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    Marijuana Bar Code Labels & Cannabis Labeling: Best practices in California

    If you're interested in beginning a recreational marijuana business and diving into this expanding industry, you must understand the regulations in the state where you'll operate. Packaging is one such heavily legislated element, and specialized cannabis bar code labels may be required for easy tracking purposes. California is set to introduce such a system alongside legalized recreational sales.

    Careful Tracking

    According to the San Jose Mercury News, cannabis tracking labels will follow California plants from growth to their use in products. The state intends to create a closed system in which cannabis stays in California, thus skirting federal laws that haven't legalized marijuana sales.

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  • CannaCon Detroit Unites an Industry on the Rise

    Medical cannabis use is becoming increasingly common, and recreational legalization efforts are spreading to multiple states and all of Canada. In this climate of growth, the cannabis industry has never been more vibrant or exciting to participate in as a business owner.

    Gatherings such as the upcoming CannaCon Detroit, scheduled for June 1 and 2, unite professionals from across the sector to align their visions moving forward.

    These industry-wide conferences are great settings to learn about important trends, and to meet with potential partners - such as Lightning Labels. We'll be exhibiting at booth 417, promoting the potential value of high-quality custom stickers and labels.

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  • Cannabis-Infused Edibles: A Growing Food Trend

    Recreational cannabis legalization is underway, albeit in a piecemeal manner, in the U.S. and Canada. Rather than being limited to just one product, recreational dispensaries have a host of new options to sell, often including cannabis-infused food. Creating cannabis edible product labels is a complex art, balancing the need for legal disclosures with interesting branding to attract customers' eyes.

    It's rare for a fresh, new industry to spring up. The entrepreneurial opportunities in these spaces are numerous, with a burgeoning audience ready to form brand loyalty. If your company wants to make waves in recreational cannabis, a focused strategy for your cannabis edible labels can help you on your way

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  • MJ Business Conference and Expo: A Showcase for A Growing Industry

    This May 9-11, in New Orleans, leaders in the medical and recreational cannabis industries will share knowledge and insights at the MJ Business Conference and Expo 2018. Serving to unite hundreds of companies from across the United States and Canada, this gathering is designed to offer an inside view of cannabis firms' prospects in next few years and beyond. With legalization on the march on a state-by-state basis, it's an exciting time to be involved in cannabis, whether your company specializes in production, distribution or any other corner of the trade.

    Hearing from the Experts

    The MJ Business Conference and Expo in New Orleans has its gaze fixed on the future.

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  • Get Ready for 420 with Custom Cannabis Labels and Stickers

    As various states roll out new laws legalizing medical or recreational sale of cannabis products, new opportunities are opening. If you're one of the entrepreneurs exploring this exciting new space, there are a few important rules and guidelines to obey. With the market growing and consumers visiting to find out what these products are all about, it's time to make sure your business is ready for prime time with custom cannabis labels and stickers.

    Even a few years ago it would have seemed fanciful to have a functional recreational cannabis industry gearing up for the pot-themed holiday of 4/20, appropriately held on April 20.

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  • Lightning Labels to Exhibit at the NCIA Seed to Sale Show in Denver, CO February 7-8

    Colorado's legalization of recreational cannabis products has made it a prime location for trailblazing companies in this rising market. If your company is part of this exciting wave of new businesses, you may find valuable new partnerships at the National Cannabis Industry Association Seed to Sale Show, held February 7-8, 2018, in Denver. Lightning Labels will be there at booth 507, so be sure to stop by and learn low you can increase your products' appeal with labels that match legal compliance with compelling branding.

    Discover the Colorado Cannabis Industry

    At the NCIA cannabis show, more than 3,000 industry participants will gather to discuss the present and future of the legal cannabis industry.

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  • Medical Marijuana Label Trends

    The exciting new market of legal cannabis has opened up possibilities for companies in multiple states, with others soon to come. As a previously illegal enterprise, selling cannabis products for medical or recreational use has a uniquely strict and evolving regulatory picture. If your company can comply with the rules and reach an audience with its products, however, opportunity abounds.

    The Evolving Medical Space

    While legal recreational use is a cutting-edge frontier for cannabis, medical dispensaries have a longer history, going back more than a decade. Throughout that time, Lightning Labels has been there, providing medical marijuana labels that keep companies compliant with the rules and help them clearly identify their produc

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  • The Future of the Cannabis Industry Growth Is Directly Tied to Using Compelling Cannabis Product Labels and Packaging

    The legalized cannabis industry is booming, and your role in it could be largely determined by the quality of your cannabis labels. In order to be a strong competitor in both the recreational and medical marijuana markets, you must not only make sure your labels are accurate, but distinct and attractive as well.

    How Your Cannabis Product Labels Influence Consumers

    Did you know that most people only have an 8-second attention span, according to a study referenced in the New York Times? That means you only have about 8 seconds to not only make a great first impression, but to convince a consumer to purchase your product.

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  • Cannabis Product Labeling - The Future of The Industry Growth Is Tied to Compelling Packaging

    The legal recreational cannabis industry is one of the most surprising and exciting entrepreneurial opportunities of the past few decades. Tell a small-business owner from 1997 about your promising new line of cannabis-based snacks and you'd likely get a blank stare. However, there can be no doubt that this field has become an interesting new space for innovation in product creation and packaging excellence, not unlike craft beer or vaping supplies.

    Just like in the worlds of beer and e-liquid, cannabis' products' future may be defined by bold and interesting labels. Companies have to be careful and creative when working on cannabis product labeling, as there is a need to balance visual appeal with a web of ever-changing regulations that tend to vary by state or province.

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  • Belly Up to Cannabis Barcode Labels

    In an increasingly hostile marijuana environment championed by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, tracking of marijuana from “seed to sale” is more critical than ever. All other threats aside, if you can’t document it, you’re in trouble.

    And, that’s not just at a federal level. In an effort to document total compliance and control of this rapidly-growing industry, states have taken it upon themselves to require comprehensive due diligence from all cannabis purveyors.

    Forbes magazine addresses this in a recent article entitled, “Tracking America’s Cannabis Industry Through Big Data.” Citing Colorado, the article states in part, “This harnessing of an information technology to track the cannabis market is key to Colorado’s forceful march towards creating a thriving legal marijuana

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