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Can Your Custom Beverage Labels Handle the Heat?

Can Your Custom Beverage Labels Handle the Heat?

Transform Custom Beverage Labels Before the Spring and Summer Rush

Whether you're planning a neighborhood block party, outdoor wedding, corporate picnic or any other festive spring and summer events, it's likely beverages - especially chilled water bottles and cold, refreshing beer - are high on the list of supplies. But rather than scouring store shelves to find delicious and invigorating, albeit generic, refreshments to serve your guests, co-workers, family and friends, what better addition to any event than drinks outfitted with custom beverage labels?

Both consumers and manufacturers can heed this advice from a promotional standpoint: Not only will all eyes be drawn to refreshments with custom labels, this type of branding will make the event, product or brand stick in people's minds in the future, triggering positive experiences and memories associated with whatever beverage they drank at the time.

So You Want to Print Beer Bottle Labels ... What's Required? Once you've decided it's time to print beer bottle labels or labels for water bottles and wine, the first step is brainstorming what exactly you want to put on the labels. Perhaps the labels will include a themed monogram, photo, illustration or some snappy copy explaining the creation process. But lest you get carried away creatively, it's essential to make sure beverage labels always serve their intended purpose.

Beer labeling regulations are set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which is a part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. If you're planning on creating unique, customized labels for alcoholic beverages and distributing or selling these drinks to other people, it's important to follow the rules.

1. Get to Know the Requirements for Beer Labels The TTB, thankfully, makes it easy for brewers and label-makers alike to access beer label approval guidelines directly on its website. However, first-timers may be confused and overwhelmed by the process - especially because label regulations vary depending on the type of alcohol. Here's a quick rundown of the must-have label information:

  • Name and address of beverage producer
  • Alcohol content
  • Net contents
  • Calories, carbohydrates and nutritional information
  • Government health warning statement
  • Brand name
  • Alcohol class and type
  • Prohibitions
  • Ingredients containing alcohol
  • Disclosure of major food allergens

2. Got Extra Information? Put it on Beer Labels Once the necessary information has been determined and is incorporated into the new beer label designs, it's time to have some fun. When crafting labels, consider the people who will consume these drinks and what the atmosphere of the event or serving location will be like. Labels will differ greatly depending on the type of gathering and beverage type, so create the type of label that you believe will be most appealing to thirsty consumers.

Although color palettes and graphics are key additions to an attractive label, remember that required information from the TTB doesn't have to be the only text consumers read. If there's extra information about the producer, beverage or event - if this is for a summertime wedding, how about sharing a story of how the couple met? - make the beverage labels more unique by including it in the design. Just remember to keep copy concise, easy-to-read and interesting!

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