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Whole Foods Is Updating Food Labels to Reveal Non-GMO Goods | Lightning Labels

Whole Foods Is Updating Custom Food Labels to Reveal Non-GMO products

Whole Foods will Indicate GMO Products on Custom Food Labels By 2018, Whole Foods Market has claimed it will alert customers to GMO ingredients on custom food labels. While many consumers are advocating for brands to start labeling GMO products, there is still no legal requirement mandating that companies reveal these ingredients when food label printing. According to environmental new site Ecorazzi, Whole Foods has been criticized in the past for labeling foods as natural. While many consumers assume this label indicates products are GMO-free, this is not actually the case. Identifying GMO ingredients will be another step toward greater transparency for shoppers.

Food Product Labels at Whole Foods Will Call Attention to Non-GMO Products Rather than indicating GMO ingredients, the upscale grocery store chain will use food product labels to call attention to products that are GMO free. According to the company's website, they will require all suppliers and partners to label products containing GMO ingredients. This means the absence of a label will inform consumers that the product does contain GMOs, One Green Planet reported. Many other countries are starting to introduce legislation governing the use of GMO products.