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    Custom Holiday Health and Beauty Labels

    The holiday season is far from shoppers' minds right now, with the summer sun beating down, but as a small-business owner, you need to be thinking one step ahead. If you want to prepare your health and beauty products to impress buyers this November and December, now's a great time to set your plans in motion.

    When thinking about adding glamor and flash to your items' custom labels, you can go beyond the imagery and text printed on the labels: Consider employing naturally shiny and elegant materials and finishes to make your bath and body products into standouts on the shelves during this year's holiday rush.

    The Material Matters

    Bath and body product labels are designed to make a great first impression. Whether shoppers are picking for themselves or as a gift for someone special, a great package can speak volumes about your brand's commitment to glamor and beauty. Lightning Labels offers a host of different materials and finishes for customers to pick from, and a few of these in particular tend to look great when flash is called for.

    Chrome BOPP Labels: This shiny polymer is resistant to oil and water, making it a good fit for makeup labels - or any kind of packaging that will be stored in a bathroom environment. With a chrome shininess, this is a perfect choice for brands that want their products to literally sparkle at buyers.

    Gold Polyester Labels: Whether finished in a glossy laminate or an elegant matte, gold polyester is another top selection for companies looking to make a statement with every element of their packaging, from the finish to the imagery. Gold could be an especially great color for holiday-themed seasonal items that need a little extra sparkle.

    Elegant bath and body products deserve labels to match.

    Consider the Advantages

    Product packaging labels are bath and body brands' main calling cards no matter the season. With the extra foot traffic drummed up by holiday shoppers, brands can turn their visual flash up a notch and create a true statement. Working with Lightning Labels ensures that every element, down to the base label material and finish type, can be customized for maximum appeal.

    Brands should begin thinking about their holiday packaging plans soon to ensure they're given adequate focus. However, once ideas are finalized, Lightning Labels can turn around finished orders in extremely short amounts of time. This is due to Lightning's use of all-digital printing methods at domestic rather than outsourced facilities. Embracing a new and exciting product look for the holiday season has never been easier.

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  • Keep Your Custom Labels Relevant

    Learn How Other Brands Have Changed their Custom Labels to Suit Their Environments

    Changing the look and feel of your brand's custom labels is one important way to spark interest among your potential audience. If it's been a while since you redesigned your items' packaging, it's worth considering possible moves that will appeal to consumers and give a clear indication of what your products stand for. Having such an inspired direction is important when working on new branded labels and it can help get the wheels turning to see what other companies have done when it came time to redesign their products.

    Changes Across Categories

    There is no secret formula that points to perfect custom brand labels. Each company is different and you'll have to find an appearance that specifically suits your offerings. That said, there are lessons to be learned from other businesses. You can watch how these companies studied their potential customers, reconsidered their graphic designs, then took actions to improve their items. The following are three separate redesign campaigns undertaken by brands, as reported by Packaging World.

    Reaching the big time: When it's time for a product to potentially reach a large, new audience, it has to look its best. The recent Mike's Hot Honey hot sauce design change was based on creating a more unique and professional-looking appearance when the items went from local to national distribution. The brand opted for a bold new color palate that would reflect the product's hot flavor and hand-crafted creation. Even the finish of the labels changed, with the existing glossy design seen as a poor match for an artisanal item.

    Putting a mascot front and center: When a mascot character becomes synonymous label, custom logo labels can foreground that image to impressive effect. Rogue Ales & Spirits recently revised the bottle design for its Dead Guy Ale, putting the eponymous skeleton on the front of the container all alone. The uncluttered label, with a die-cut look that means the character isn't presented on any background, lets the mascot do the selling.

    Unifying categories: When a brand expands beyond its origins, the moment of growth is a great time for a redesign. That's why Lemi Shine, a household cleaner brand, decided on a full label revamp to coincide with its move out of exclusive association with dishes. The company now offers a wide variety of household cleaners, and the bright new look is meant to make sure the products look distinct from one another and competing items - while still hanging together as a cohesive brand.

    Have the Right Support

    No matter how ambitious or minor your custom label design objectives are, your choice of third party may be the decision that ensures the project's success or sinks its chances. Working with a flexible and fast custom label provider such as Lightning Labels - with quick turnaround times and a variety of available materials and finishes - gives you more opportunities to make your branding efforts successful. No matter what kind of effect you're going for, Lightning Labels can support you on the way to your goal.

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  • Increase Mother's Day Sales with Custom Prime Labels

    Custom Prime Labels Make Your Products Stand Out

    It's almost time for dutiful daughters and sons to find nice gifts and celebrate all their mothers have done for them over the years: Mother's Day is almost here. If you think your brand's products would fit that niche and serve as great Mother's Day presents, it's time to say so through prime labels that catch buyers' eyes.

    Label redesigns don't have to directly center around Mother's Day or mention the holiday. It could just be a good time to revamp the labels on items people may be picking up for their moms, ensuring that when they walk the aisles, your brand's options will stand out from the pack and become clear choices. Everything from candles to perfume and a whole host of bath and body products can receive a new look, and just in time: This year, Mother's Day is May 14.

    Beauty Products

    No matter what kind of beauty products your brand offers - from soap to makeup or anything in between - you can go for an exciting new look with prime labels. Custom lotion labels, perhaps using an enticing spring color palate, can promote the benefits of your brand and add a classy look to the products. If your bath and body product labels look sophisticated and elegant, they'll make better gifts than equivalent products with more straightforward or medical tone to their packaging.


    A house gains a touch of comfort when it's illuminated with candles. Candles carrying unique scents can become great accents for a room - and good gift items if you present them in the right labels. Labels for candles have to be up to industry standards, carrying required warnings and standing up to heat. As long as you carefully meet all the criteria, however, updating to aesthetically pleasing new prime labels can be a difference-maker for candle sales.


    A classic gift item, perfume makes its name on elegance and class. Your choice of labels can ensure your brand stands out, even among tough competition. Choice of material and finish could play a major role in the design process for perfume. Metallic hues are especially compelling here, playing up the exclusivity of the product. Of course, these labels should be water- and oil-resistant so they won't fade, even if the perfume bottle they're covering is stored in a bathroom cabinet.

    Time for Labeling

    If you want to get your new labels on shelves in a hurry, in time to catch the eye of Mother's Day shoppers this year instead of next, you need a partner quick enough to make this happen. That's where Lightning Labels, using all-digital printing processes and operating from domestic facilities, has a major advantage against slower competitors. When you need labels for beauty products and don't want to wait months, calling Lightning Labels is a critical choice.

    With a host of materials and finishes available and a long history of helping brands make their items look great on shelves, Lightning Labels is the third party to call to prepare for Mother's Day. Before you know it, the May 14 will be here. Then, it will be time to think about items for other holidays. Lightning Labels can help there, too.

  • Give Cosmetic Labels a Fresh Look for Spring

    Spring Colors and Beauty Tips Enhance Packaging

    As spring begins, everything starts to feel different. Spurred by warmer weather, people want to get outside, be active and - vitally for cosmetics producers - wear spring colors in both clothing and makeup. The change of seasons is a great time to change your cosmetic labels. Whether you're launching new products or just urging customers to take a different look at your existing line of cosmetics, there's room to spread such a message via your labeling.

    Offer Hints

    When you work with a label provider capable of producing bold, high-quality labels, you can include more text on your labels than you'd be able to fit otherwise. This can encompass hints and tips, showing ways to use your products to achieve a certain effect. The change of a season is a great time to switch up the beauty suggestions on your cosmetic product labels, with new priorities and preferences coming to prominence as the temperature rises.

    Get Colorful

    Products and labels alike can benefit from a burst of spring color. The floral hues that define April and May seem tailor-made for your custom cosmetic labels. If your company mostly sells locally, you can also incorporate a regional feel. No matter what you choose, fun and freshness are reliable go-to themes. People are excited to spend more time outside, so you can't go wrong with adding more sun and fun to your product labels.

    Plan for the Sun

    If you offer sun-blocking products in addition to pure cosmetics, spring and summer are when they'll be at their peak importance. Refreshing your custom sunscreen labels while the days grow steadily longer label ensures they'll be at peak attractiveness and effectiveness when the scorching days of summer arrive. Protecting your customers' skin from UV rays is an important role for your products, meaning these labels can combine vital health advice with a fun, outdoors-themed look.

    High-quality cosmetic labels

    Of course, if your products' labels aren't manufactured to high standards, it will be difficult to make a good impression on your customers in spring or any other season. Working with Lightning Labels is therefore an essential part of launching an effective spring campaign and making your cosmetics products look great year-round. Lightning Labels offers a variety of materials and finishes that are perfect for cosmetics. When you go with labels that resist water and oils, you ensure they'll look great for a long time - when it's time to buy that same product again, your logo will still be clearly visible, urging shoppers to go with your brand.

    Spring is a great time for a new labeling campaign, and a good prelude to still more changes in summer, autumn and winter as preferred makeup styles shift with the seasons again. When you work with an all-digital printer such as Lightning Labels, you get the benefits of fast turnaround times and low minimum order sizes. This means you can set up new campaigns for every season without dealing with expensive waste and leftover labels. Your cosmetic brand can take on optimal new looks every few months.

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  • Custom Cosmetic Labels - Going Beyond FDA Rules to Inform Cosmetics Customers

    Custom Cosmetic Labels Capture the Trust of Your Audience

    When cosmetics are your main product, establishing a trust-based relationship with your customers is an important element of securing your future. After all, customers who abandon your brand after one purchase aren't likely to sustain the company for any significant length of time. You need strong bonds with shoppers, an audience of consumers who feel well-served by your products and will therefore continue using them for years. This is the recipe for reliable revenue, and it can all begin with met expectations.

    Go Beyond FDA Requirements

    While the FDA does regulate some of the elements of cosmetics labeling, there are terms and promises you can employ without the department's approval. Of course, you should still be very careful with your deployment of these descriptors to ensure a bond of trust persists between you and your customers. Someone who feels misled by the promises on a label isn't likely to come back.

    The American Academy of Dermatology recently released a report through Science Daily specifying areas where shoppers may end up feeling deceived by cosmetics manufacturers. Ensuring your brand's bath and body packaging is straightforward and clear in these areas can set you head-and-shoulders above brands that take advantage of the lack of regulation to overuse the terms and deceive shoppers.

    For instance, dermatologist Rajani Katta stated in the AAD article that there is a glut of current brands using the term "all-natural." She added that this is not a meaningful descriptor in skin care, as there are plenty of elements that come from nature but don't help the body at all. Furthermore, combining basic ingredients with preservatives is a common practice in the beauty product field. If consumers catch on to brands deceiving them with such labels, they may become jaded. Your options with this label include using it only when it's absolutely truthful or simply avoiding it as overuse saps it of meaning.

    Katta added that when products say they are suitable for sensitive skin, there is no authority forcing them to prove this. In the absence of an FDA rule, your bond with customers should guide your use of such claims. If you place such a promise on a cosmetic product that then goes on to aggravate skin, you could lose the trust of consumers.

    What the FDA Can Regulate

    The fact that there are cosmetics brands taking liberties with labeling is worrying, as it may lessen trust in the bath and body industry as a whole. The agency isn't completely toothless, however. In late 2016, law firm Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP released a Lexology article about a wave of warning letters issued by the FDA to counteract dishonest use of claims on beauty product labels.

    It's interesting to see what types of marketing copy are unacceptable under current guidelines. For instance, the warning letters made a point of targeting brands that boast about the "age defying" nature of their products. Furthermore, items that claim to minimize lines, wrinkles and spots on skin received letters. Medical claims are also shaky ground: Companies that say their offerings can regenerate tissue, produce collagen, act as a surgery alternative or provide other healing and anti-inflammatory benefits have been given warnings.

    The law firm explained that the line between beautifying agents and medical products is the current boundary for the FDA's authority. The agency is becoming aggressive about items that claim to be the latter, with enforcement seemingly more strict than in the past. Companies that walk this line should ensure they aren't overstepping their authority.

    Custom Cosmetic Label Excellence

    When creating bath and body packaging, the content is only one element to think about. You also have to consider the physical quality of the labels, paying heed to resolution, materials and finishes. If you work with substances that aren't strong enough to withstand storage in consumers' bathrooms, your items' packaging may end up worn down, with your carefully designed logo unrecognizable by the time consumers have used up the products and are ready to buy more. The way to avoid this fate, and to combine high-quality imagery with tough and attractive labels, is to work with a third party such as Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers a wide variety of waterproof materials and finishes that will keep your accurate and compelling bath and body product labels looking great, no matter where customers store the items.

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  • Recycled Labels Help Sell Your Craft Products

    Recycled Labels Are Rustic and Eco-Friendly

    Craft labels have to shoulder a lot of weight. When you turn your crafts into a business, you're entering a marketplace full of established companies. While these big producers tend to have copious marketing budgets, your items' packages are often your main way of getting your message out. You need to make sure your labels are as effective as possible at communicating your brand identity.

    That identity may be aligned with eco-friendliness, responsible consumption and handmade rather than mass-produced goods. If so, earth-friendly recycled labels like those from Lightning Labels make the perfect finishing touch for your craft project's look. Giving this distinctive aesthetic to your items can position them effectively within your particular market, carving out a space to thrive. March is National Craft Month, which means it's an appropriate time to focus in on your homemade items' branding and help them live up to their potential.

    Green Labels Set The Tone

    Authenticity and responsibility can set your small brand of products aside from the corporate giants making similar products. Creating a unique visual style will help enhance your appeal, and recycled labels can accomplish this feat. Working with Lightning Labels, you can get high-quality, durable labels made from one of several post-consumer-goods materials. Some of these have a rough feel that underlines your natural credentials and plays up your items' handmade nature, while others are sleek and versatile, allowing you to pick any messaging style you choose.

    Eco-friendly labels are especially helpful when your brand stands up for green causes publicly. Using sustainable materials in craft product labels shows that you aren't just talking about the issues, but actually following through on your values. This kind of unity of messaging and packaging can give consumers the confidence they need to take a chance on a small, local brand of products. Once you've convinced shoppers to buy an item once, the quality of your products can convince them to stay.

    Saluting the Craft Professionals

    Creating crafts is a passion shared by millions around the world, but not just anybody can turn a hobby into a thriving business. Your decision to make the jump is an admirable demonstration of your confidence in the products. It's great to back this confidence up with ideal packaging solutions which will help ensure your hard work doesn't get lost in the shuffle. During National Craft Month, it's a great time to either launch a new business based on handmade products or revise the labels of your current offerings to maximize their appeal.

    Eco-friendly labels are one way to update an item and make sure it gets noticed. If that doesn't fit your brand's plans, Lightning Labels can still help. The company offers a huge variety of custom label materials and finishes. Even if your products need tough labeling solutions - for instance beauty products stored in wet bathrooms or candles, giving off heat - Lightning Labels is a partner you can turn to. Craft products are an exciting corner of many a market, and if they're labeled well, they can really stand out.

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  • Adorn Your Handcrafted Soaps with High Quality Custom Soap Labels

    Handcrafted Soaps Deserve Beautiful Packaging

    When your craft becomes your business, it's important to focus on the little details and ensure your enthusiasm comes across to customers. It's possible to enter the bath and body products sector with handmade soaps, but selling these items may prove challenging without excellent labeling. After all, as a craft producer, you likely don't have the budget for an ad campaign. The way your products appear on store shelves, on your website or at farmers markets will do a lot to determine whether customers are interested.

    Make Your Soap Distinctive

    Selling your soap products means striking a balance between handmade charm and professional production values. Lightning Labels will help you thread that needle, offering tough and waterproof bath and body product labels that express your personality while standing up to condition on store shelves and in customers' homes.

    No matter what size or shape your soap products are, Lightning Labels offers sizes and materials that will help you find the right labels to promote them. From wrappers on individual bars of soap to large, waterproof custom labels that wrap around hand soap dispensers, there's a label for every need. With an all-digital process, Lightning Labels can deliver impressive, quality imagery on materials that are impervious to water and oils. Your brand's name will still be visible and present, even if the packaging is stored by the sink.

    Your choice of materials can also play into your brand's identity. Lightning Labels offers eco-conscious custom soap labels that will impress consumers looking for a more earth-friendly brand. If you have established a green reputation, you can maintain it. If you would like this to become part of your identity, now's the time to start.

    As an independent craft producer, your soap product labels serve as a sort of introduction to the world. While consumers can learn about global conglomerates from TV commercials or other mass-distributed ads, your brand's story will be harder to find. A custom label is a great place to spread information and imagery, letting people know how you create your soaps, where you're based and what values your company stands for.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    When you're selling a craft product, your unique perspective is what helps sell the item. Lightning Labels, in its vast variety of label styles and materials, is here to help you communicate that outlook, however you think is best. With an all-digital printing process, quality is high and orders are filled quickly. Lighting Labels' use of domestic production facilities instead of outsourcing helps further cut down shipping time and costs.

    When working with a digital printer such as Lightning Labels, rather than a shop that employs photogravure plates, you can order labels in low amounts without breaking the bank. This is vital when the product is handcrafted, as the chances of you producing enough soap to warrant an industrial-sized label order are low. Lightning Labels lets you stand shoulder to shoulder with national companies in the quality and appearance of your soap products, while allowing you to order the amount of labels you need.

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  • Do Your Cosmetic Labels Speak to the Millennial Woman who Wants Greener Products?

    Cosmetics that Suit Modern Tastes

    Inertia can harm any company, and in the ever-shifting world of cosmetics and beauty products, this effect is especially prominent. If you haven't adjusted your cosmetic labels to suit millennial tastes, you may be falling behind more responsive and on-trend brands. You have a particular opportunity to reach out to young consumers - a group that makes up a huge segment of the market - if you offer green, earth-friendly and health-conscious cosmetics. Just make sure to mention that fact via custom cosmetic labels, or it may end up ignored by the public.

    Rising Interest in Green Items

    According to Allure, there is data to back up the interest in clean and organically produced makeup. The source quoted Green Beauty Barometer administrator Kari Gran, who explained that she sought to quantify the anecdotal evidence that young people want natural and wholesome products. The resulting survey found 73 percent of millennial women are interested in green cosmetic products. Respondents under 35 also expressed interest in clean products, with 59 percent of that group expressing interest in natural beauty items.

    Gran explained to the style magazine that with increased access to technology and information, consumers today are becoming aware of what's in their products. Education on organic and similar products has had resonance in food buying patterns over the past decade, and now that interest has reached the makeup space. If your brand is riding this wave, make sure your green labels adequately and accurately express your practices and ingredients. If you're not producing clean-sourced products, it may be time to start.

    Skepticism and Inquiry

    The millennial mindset is skeptical, with shoppers carefully considering their options and not necessarily following older shoppers' buying patterns. Racked recently described the rising trends among young consumers of cosmetics and confirmed that interest in organic and clean-sourced items is on the rise. The source found that organic makeup spending grew 24 percent over the past four years. Such expansion could be tied to a new leeriness around using too many artificial chemicals in products such as cosmetics that are close to users' skin by default.

    Joining this space is a great way to break through to young people and reach millennial shoppers as they become a truly dominant demographic. However, you can't keep your green sourcing to yourself. Green makeup labels can be the key to reaching your audience, as they put the message front and center, right in the stores where millennials shop. There's always a chance that customers won't see a particular ad campaign, but buying beauty products means looking at labels, giving you a golden opportunity to spread your green messaging.

    Labels That Match the Mission

    When you're shifting to a more earth-friendly and all-natural model for your cosmetics line, with a reduced reliance on artificial chemicals, it helps to have labels and packaging that fit the mood you're setting. If you sell responsibly sourced makeup but use labels that are slick and artificial, it may undercut your message. Lightning Labels can help you resolve this conundrum, with green labels made of recycled materials. When packaging and product alike feel natural and suit millennial clients' preferences, your brand may be forging new inroads to young customers.

    Once you've decided to bring Lightning Labels into the fold as a packaging partner, you don't have to wait long to get started on your campaign. Lightning Labels works with all-digital processes and operates from domestic facilities, meaning your order will be produced quickly and shipped promptly. This means your brand's new look can be underway in days instead of weeks or months. When you're ready to go all-natural with your beauty products, be sure you have labels that match!

  • Add a Touch of Glam to Beauty Product Labels with Gold Poly Material

    Stand Out in the Beauty Aisle

    Whether you're responsible for one health and beauty product or a complete line, having a distinct and attractive look for the packaging will help your offerings catch on with customers. Items in the beauty category vie with dozens of similar products in the aisles, and since people won't be grabbing products off the shelf and trying them out, packaging is how you differentiate a particular brand. You can implement numerous visual features to make your beauty product labels excel, from your chosen imagery to your logo treatment, up to and including the material you pick.

    Advantages of Gold Poly Labels

    Selecting a material for your custom labels is an important step of the design process, as the color and appearance established will set the tone for the product's whole look. You can't write this decision off, and should be thinking about the effect you want to create from the earliest stages of the label ordering process. What kinds of visual cues say that an item is a top beauty choice? Glamor, timelessness and a classy, upscale appearance may be the keys to your customers' hearts, and metalized gold polyester is a material that delivers this look.

    A subtle shimmering and lush gold color announce your items' presence when you choose gold poly labels. The material is backed with a strong adhesive to ensure it holds on whatever type of bottle or jar you choose for a particular product. Beauty labels made with gold polyester are finished in one of two ways, either glossy or matte. Each of these has its advantages.

    Glossy labels are designed to really pop visually, with a look that demands attention immediately.

    Matte labels, on the other hand, give a unique and subtle look that is perhaps less glam and more elegant.

    Depending on your beauty brand's overall branding strategy, you can take your product labels in various directions to complement your identity and target long-term goals. In fact, if you're unhappy with some aspect of how your items are currently perceived, an effective re-branding can start from the labels up, reintroducing the beauty products in a whole new light. Consumers walking the aisles may be compelled to try the bold, fresh items.

    Work with Lightning Labels

    Bath and body products are challenging to market. You have to compete with a vast array of competitors and convince people to entrust their appearance to your items - this is a big ask. If the items have a classy, glamorous and eye-catching look, it could be considerably easier to convince new buyers to give them a try.

    Lightning Labels can be an ideal partner as you work toward a new and ever more compelling round of label designs. An all-digital printer capable of working with a multitude of materials, gold polyester included, Lightning Labels is committed to service, quality and speed. Branding in the beauty industry can't be entrusted to just anyone, and Lightning Labels is eager to partner with your organization and deliver impressive results. Whether your brand needs a few labels or a huge amount, Lightning Labels has an economically smart order option for you.

  • Case Study: Truly You Skincare


    Founded by 13-year-old Nicole Ayoub in February 2016, Truly You Skincare faces the challenge inherent with most new product companies: Produce a high-quality product with professional- grade packaging on a do-it-yourself budget.

    Nicole, with the support of her mom Michele who provides oversight and guidance, formulated and manufactured the skincare products themselves, but found the labels lacking. “At first, the labels weren’t oil-resistant and waterproof. They were falling off and looked bad, which made us look bad to buyers and retailers,” says Nicole. The company needed to engage a custom label printer partner that would deliver consistently professional results, while keeping costs low and staying nimble to fast-changing circumstances.


    Lightning Labels Customer Service Representative Bianca found a way to keep costs low, provide labels Truly You Skincare could be proud of, and ensure fast turnaround to meet “just in time” deadlines. This helps keep their expenditures closely tied to immediate fulfillment requirements. In addition to printing small label quantities very quickly, Bianca had to ensure keeping delivery charges under control.

    “Bianca’s been terrific,” says Nicole. “We were going to take advantage of a 20% off coupon at the time of Hurricane Matthew. Storm disruption made us miss the deadline. She honored it post-hurricane. That extra 20 percent makes a difference. I feel like everyone is part of the business. Everyone is helping us succeed.”

    Nicole emphasizes, “If you want to create a big-name brand with low-quality label printing, it won’t work. We found out the hard way that the eye won’t be drawn to the product if it has a bland label, or one that doesn’t weather the elements well. We were afraid of hiring a professional label company, but ended up surprised and pleased. We have a great looking product that’s an easier sell for retailers. And we have another set of eyes for quality control — Bianca watches everything like a hawk.”


    Cost-savings over do-it-yourself: When all is said and done, Truly You Skincare has been able to get professional wraparound and top labels for the same price as one label printed on their own. Notes Nicole, “We wasted so many labels before. Every time we printed, there was no consistency. This is much better quality…and much better consistency—so it’s a win-win.”

    Labels as they’re needed—no more, no less: “With Lightning Labels, we don’t have to order a thousand labels to get reasonable pricing. They have enabled us to have a profit margin even ordering 100-200 labels at a time,” says Nicole.

    Blueprint for growth: Truly You is expanding its retail and direct sales channels, as well as its product line. Nicole is wasting no time building the company. “We’re getting a lot of personal sales. We’re working on getting more retailers. And we’ll expand the product line as soon as we get the current line rolling along and as inspirations occur,” notes Nicole. “Being outdoors this past summer helped us conceive a lotion stick and bug repellent in one, featuring natural essential oils.” The company currently offers lavender, citrus lemon and grapefruit body scrubs, “Body Meringue” emollient cream, and a Lavender Lotion Stick.


    About Truly You Skincare

    Truly You is a natural and organic skin care company based in New Canaan, CT featuring 100% organic natural ingredients. Truly You does not use parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals. Nicole Ayoub’s ongoing struggle with eczema prevented her from using most conventional skin products. Developing products that she, and everyone else, could use became the rallying cry that led to founding Truly You Skincare. Core ingredients in the company’s three flagship products—body scrubs, body meringue, and lotion stick—are:

    • Unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: provides deep and long lasting moisture, contains essential fatty acids and proteins, promotes healthy skin cell growth and is full of antioxidants to protect skin.

    • Shea Butter: provides lasting moisture for dry or damaged skin, stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity and promotes skin regeneration.

    • Organic Beeswax: seals in moisture for long lasting nourishment and acts as a protective barrier on the skin’s surface.

    • Organic essential oils: lavender, citrus lemon, grapefruit and peppermint.


    About Lightning Labels

    Lightning Labels uses state-of-the-art printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and custom stickers of all shapes and sizes. From small orders for individuals to the bulk needs of big businesses, Lightning Labels is equipped to handle and fulfill custom label and sticker projects of all types. Best of all, like the name implies, Lightning Labels provides a quick turnaround for every customer ’s labeling needs. Whether it’s wine labels, food labels, bath and body labels, promotional labels—or any kind of colorful label/sticker that needs to be custom printed—Lightning Labels can get the job done. Lightning Labels strongly supports the use of environmentally-friendly printing materials and technologies.

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