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Custom Bottle Labels | More Than Just BBQ Sauce

Custom Bottle Labels: More Than Just BBQ Sauce

Creating colorful, eye-catching custom bottle labels is one of the most direct ways to get shoppers o notice your brand. When people are in a store trying to decide what to buy, they will see your product packaging. Every bit of effort that goes into label design and printing can pay off in positive reactions from new customers. Once they try the items for the first time, these buyers may become loyal members of your audience.

What kinds of food and beverage items should get the bottle label treatment? Hot sauce and barbeque sauce are natural choices, as these spaces are laden with brands competing for buyers' attention with outrageous names, fun imagery and even celebrity endorsements. With that said, bottle labels apply to anything that comes in a bottle. For foods, that might mean condiments such as soy sauce and salad dressing. Add in beverages and bath and body products, and the range of possible uses expands dramatically.

Bottle labels for food

Barbeque sauce labels play host to great creativity, especially the sauces produced by small, independent companies. Convincing a shopper to try a new type of sauce, one they may have never seen any advertising for, can come down to having the most exciting label in the store. This same concept applies to the hot sauce space, where brands take great pride in promoting their relative heat of their offerings.

You can export these concepts to any bottled product you offer. If you want to create an impactful package for a sauce of any kind or salad dressing, for instance, you can choose bold imagery that expresses your brand identity and gives customers an idea of the flavors they'll encounter.

Beverage bottle labels

Beverage bottle labels are a diverse field, with beer bottles and wine bottles demanding specific strategies. While beer labeling often involves colorful and eye-catching imagery, wine design may be more subtle. The materials used for each type of label also tend to be different, with wine labels looking especially good printed on vintage-styled paper. Designing labels for spirits is similar to the process for wine, but with added consideration for the wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes involved.

Water bottle labels represent a niche within beverage labeling. Tough waterproof labels that will stand up to heavy use are a good choice for water bottles, so customers can carry their water with them while they walk, play sports or work out and the packaging will still look good. Juice, iced tea and lemonade are also great candidates for bottle labels.

Shampoo, lotion and other bottle labels

In the bath and body space, plenty of products come in bottles. Waterproof labels that can hold up to damp bathroom conditions are important for these items. Small cosmetic items such as nail polish bottles will need labels cut to very specific sizes and shapes, while products in squeezable tubes are best served by especially tough label materials.

Lotion bottles, soap bottles and many more types of container can show off your brand's logo and imagery. While the design sensibilities behind these bath and bottle labels may not be as bombastic as a craft beer or barbeque sauce, there is plenty of room for creativity, provided you have secured high-quality labels that will let your design choices show clearly.

An ideal partner for bottle label printing

Labeling goes best when you have assistance from the right partner. Lightning Labels offers a wide selection of label materials in a host of sizes and shapes. Whether you're labeling condiments, drinks, bath and body items or anything in between, you can create the perfect match of form and function. Quick turnaround times and flexible order sizes ensure you'll never be inconvenienced in your quest for the right packaging, so there's never a bad time to start thinking about custom bottle labels.

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