consumers catch on to brands deceiving them with such labels, they may become jaded. Your options with this label include using it only when it's absolutely truthful or simply avoiding it as overuse saps it of meaning.

    Katta added that when products say they are suitable for sensitive skin, there is no authority forcing them to prove this. In the absence of an FDA rule, your bond with customers should guide your use of such claims. If you place such a promise on a cosmetic product that then goes on to aggravate skin, you could lose the trust of consumers.

    What the FDA Can Regulate

    The fact that there are cosmetics brands taking liberties with labeling is worrying, as it may lessen trust in the bath and body industry as a whole. The agency isn't completely toothless, however. In late 2016, law firm Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP released a Lexology article about a wave of warning letters issued by the FDA to counteract dishonest use of claims on beauty product labels.

    It's interesting to see what types of marketing copy are unacceptable under current guidelines. For instance, the warning letters made a point of targeting brands that boast about the "age defying" nature of their products. Furthermore, items that claim to minimize lines, wrinkles and spots on skin received letters. Medical claims are also shaky ground: Companies that say their offerings can regenerate tissue, produce collagen, act as a surgery alternative or provide other healing and anti-inflammatory benefits have been given warnings.

    The law firm explained that the line between beautifying agents and medical products is the current boundary for the FDA's authority. The agency is becoming aggressive about items that claim to be the latter, with enforcement seemingly more strict than in the past. Companies that walk this line should ensure they aren't overstepping their authority.

    Custom Cosmetic Label Excellence

    When creating bath and body packaging, the content is only one element to think about. You also have to consider the physical quality of the labels, paying heed to resolution, materials and finishes. If you work with substances that aren't strong enough to withstand storage in consumers' bathrooms, your items' packaging may end up worn down, with your carefully designed logo unrecognizable by the time consumers have used up the products and are ready to buy more. The way to avoid this fate, and to combine high-quality imagery with tough and attractive labels, is to work with a third party such as Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers a wide variety of waterproof materials and finishes that will keep your accurate and compelling bath and body product labels looking great, no matter where customers store the items.

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  • Adorn Your Handcrafted Soaps with High Quality Custom Soap Labels

    Handcrafted Soaps Deserve Beautiful Packaging

    When your craft becomes your business, it's important to focus on the little details and ensure your enthusiasm comes across to customers. It's possible to enter the bath and body products sector with handmade soaps, but selling these items may prove challenging without excellent labeling. After all, as a craft producer, you likely don't have the budget for an ad campaign. The way your products appear on store shelves, on your website or at farmers markets will do a lot to determine whether customers are interested.

    Make Your Soap Distinctive

    Selling your soap products means striking a balance between handmade charm and professional production values. Lightning Labels will help you thread that needle, offering tough and waterproof bath and body product labels that express your personality while standing up to condition on store shelves and in customers' homes.

    No matter what size or shape your soap products are, Lightning Labels offers sizes and materials that will help you find the right labels to promote them. From wrappers on individual bars of soap to large, waterproof custom labels that wrap around hand soap dispensers, there's a label for every need. With an all-digital process, Lightning Labels can deliver impressive, quality imagery on materials that are impervious to water and oils. Your brand's name will still be visible and present, even if the packaging is stored by the sink.

    Your choice of materials can also play into your brand's identity. Lightning Labels offers eco-conscious custom soap labels that will impress consumers looking for a more earth-friendly brand. If you have established a green reputation, you can maintain it. If you would like this to become part of your identity, now's the time to start.

    As an independent craft producer, your soap product labels serve as a sort of introduction to the world. While consumers can learn about global conglomerates from TV commercials or other mass-distributed ads, your brand's story will be harder to find. A custom label is a great place to spread information and imagery, letting people know how you create your soaps, where you're based and what values your company stands for.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    When you're selling a craft product, your unique perspective is what helps sell the item. Lightning Labels, in its vast variety of label styles and materials, is here to help you communicate that outlook, however you think is best. With an all-digital printing process, quality is high and orders are filled quickly. Lighting Labels' use of domestic production facilities instead of outsourcing helps further cut down shipping time and costs.

    When working with a digital printer such as Lightning Labels, rather than a shop that employs photogravure plates, you can order labels in low amounts without breaking the bank. This is vital when the product is handcrafted, as the chances of you producing enough soap to warrant an industrial-sized label order are low. Lightning Labels lets you stand shoulder to shoulder with national companies in the quality and appearance of your soap products, while allowing you to order the amount of labels you need.

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  • Are Your Health and Beauty Labels Ready for Summer?

    Make Those Labels Colorful!

    Spring is in full swing, and summer is right around the corner. Although health and beauty products are popular throughout the entire year, the warmer months will lead many consumers to purchase specific types a bit more frequently. This includes lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizers, vibrant lipsticks and many other products, and if you manufacture these items, you will want to spice up your labels as soon as possible to capture the eyes of summer shoppers.

    With custom health product labels and stickers for beauty items, the sky will be the limit when it comes to differentiating your brand from others. However, you will not be able to get by with muted colors or uninteresting designs this time of year, meaning marketing and product management teams need to think outside of the box and incorporate as much vivid imagery as possible.

    Considerations for Beauty Product Labels

    Beauty and health go hand in hand these days. Many consumers will purchase the items to both protect themselves from the sun and remain moisturized during the drier weather, but will also have some interest in spicing up their look.

    For example, some lipsticks are beginning to have properties similar to balms, as health-conscious consumers look to be stylish and careful with their bodies. If you make these particular types of products, you will want to make sure their advantages are clearly stated on your labels, and in such a way that catches the eyes of consumers in the stores and elsewhere.

    Also, you need to ensure that your product labels can stand up to the elements, as they will likely end up on beaches, boats and other summer landscapes. Durable labels that have pizzazz will often be the best bet for health and beauty products around this time of year.

    Following Through

    With all the work put into designing the labels, your company should ensure that it is selecting the right printer. If orders go awry or the labels and stickers are simply not what was expected, it could translate to time and resources wasted in a hurry.

    Lightning Labels offers a range of custom durable labels and stickers, and boasts rapid turnaround times on orders. This firm can help you with all of your product labeling needs this spring and summer.

  • Leverage Weather-Resistant Labels this Season

    WeatherResistantSpring is Here, Summer is Nigh

    With the spring and summer come far more outdoor activities, and your products will need to stand up to the harsh conditions of the seasons. Regardless of whether you manufacture products that are very obviously used for outdoor activities, or others that often make their way out of the home, you can leverage weatherproof labels to contend against heat, humidity and rain through the end of summer.

    Weather-resistant labels will protect all the hard work that went into creating, manufacturing, packaging and marketing your products, but you do not have to strictly choose between function and fashion when making these.

    Durable Labels with Panache

    Custom weather-resistant labels are a great way to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to summertime product packaging. By using durable materials for the labels themselves, and a customization service, you can make these marketing materials just as aesthetically pleasing as they are tough in wet and humid conditions.

    Considering the fact that you will likely be targeting the labels for a specific time of the year - the warmer seasons - you might want to incorporate themes that are especially relevant during these months. This could include spring and summer color themes, designs based on the great outdoors or something similar. Remember, though, that many of your competitors are likely launching similar campaigns to position their products properly this spring and summer.

    The only way to truly differentiate your brand from others on the shelves is to go the extra mile in customization and personalization efforts. Sometimes the safest bet will be to lean heavily on the unique images and mission of the brand, then build the design off of these matters in a way that connects with life in the summertime.

    Use the Right Service Provider

    Because the spring is kicking into high gear across much of the United States and the weather is bound to get balmy before long, you will want to begin work on these projects as soon as possible to hit the ground running. Consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels, which is an industry leader in speed and accuracy of printing custom stickers, labels and other product marketing and packaging materials.

  • Cashing in on National Lawn and Garden Month

    LawnAndGardenLeverage Durable Labels in April

    If you manufacture, distribute or sell products used to maintain lawns and gardens, you will have a good opportunity to align your brand name with a major event this month. National Lawn and Garden Month is in April, and acts as a time to bring together homeowners who love their properties and persistently invest in the health of these landscapes.

    Obviously, you will not want your products to have labels, stickers or other packaging materials that cannot stand up to the conditions of the outdoors, as this would likely hinder your brand's image in the eyes of customers. Rather, you can use weatherproof labels to get the job done, and customize them to make a splash with your current and prospective clientele this spring.

    Specialized Lawn Care Labels

    If you serve homeowners as a product manufacturer for lawn and garden maintenance, you should be actively engaging your clientele around this time of year. As the snow thaws and mercury rises, the average homeowner will be jumping right into lawn and garden work. Considering that this month marks the beginning of what is often the busiest two seasons for manufacturers of relevant products, the time is now to get moving on specialized marketing and product placement campaigns.

    Garden labels that include some tips on how best to use the products, or even pull more information in to provide general guidance for springtime planters, might be a bit more successful on the shelves than those that have one or two words and a price tag.

    At the same time, the content is only one piece of a bigger puzzle. You will want to ensure that the designs, color schemes and general aesthetics of your labels are eye-catching enough to draw in customers at retail or wholesale locations. This is where customized durable labels can really come in handy.

    Custom Garden and Lawn Labels

    With custom labels, your marketing and product management teams will have a lot more flexibility to break traditions and put out a winning product package. Competition is going to be hot in the lawn and garden arenas this month, and personalized or customized labels are a great way to differentiate your brand from others.

    Lightning Labels provides among the fastest returns on orders for these items, and offers a range of customized options to fit a variety of needs.

  • Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?

    Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?Temperature-Resistant Labels Necessary

    In the wake of one of the more legendary storms to ever strike the East Coast, manufacturers of popular winter products should be evaluating the resilience and durability of their packages and labels. Lip balm and chap stick tend to be far more commonly used around this time of year, and should distributors not properly protect the items against the elements, chances are customers will begin looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

    Lip balm labels need to be able to stand up to tough, harsh winter conditions, and not all stickers will be tested against the cold rain and snow. However, putting a bit more effort into getting weather-resistant labels can go a long way toward protecting your brand image, especially in the eyes of current customers and prospects who are first seeing the items in the possession of their friends and family members.

    Tough Labels for the Win

    With all of the work that your marketing and product management teams put into the aesthetic value of the items your company sells, it would be a shame to not protect them against the elements. When labels and stickers start to break down due to winter weather, the products might be thrown out altogether, and your customers might begin to purchase ones that will not fade or fall apart, even when they are using the lip balm on a cold mountain peak.

    You do not have to choose between a label that looks good and one that remains resilient to the conditions, though, as premium options will allow for plenty of custom designs and eye-pleasing prints while still being more durable than the rest. With the right attention to detail, the lip balm you sell will be trustworthy in the perspectives of your current and prospective clientele, and will thus be a more coveted item on store shelves.

    Choose the Right Vendor

    Lightning Labels is a leading provider of product labeling and sticker products, and offers custom durable options for all of your lip balm and other packaging needs. With quick returns on orders and accurate printing of the personalized designs your marketing teams dream up, you will be in the driver's seat this winter and better-positioned to excel in your marketplace.

  • Custom Durable Labels – the Best Way to Combat Harsh Winter Conditions

    Custom Durable Labels – the Best Way to Combat Harsh Winter Conditions

    Custom Durable Labels Help Prepare Your Business for the Cold and Snow

    Winter weather can be extremely disruptive when it comes to product manufacturing, distribution, transport, sales and more, as many businesses have learned the hard way throughout the past several years. However, regardless of how much precipitation falls this winter, or how extreme the cold becomes, you can ensure that your product packaging remains resilient in the face of harsh elements through the use of customized durable labels made from tougher materials.

    For example, durable vinyl labels tend to be far better-suited to outdoor applications and tough conditions, both in terms of when the products are being distributed and when they eventually make it to their final destination at a customer's abode. Do not allow your marketing and product management strategies to be defied by the winter weather - get on board with weather-proof labels and protect these important aspects of your company's image more successfully today.

    Custom Weather Resistant Labels

    Some products will necessitate weather-proof labels more than others, and they will tend to be a bit obvious. When a manufacturer is selling outdoor goods, even to warm-weather climate regions, they will want the brand mark to remain on the item throughout the windy and rainy days. Especially if the products are targeted at customers who are living in the northern parts of the country, where this winter is expected to be exceedingly snowy due to El Nino, the labels will need to be a bit more durable.

    Weather resistant labels will achieve this goal, and can be a great way to differentiate your products from those of competitors, especially around this time of year. When so much work and time has been put into the development and positioning of goods, it would be a shame to skimp on the labels and, as a result, not see the same success within revenues over time.

    In the coming weeks, you will have an opportunity to design weather resistant labels and get them printed and, as the cliché goes, the early bird will get the worm.

    Custom Durable Labels

    Just because you are using stronger materials does not mean that you will not be able to customize the labels in accordance with your unique brand messaging, objectives and needs. Rather, Lightning Labels provides the option to customize durable labels and ensure that they are both resilient to harsher weather conditions and still aligned with the voice and mission of the company.

    Because the winter has already set in across much of the nation, the time is now to get moving on these strategies and initiatives. Remember, custom durable labels present a different pallet to marketers and product managers, meaning it might take some time to land on the right designs. However, once these professionals have completed the work, you can reach out to Lightning Labels for exceptional turn-around times on orders, as well as accurate printing of all the designs desired regardless of which materials are in use.

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