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Create Custom Soap Labels for Your Brand

Create Custom Soap Labels for Your Brand

Recent events have proven the importance of personal hygiene. As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, people have been reminded time and again of the importance of washing their hands completely and often. If you're a manufacturer of soap or bath and body products, there is opportunity to fulfill the need for reliable ways to fight dirt and germs.

Promoting your soap products for customers is challenging. As a small-business owner, you're not just competing against other companies your size, but also major corporations with large marketing and packaging budgets. When customers are looking for bath and beauty products in stores, they have plenty of choice about what to buy. How do you convince them that your soaps are worth taking home?

The answer may involve your brand's choice of soap packaging. Good design sense combined with great materials and high-quality craftsmanship can be a winning combination. Creating this fully unified look helps your soap products stand shoulder to shoulder with competitors' offerings. 

Why Do You Need Custom Soap Labels?

There are many kinds of soap packaging and, accordingly, just as many types of custom labels. If you produce handmade bars of soap, for instance, your packaging strategy may involve a cardboard wrapper with a custom sticker on top. In the case of pump bottles, you need custom labels of the right size and shape to give those containers a professional look on store shelves.

Pinterest's compilation of top soap packaging designs may prove inspiring and instructive here. Some brands have opted for wrappers tied with sash-like labels, while others have gone for cardboard boxes. If the color of your bars of soap is a major part of the product's visual appeal, you can even include a cellophane window to show the soap off. A pump bottle for liquid soap or hand sanitizer may give you an even bigger canvas to work with, combining appealing colors with branded imagery. Transparent materials are your friend here, as well, showing off the color of the product.

How Do You Incorporate Your Design into Custom Soap Labels?

Your small business should have a memorable and consistent design aesthetic. Locking down a great-looking logo is an important early step in crafting soap labels, because this will be the unifying factor on all your packages, across varieties. Of course, a label is more than just its imagery. By selecting soap label materials that complete the look, you can let customers know they are buying a high-quality product that has been packaged with thought and care.

What Are Top Shapes and Sizes of Custom Labels?

High-quality soap labels match their respective packages perfectly. This is a trend you can observe in the 99 Designs compilation of leading soap packaging. While some labels cover the entire package, creating a unified look, others are die-cut into shapes that allow for a clearer view of the soap itself. The common thread between all of the designs is their commitment to creating an overall visual identity.

There is not one ideal shape or size of custom soap label. Your brand may be best served by an oval label that follows the contours of a logo, or by an opaque label cut to the exact size of the package. When you work with a label provider that offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials, you have more freedom to make a match between your goals and the finished product.

How Do You Create Ideal Custom Soap Packaging?

Since soap packaging will spend time around customers' tubs, showers and sinks, you should make sure your material and finish of choice are tough and water resistant. When balancing this need for high-quality materials with the requirement for attractive design sense, you should consider working with an expert labeling partner.

Lightning Labels offers long expertise helping companies create high-quality bath and body labels for soap, cosmetics, hand sanitizers and other requisites. Whether you're launching a business or rebranding, you can count on our all-digital printing processes to deliver flexible order sizes, fast turnaround times and visual flash that will help you compete with larger soap brands.

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