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How to Choose the Right Custom Beverage Labels

How to Choose the Right Custom Beverage Labels

Custom beverage labels are a key piece of the marketing puzzle for your beverage brand. Whether you make beer, wine, sports drinks, juice or any other type of drink, the label design is the last thing people will see in the store before making a decision about which company's offering to purchase. If you're launching a new beverage product, or it has been a while since you last refreshed your packaging, it's a great time to think about your custom label strategy.

Designing Your Custom Beverage Labels

Design decisions about your product's packaging should involve two main considerations. First, you have to oblige all relevant requirements from the Food and Drug Administration and state-level agencies. Second, you must create a visual identity that will make customers gravitate toward your beverages instead of the many competing offerings available.

While the work needed to meet the former requirement depends on the type of beverage you produce, namely whether it is alcoholic or not, good design sense is universal. The Design Hill blog explained a few elements of custom beverage labels that are worth focusing on. For instance, does every part of your label fit the same theme?

If you've decided to opt for a sleek, modern logo, it's a good idea to expand that design sensibility to the typography, colors and even the choice of label material and finish. A classy matte finish is a great choice for that type of label. On the other hand, a vintage text art label will pair well with a rough, earthy paper label.

You may also want to think about the sustainability of your brand's labels. Making custom beverage labels out of earth-friendly materials, then noting that fact on the packaging, can encourage customers to be loyal and engaged according to Drinkpreneur. Creating a deeper connection between your company and conscientious shoppers may be a way to stand out from other beverage brands.

Alcohol vs. Water vs. Soft Drink and Other Beverage Labels

The legally mandated parts of beverage labeling differ depending on what type of drinks you're producing. When creating labels for water, juices, soft drinks and other nonalcoholic beverages, it pays to remember that the FDA is in the midst of rolling out a revised version of the Nutrition Facts label panel based on a newer scientific analysis of the required daily values of nutrients. This Nutrition Facts panel goes alongside standbys like ingredient lists and accurate quantity measurements.

When dealing with wine, spirits, beer and other malt beverages, you're dealing with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. This agency notes that while elements such as major allergen warnings are technically optional, there is discussion of making them mandatory, and interim rules are in place if you choose to label these ingredients. The TTB maintains two different guides to labeling, one for distilled spirits and the other for malt beverages, which cover such topics as necessary consumer warnings and other disclosures you must include on drink packaging.

Can Labels vs. Bottle Labels

The choice of cans or bottles may be a marketing decision or a practical one. Examining the costs of canning and bottling for a beer or soft drink brand will help you make your decision. Fortunately, similar high-quality custom beverage label options are available for each type of container. While bottles let you use the color of the glass as a design element, cans have an affordable appeal and are becoming more popular with craft beer consumers today.

Ordering Ideal Custom Beverage Labels

While good labels may convince customers to take a chance on your beverage products, poorly designed or produced beverage labels may have the opposite effect. This is why you should make sure your beverage label printing partner is an experienced industry stalwart such as Lightning Labels. By using all-digital printing processes for fast turnaround times and flexible order sizes, Lightning Labels has helped numerous producers refresh their branding with new packaging options.

Your bottle labels, can labels or other beverage packaging will set the tone for your brand's identity. Lightning Labels can make sure your packaging is up to your customers' high standards.

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