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    Custom Stickers and Decals for Spring Sports

    Think About Spring

    Stickers and decals can be huge sources of promotion for a sports team. If you work with a school or local team in one of the spring sports - baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse or any other - now is a great time to think about how you're going to keep team spirit high this season. With custom decals and stickers, you can give fans an outlet to pledge their allegiance, and a way to reach out to others. This is a way to make sure your distinctive team colors and logo are seen throughout the community, whether you sell the stickers or give them out for free as a promotional item.

    Decals and Stickers Make a Splash

    A removable window decal is one of the best types of sticker you can choose when you're thinking of ways to promote a team. The fact that these stickers peel off the window with no damage done or lingering residue means people will fearlessly stick them to windows at home, work or on the go. When it's time for the spring season, fans can switch out winter sports logos for custom sports decals full of springtime imagery. Since these decals are such an easy sell, you can print them fearlessly, knowing you'll likely find a willing audience happy to stick them up.

    When it comes to promoting a school sports team, there are many venues to give out custom stickers. Hand them to students or parents at the beginning of the season, pass them out at games, give them as a bonus to anyone who donates to a team fundraiser - the uses are numerous, and can help you get the word out about the team. People with a connection to the team will want to show that allegiance, and you give them a great medium for that pride with your stickers and decals.

    You'll know you've succeeded in your promotional mission when you see your custom sports stickers around town, on business windows, car bumpers, laptops - any flat surface will do! Stickers are such a compelling promotional item because they beg to be shown off and displayed. When team supporters put up a sticker in a visible place, it reminds others in the community that the season is going on. Such a promotional push is an auspicious start for the new year, so it's time to prepare now, even with snow on the ground in many corners of the country.

    Get Ready for Spring

    Printing stickers for the upcoming season early isn't a necessity due to slow printing - in actuality, Lightning Labels turns orders around in days, rather than weeks or months. Rather, you should start planning and ordering now to ensure you have your strategy lined up from before the first game of the new year gets underway. It's time to work with a trusted third party to ensure your team's logo and color scheme translate seamlessly to a high-quality and tough batch of stickers or window decals. With sticker planning out of the way, you can get started on game planning!

  • Window Decals: Ideal for Retail Locations

    Spread Brand Messages through Vibrant Decals

    Your retail business should be as bright and compelling to look at as possible. People walking by should be immediately interested and want to see more. This means mastering signage and creating a great-looking facade. But there's one part of your storefront you may be missing - the windows. With high-quality window decals, you can show off your logo or send out other information. You can also purchase custom decals for automotive use - stick them to the windows of your vehicle fleet or hand them out to customers as an alternative to bumper stickers.

    Windows that Tell a Story

    What kind of information can be conveyed by a window sticker? These can contain small versions of your business's logo, show off particular merchandise you sell, or even state your membership in local retail groups or organizations. If you want to show off how many different payment methods you accept, window decals can help with that, as well. You can also add new and vibrant spins to old standbys such as signs that display the business's hours. Instead of taping up a cardboard sign, go with a custom decal that looks at home with the rest of your branded signage.

    Beyond these evergreen uses, you can also use seasonal or promotion-based stickers. Window decal printing can give you a bright new look that highlights either the time of year or the particular items being discounted. By going with custom window stickers instead of creating a makeshift sign, you gain a level of professionalism in the presentation that audiences will appreciate. Retail shoppers browsing down Main Street will know that your company is competent and reliable, with compelling branding extending from your main signs down to the labels promoting every particular element of the shop and item for sale.

    Cars Carry the Message

    Instead of limiting your branded appeal to your own storefront, you can print window decals intended for car use. Sell them in your shop, hand them out with orders of a certain amount or distribute them at local events. These have the same impact as bumper stickers, and people may be more willing to use them, as a decal stuck to a window is much more removable than a conventional sticker. This is a great way to get your message out in your geographic region and beyond. Putting your Web address on the stickers can also encourage viewers to check your store out even if they don't physically visit.

    Time to Get Underway

    There's no need to wait to get any of these types of stickers - you can begin in a hurry with Lightning Labels. Quick turnaround times ensure that your project is fast-tracked. This is important in retail: When you get a good idea to make your storefront more compelling, you want to see the results right away instead of waiting. This is what a new order of window stickers can deliver. What kind of message do you want to send to passersby? Think about it, then make the order, and your stickers will be there soon.

  • Capitalizing on Child Safety & Protection Month

    Capitalizing on Child Safety & Protection Month

    How Will Your Business Participate?

    November is Child Safety & Protection Month, which is an especially big event for the average product manufacturer who targets younger consumers. Although child safety labels are required on any objects that might present a risk to kids throughout the year, the observance of this awareness month will act as an opportunity for companies to go above and beyond the call of duty to gain more trust from their target markets.

    Because this observance also takes place in the busiest shopping month of the year, manufacturers and retailers will want to get moving on their child safety protection labels as soon as possible to get them out before Black Friday. Aligning a brand with this event while still ensuring that the information in the warning-related labels is accurate and easy for parents to understand can help to fuel greater revenues moving into the new year.

    Labels for Kids

    Safety labels should not only be functional in the sense of conveying the risks involved, but should also draw the eyes of consumers to the product. Packaging is always a critical aspect of revenue generation in these industries, and you can consider using custom labels that will stand out from the crowd while still covering the requirements of regulatory compliance. With customization, more information can be contained within the labels as well.

    For example, you can leverage a design that at once celebrates the holidays, explains the risks the products pose to children and the fact that November is Child Safety & Protection Month all in one fell swoop. In other situations, you might want to use safety labels to cover the requirements, then use specialized stickers for items that are on the shelves this month to observe the event, ensuring that the content involved does not get too cluttered.

    Any way a business leader slices it, though, it is important to take advantage of opportunities such as this one more proactively than competitors, as markets are becoming more saturated alongside the economic recovery. With relatively simple and affordable projects involving specialized and customized labels, toy and other item manufacturers can position their products to excel in the marketplace this holiday shopping season.

    Get Moving

    Toys are going to be flying off the shelves in a couple of weeks, and you will need to ensure that you place special labels and stickers on those items ahead of Thanksgiving. This can seem like a daunting prospect, but it need not be. First, get marketers and product managers involved in the design aspects of the initiative now and make it a priority to complete the tasks within the next week.

    Then, working with a reliable provider of label, sticker and decal services such as Lightning Labels can help to ensure that the turnaround on orders is timely enough to place them on products before Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday arrive.

  • Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    Fire Awareness Week is 10/4 to 10/10

    The Importance of Fire Safety

    Fire Awareness Week runs from October 4 through October 10, and companies can ensure that they are observing this event properly by putting an extra effort into educating their employees and customers through engaging strategies. According to the National Fire Protection Association, billions of dollars are lost to fires in the United States annually, and the damages incurred relate back to a range of factors.

    The agency argued that $329 billion dollars in total losses were accrued in 2011 alone, and pointed out that this is more than 2 percent of gross domestic product in the United States. Efforts to raise awareness can go a long way toward reducing individual business and community risks of experiencing large damages from fires, and fire safety labels, stickers and decals can be a strong and affordable option when embarking upon these missions.

    Simple Path Toward Big Results

    One of the best ways to get the word out about this cause is to use fire safety stickers, as this will make it clear to every individual who sees a product that they need to understand what it takes to avoid damages and dangers associated with fires. Labels can range from being informative and educational to engaging and beyond, and it all depends on what companies wish to accomplish with these types of initiatives.

    For example, a firm that worries about fire safety among its own workforce members might want to offer various relevant pieces of advice in different fire safety decals. On the other hand, if there are any flammable risks associated with the products being sold and the firm wants to get the word out to its customers, fire safety labels that list the various hazards clearly on the product will be enough to make a difference.

    Additionally, companies can simply include information regarding where the viewer can find more guidance on fire safety, as well as data related to the awareness week taking place, right on the decals.

    Custom Fire Labels Work Best

    Should the firm want to take a bit more initiative in raising awareness regarding fire dangers and damages, it can use custom labels to ensure that is approach is unique compared to others'. This will be especially beneficial when leaders are trying to kill two birds with one stone - contributing to Fire Awareness Week as an event and positioning their brand as a leader that cares about the community around it.

    If this is the stance taken, design will be an important component, but cannot lessen the attention paid to accuracy of the information printed on the labels themselves. Working with a team, managers can assign various duties such as research, design, development and printing styles to each employee and get the job done a bit more quickly.

    Then, once the labels have been ironed out, leveraging a service provider such as Lightning Labels to get a quick turnaround on the orders will ensure that the business does not miss its goals.

  • Show Your Spring Sports Spirit with Team Stickers

    Team StickersTrumpet Team Pride with Youth Sports Stickers

    For kids who are participating in spring sports this year (that is, assuming the snow finally melts in certain regions of the country), showing off their baseball, soccer and lacrosse team spirit with youth sports stickers is almost as important to them as actually being on the team in the first place. Not only do they tend to emblazon their lockers, folders, cork boards and pretty much as many belongings as they can with the proud declaration that they're part of the team, they'll likely do their best to persuade Mom, Dad, and even aunts, uncles and cousins to display the stickers on each and every car they own.

    What Makes Team Decals So Important?

    Most kids - and adults, too - are eager to feel part of something bigger than themselves, and team decals are the perfect way to trumpet this sense of belonging to the world without having to say a single word. Joining spring sports teams is a great way to meet like-minded people, make new friends and get some exercise - all while developing a tight-knit, deeply exclusive community in the process. Spring sports teams come with so many positive associations, and given this, it makes sense that team members and their parents would be eager to flaunt their involvement all season long. What's more, for parents who are watching their recreational activities budgets, team decals are a lot cheaper than matching T-shirts - and much less likely to fall victim to pasta sauce or chocolate stains.

    Making Custom Decals User-Friendly is Key

    Chances are that parents have had a bad experience or two related to scraping outdated decals off the surfaces upon which they were so triumphantly stuck just a few short months earlier. Luckily, Lightning Labels offers alternative materials with less aggressive adhesive. Our removable BOPP material and our ultra-removable window decal offer a superior alternative to the traditional static cling, so team decals will stay firmly attached to whatever smooth, non-porous surface they're applied to for as long as you wish, and not a second longer. Once they're removed, you'll never know they were there, as they don't ghost, stain or leave an unsightly residue. After all, five years from now, you're unlikely to get excited by the sight of the remnants of your kid's sports team decal from spring 2015 on the rear window of your car. Now, however, you're all about showing team spirit, and custom decals from Lightning Labels can help you do just that.

  • Car Window Decals Help Promote Your Company on the Go

    Our custom window stickers and labels will always stay in place and come off cleanly.Custom Car Stickers: Subtle, Yet Effective

    Hiring people to become walking billboards can be a great way to improve your brand's visibility, but what if it doesn't quite fit with your company's style or simply exceeds your budget? Custom car stickers are a more subtle - yet just as effective - approach to on-the-go marketing. No matter whether vehicles are on the move, parked somewhere public while their owners are out and about or sitting back home in motorists' driveways, the decals affixed to them promote your enterprise in a highly visible way. What's more, this type of promotion has the potential to reach a lot of people but comes at a fraction of the cost of other methods of doing so, such as paying for a billboard or chartering a blimp.

    Why Use Custom Decals?

    Custom decals for vehicles are a great marketing tool because it's hard for other people NOT to look at them. Think about it: If you're driving behind a car that's sporting a promotional sticker on its back window, you'll probably give the decal at least a cursory glance. Moreover, if you're stuck in traffic or waiting for a light to change, chances are you'll probably take the time to study the sticker in greater detail. Let's face it, it's probably a lot more interesting than the mundane trees, road signs and other vehicles that surround you.

    Get Superior Window Stickers from Lightning Labels

    Window stickers of all kinds can look great for a little while after you affix them to your car, but sub-standard types may quickly begin to peel off - and, even worse, they sometimes leave behind a sticky residue that's unsightly and hard to get rid of. Annoying blemishes and low quality are hardly things you want your company to be associated with, which is where Lightning Labels comes in. Our custom window stickers and labels may feel the same as the familiar, traditional static cling variety, but they will always stay in place and come off cleanly when you remove them thanks to their ultra-removable adhesive. Moreover, it's possible to reposition them or add them to an entirely new vehicle without trouble, provided you apply them to a smooth, non-porous surface. Remember, these decals are for windows, so they should not be applied to the body of the vehicle.

  • Custom Bumper Stickers to Boost Your Next School Fundraiser

    Bumper StickersCustom Stickers Can Bolster School Fundraising Efforts

    When trying to raise funds for school-related activities, there is nothing better than custom stickers. Bumper stickers have nearly universal appeal across all ages and target audiences. High schoolers and college students may purchase bumper stickers to put on their own vehicles, while parents are just as likely to purchase these fundraising pieces as a means of showing pride for the schools their kids attend. For schools themselves, fundraising is an effective strategy to garner the necessary resources to execute class projects, after school clubs and groups, on-site construction and other initiatives. Bumper stickers are great for these projects because they are not substantial investments - when talking about cost per dollar, schools could potentially be spending as little as 20 cents per dollar earned with bumper stickers.

    Car Stickers Exhibit School Spirit

    You have probably seen numerous school car stickers over the course of your life, whether your passing a vehicle on the highway or walking by one in the parking lot. For parents, they might boast about their child's academic success ("proud parent of an honor roll student"). For students, these bumper stickers might feature mascots and school fight slogans or mottos. At the end of the day, these stickers are designed to play off school spirit. The great thing about car stickers, and what truly makes them universal, is that they do not even have to be attached to cars. While that is the intended use of many of these stickers, they can be placed anywhere the owner wants. That could be in a person's car, but it could just as easily be on top of a laptop, binders and notebooks, coolers, sports equipment or anywhere else. This not only allows people to display their school spirit, but also customize their property in a unique fashion. If people do want to place bumper stickers on cars, they no longer need to worry about the damage they may do to their cars either. Modern adhesives make stickers easy to peel off, so people can remove their stickers whenever they want without ruining the paint job. Perhaps they want the bumper sticker for the new year, or to celebrate the change of sports season. Maybe they are even switching schools. Regardless, they do not have to worry about their bumper stickers being permanently attached to their vehicles.

    School Stickers as a Part of Fundraising Activities

    School stickers play an important role in broader fundraising activities, but they should not be the only thing brands use. Conventional stickers, magnets with sports schedules and specially labeled school products can also be sold as a part of broader fundraising initiatives. Schools should work with custom printing companies to discover their options.

  • Window Decals Promote Your Business on the Go

    Window DecalsWindow Stickers Give Businesses Another Avenue to Promote their Products and Services

    Window stickers are nothing new. Since people have had cars, many motorists have used window stickers to promote their values and send messages to others on the road. This can serve as some great promotion for businesses along the way, helping these firms gain some additional exposure by piggybacking off of the support of some of their most loyal fans, who love their brands enough to put window stickers on vehicles. And, truth be told, window stickers may wind up being tremendously powerful as promotional assets. According to Texas A&M's 2013 mobility study, cited by The Atlantic, the average person winds up spending as many as 38 hours per year stuck in traffic. That number is even greater in big metropolitan areas, with the average commuter in Los Angeles spending 61 hours jammed up in traffic. With nothing else to do, their eyes may wander to other cars. A window decal may catch their attention, helping to promote brands, products and services they had never heard of prior. While people are spending less time stuck in their cars - the average person spent 43 hours a year in traffic in 2005 - the fact of the matter is that people are on the road much more. Whether a car is stuck in traffic, in a public parking lot or simply in the driveway, the stickers attached to that vehicle are providing free promotion to anyone who sees it.

    Custom Window Stickers Can Be Used Curbside as Well

    Of course, custom window stickers are not limited to cars either. They can be used just as easily to promote a business on the curbside. A giant window sticker, placed on storefront windows, are equally as effective at garnering the interest of prospective customers as they pass by the location. These stickers can be printed in any size and could even be downsized to make smaller decals for car windows, which could be affixed to company-owned cars or given to customers for promotional purposes. In that regard, a vibrant, colorful sticker that is professionally designed can play a pivotal role in catching the eye of customers. Since many customers will see these window stickers before even stepping foot in the store, brands must think critically of what they are trying to say with their stickers. After all, this will be the first impression many prospects have of them.

    Custom Glass Labels for Any Purpose

    Custom glass labels can be used for a variety of reasons, ranging from promotion to simple identification. In the past, many companies may have been skeptical of using window stickers because of their relative permanence - businesses were worried that peeling a sticker from glass would leave unsightly residue. Fortunately, by working with the right custom label and sticker printer, brands can capitalize on new advances in adhesives that will not leave a mark on their cars or store glass.

  • Show School Spirit With a Window Sticker

    Window StickersWindow Stickers Let Students and Parents Show off School Spirit

    School is now in session, meaning students such as kindergartners and college seniors are hitting the books. With everyone just returning to school, that likely means school spirit is at its highest, and window stickers may be the perfect solution to help people celebrate. Window stickers can be affixed to car or dorm windows and allow people to show their school pride, whether they are supporting a sports team, an extracurricular club or simply the institution itself. These stickers can be sold at school stores or fundraising events, and can be a great way to get some extra funding for clubs and teams. Modern sticker technology has evolved to the point where they can be placed on windows with a special adhesive that allows people to remove them as they please without leaving any residue. This is perfect for students who want to change team logos as new seasons start or if they transfer schools or graduate. It allows them to show their school pride, without fear of damaging their property.

    Car Decals Offer Another Way to Promote School Spirit

    If window stickers are not what students want, car decals may fit the bill. Car decals can be sold to students much like team or university logos and also typically feature adhesives that can do not leave any residue behind when removed. Of course, the most famous car decal is the one seen on parents' cars, boasting about how their kids are enrolled in honors programs or attend a specific high-profile school. These decals can be sold in between semesters when grades are given out or could even be given to honors students as a promotional piece designed to increase exposure for the educational institution.

    School Window Stickers and Car Decals for Any Situation

    Whether sports teams want school window stickers to hype the upcoming season or universities want car decals for parking permits, there are several ways in which they can be used. The start of the school year is the perfect time to start planning these initiatives for the rest of the year, so institution leaders should start thinking about their window sticker and car decal projects now.

  • Support your Team this Year with Custom Labels and Stickers

    Custom Labels & StickersUse Window Stickers to Show Team Allegiance

    The fall is near, which means a new season of sports is approaching, and window stickers are the perfect way for fans to show their allegiance to their favorite teams. Autumn also means school is back in session, which translates into the start of the school sporting seasons, both at high school and collegiate levels. Additionally, the start of the football season is upon us, while basketball kicks off in another month. Of course, baseball fans have their eyes on the World Series as well. That means pride will run strong through sports fans quite soon. Whether they support certain high school teams or regional professional sports clubs, fans often love to show which teams they root for. This is good news for product manufacturers, as sports fans spend a lot of money on team-related apparel and other memorabilia. For example, a 2009 study conducted by the National Sporting Goods Association found that sports fans in the United States spent a combined $8 billion on sports apparel and other goods. Males accounted for the majority of sales at 60.9 percent, while women made up a significant 39.1 percent as well, illustrating that - regardless of gender - sports is something everyone can get into. It does not matter whether they like football, baseball, NASCAR or some other athletic event - sports fans will spend big money to back their favorite athletes and teams. The average person spent upward of $725 annually, while young professionals and wealthy fans crested the $1,100 and $1,500 mark, respectively, according to the NSGA study. No matter which way you slice it, that is a huge chunk of potential revenue.

    Custom Decals are Perfect for Avid Sports Fans

    Businesses involved in the sports industry should look for ways to help fans celebrate their favorite teams and athletics. There are numerous ways to go about this. For example, custom decals can be applied to cars, grills, coolers and windows to show off which teams fans support. For the careful sports fan, there are decals with special residue that allow them to be easily peeled off without damaging the underlying surface, so they can remove them after the season is done without concern (or if they want to jump ship and bandwagon another team after a disappointing season).

    Custom Stickers For Party Decorations

    Custom stickers are another way for fans to show appreciation for their favorite teams. Stickers can be placed on everyday objects like notebooks so people can show their support for their clubs regardless of where they go. Additionally, people can purchase stickers to use as decorations, which is perfect for throwing a party for the big game or celebrating sports in other ways. Regardless of what types of custom stickers and labels brands need, printing companies such as Lightning Labels can help businesses create products that will help fans celebrate their favorite sports and teams.

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