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Custom Product Stickers Get Upgraded Down Under

Custom Product Stickers Get Upgraded Down Under

Company Infuses NFC Technology Into Custom Product Stickers Near-field communication technology is on the rise among mobile devices, but one company is integrating the innovation into custom product stickers. TapNShow, an NFC marketing specialist, displayed NFC stickers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, according to NFC World.

The stickers allow NFC-enabled devices to tap the stickers for custom web content and information. The stickers are infused with an NFC chip that companies can personalize as well as track how often consumers engage in the sticker's content.

Small Customized Stickers By TapNShow Wow at Show  NFC World reports more than 50 exhibitors at the show utilized the small customized stickers to inform attendees about their company's offerings.

Voodooo Rock Road was one of the exhibitors employing the stickers, and employee Mark Nicolls said the stickers added a digital element for consumers.

"People would have a Rocky Road sample in one hand and their phone in the other," Nicolls said. "They'd tap the sticker and read about the entire gourmet range, allowing them to join our membership and order online - it added an extra dimension to the experience."

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