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Wine Apps Help Consumers Make the Most of Custom Wine Labels | Lightning Labels

Wine Apps Help Consumers Make the Most of Custom Wine Labels

Mobile Apps Hone in on Custom Wine Labels For shoppers who love whites and reds, several companies have produced apps that can scan custom wine labels. A mobile app called Vivino allows wine enthusiasts to scan custom beverage labels to store the information for later, as well as gain additional details about the brand, according to Connecticut news source the New Haven Register. The app is useful for many different situations. For example, when consumers are at a party and taste a particularly delicious wine, they can scan the label and make it accessible later. They can also scan the label of a bottle that looks interesting on the shelf. Other groups have developed apps that perform similar functions, such as suggesting food pairings for different wines.

Companies Can Print Wine Labels to Get Noticed With the knowledge that such apps exist to help consumers find wine, brands need to make sure they print wine labels that are recognizable. According to app review source AppAdvice, Vivino has a database of more than one million different wines. When a wine is listed in the database, the information about the company that produces it, as well as a list of retailers comes up. This app allows users to rate wines they drink and store a list of every bottle they've ever had.