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CleanFlake Labels

CleanFlake Labels

CleanFlake Labels From Lightning Labels

CleanFlake labels are a New Eco-Friendly Label Technology That Cuts Waste, Improves PET Recycling

In a continuing effort to create Earth-friendly alternatives for labeling, Lightning Labels has introduced CleanFlake labels, a bold new approach to paper, ink and adhesive label formulations.

  • CleanFlake labels make it easier than ever to recycle PET containers.
  • With the breakthrough CleanFlake adhesive, your label - ink and all - cleanly separates from the container without any residue or contamination.
  • That means more PET items can successfully go through the recycling stream, specifically the sink/float washing process.
  • Ultimately, this makes more recycled PET material available for reuse in the production of consumer goods, especially for food packaging.

Traditional pressure-sensitive labels make it more difficult to recover sufficient resin acceptable for food grade rPET because leftovers from the adhesive, ink and facestock contaminate the ground-up PET flakes during recycling. This not only affects supply and demand, but it also drives up recycling costs.

Now, CleanFlake labels change all that, dramatically increasing reclamation rates. Up to 100 percent of a PET container can be manufactured using recycled rPET, with no limit to the number of times this material can be recycled and reused. With recycling potential like this, customers buying products in CleanFlake-labeled PET bottles and thermoform containers can be confident they're contributing to a greener, healthier and more sustainable planet.

How Does CleanFlake Labels Work?

The CleanFlake pressure-sensitive technology, developed by Avery Dennison, is a plug-and-play solution that works with all current printing techniques, giving the look and feel of conventional paper and film face stocks. CleanFlake's unique water-based adhesive sticks to the container to the end of its life cycle but separates cleanly during recycling.

In the recycling process, bottles are typically ground and submerged in a warm caustic bath. What's different with CleanFlake labels are that the caustic wash breaks down the cohesive bond, allowing the label to detach from the PET flake. Not only that, you get labels that float in water, inks that don't bleed and adhesives that don't disperse on the PET regrind. So there is more contamination-free rPET to meet an ever-growing consumer demand. The end result? It's a win-win proposition for everyone. rPET helps speed the transition from glass to plastic, reduces the dependence on foreign oil and chemicals, improves recycling yields, decreases rPET supply imbalances and helps consumer brands by promoting their efforts to recover and recycle. Best of all, rPET uses 84 percent less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 71 percent.

What Do CleanFlake Labels Mean For Consumers?

With Avery Dennison CleanFlake labels, brands can continue to have the same great shelf-appeal in the marketplace that pressure-sensitive labeling originally made possible. The CleanFlake labels have an identical look and feel to products that consumers are already familiar with. 

The added benefit of 100 percent recyclable, eco-friendly plastic containers will likely attract more shoppers to a particular product. Knowing that they're doing good for the Earth can help cement brand loyalty.

With more local recycling operations being able to process PET bottles and containers because of the contamination-free end product, recycling costs can decrease and the supply of rPET materials can rise to meet increasing demand; that means greater efficiency all around.

Specify CleanFlake Labels For Your Products

Here's why CleanFlake Labels are the best choice for your brand:

  • Because they're 100 percent recyclable, Lightning Labels' CleanFlake labels save precious natural resources
  • CleanFlake comes in white paper label stock
  • Innovative CleanFlake labels are perfect for PET bottles and thermoform containers
  • CleanFlake labels can be used with all current printing processes and technologies so there's no need for new equipment or systems

Contact Lightning Labels today to learn more about CleanFlake labels.

The Lightning Labels Advantage

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Lightning Labels delivers unmatched benefits and value including:

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  • Minimums as low as 50

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CleanFlake Labels Ratings & Reviews (70 Reviews)

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Product Quality CleanFlake Labels Customer Reviews

Product / Industry: CleanFlake Labels


vernal, UT

November 8, 2019

This company does beautiful work! I love the removable adhesive - it sticks well, but comes off cleanly. As a mom of small kids, I wish all stickers used this!

The quality was wonderful, and they got my order to me SO FAST. And their customer service is great, too. Thanks to Jillian and Ryan for helping me through the process; their support was invaluable. I'll definitely be recommending your company to my other small business friends, thanks!

I would recommend this to a friend!


Liverpool, NY

November 4, 2019

We are EXTREMELY satisfied! Excellent pricing, SUPER FAST turnaround time, OUTSTANDING customer service, and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING quality... There is literally nothing else that you could possibly ask for, when searching for a professional labeling company!

I would recommend this to a friend!



October 23, 2019

We found Lightning Labels through another skin care line that after chatting with them on FB, they highly recommended LL. We must say that printing with LL was very friendly, very helpful & patient, and super quick. Shout out to Tony, my sales consultant! Another company we earlier tried, charged my company before we even saw a proof and we had to ask for refund. Our labels arrived super quick and our customers really like the label design. Bravo!!

I would recommend this to a friend!