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Whole-Grain Labels In Canada Not Wholly Accurate | Lightning Labels

Whole-Grain Labels In Canada Not Wholly Accurate

Study Looked At Standardization Of Food Labels

Consumers flock to products with organic or healthy claims on food labels. However, the market for such labels has exploded and fractured the many claims and labels made on foods in the process, making it more difficult for consumers to identify honest claims. The notion is especially applicable to labeling for Canadian whole-grain products, which a recent study examined.

An article in the journal "Appetite" reviewed front-of-package labeling for whole-grain breads in three supermarkets in the Toronto area and found a lack of label standardization. Presently, the study deemed such labeling initiatives for whole-grain breads as only "voluntary and unregulated."

More Information Needed On Food Labels Research found that 21 percent of breads had a reference to whole grains on the front of their packaging, and that claim was better than any information that could be inferred from nutritional food labels, researchers said.

The study also theorized in the absence of mandated labeling requirements that voluntary labeling strategies among whole-grain producers seems to target premium customers willing to pay more for a reference to whole-grain composition on packaging.