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5 Things Your CBD Product Labels Should Tell Your Customers About Your Product

5 Things Your CBD Product Labels Should Tell Your Customers About Your Product

Cannabidiol and hemp-derived products make up an exciting corner of the cannabis industry. These non-hallucinogenic items are increasing in reach and appeal, making now an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in this market. The rules and regulations around producing and marketing CBD goods are in a constant state of flux, which means your company has an important responsibility before it begins selling items: You must create CBD product labels that comply with all applicable laws while still representing your brand well.

5 Items to Include on CBD Product Labels

While it's always a good idea to check with federal and state authorities to ensure your cannabidiol product labels suit the latest local and federal laws, including the following five features is a good way to begin the design process.

1. Volume or Amount

When crafting custom cannabidiol labels, you need to give accurate information about what's in each package. The New Hope Network specified that this means net weight for liquids and capsule or tablet count for solids. State and federal rules specify the amount of a hemp or CBD derivative, and you will have to pick a set of rules based on whether you're selling exclusively in one state or in a larger area.

2. Intended Use

What exactly is your product? Is it a drug or a dietary supplement? The answer to this question may determine the item's legality, and thus the relevant info should appear on the packaging. The Harris Bricken Canna Law Blog pointed out that CBD-infused foods and dietary supplements can't be sold between states  due to the FDA first ruling that CBD is a drug with potential health benefits.

3. CBD Content

Ensure your labels accurately list the amount of CBD or hemp per serving, according to New Hope Network. This information goes on the Nutrition Facts panel for foods and beverages, or the Supplement Facts section of a supplement label. The preferred format involves listing amount of hemp extract or milligrams of oil per serving.

4. Accurate Item Description

New Hope Network added that while it may be tempting from a marketing perspective to hammer the word "CBD," be more honest about what the item is, especially if it contains more elements of the hemp plant.

5. No Unprovable Claims

This is an item not to put on your custom CBD labels, rather than one to include. Steer clear of medical claims that indicate your items can treat life-threatening illnesses. According to Harris Bricken, eliminating such untested boasts from the CBD industry is one of Congress's top priorities.

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