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Consumer Group Pushes for Warning Labels on Energy Drinks

Consumer Group Pushes for Warning Labels on Energy Drinks

Energy Drink Product Labels May Warn Buyers of Health Risks A consumer group is pushing the Food and Drug Administration to require warnings on energy drink product labels, WTSP reports. The organization, called the Center for Science in the Public Interest, claim labels would help increase awareness about the fact that energy drinks may contain high levels of caffeine, which could lead to heart attacks and elevated blood pressure.

The CSPI said that some popular energy drinks have been linked to 17 deaths since 2012. CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson blames the combination of high levels of caffeine and untested herbal and chemical ingredients. He hopes the use of labels would keep customers better informed about their purchases.

Product Labels Help Customers Make Informed Decisions People rely on product labels to deliver all the necessary information needed to make a conclusive purchase decision. Warnings, nutrition facts, ingredient lists, usage instructions and other important bits of information should all be included on product labels. Transparency is critical for food and drink makers or else they may run the risk of customers being unhappy with their purchases, which can translate to negative brand sentiment.

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