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Congress Makes A Splash With Custom Printed Food Labels Legislation

Congress Makes A Splash With Custom Printed Food Labels Legislation

Better Custom Printed Food Labels on Seafood Needed to Protect Consumers

The watchdogs are on the prowl for inaccurate custom printed food labels, and they've found their next target. After a recent study revealed the depths of seafood mislabeling, bipartisan legislation, introduced jointly in both the House and the Senate, aims to enhance regulations to ensure consumers know what kind of fish they're eating.

Introduced in the lower chamber by Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), the SAFE Seafood Act would improve current labeling standards by requiring information gathered by fishermen - species name, location of catch and harvesting method - be displayed to better inform consumers.

Study Finds One-Third of Labels on Food Products Wrong The legislation to retool regulations for labels on food products for seafood was in part spurred by a recent study by conservation group Oceana, which found 33 percent of seafood sold in food retail outlets is mislabeled. What consumers thought was red snapper or cod often turned out to be a lesser quality fish.

"Fish fraud is a national problem that needs a national solution," Markey said. "This bill finally tells the seafood swindlers and fish fraudsters that we will protect America's fishermen and consumers... from tackle to table, this bill makes the entire seafood supply chain more transparent and trustworthy."

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