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Using Custom Wine Labels To Enhance Your Bottles

Wine Harvest Season is Approaching: Use Custom Wine Labels to Enhance Your Packaging

Vineyards Can Give Their Products a Special Look

Wine brands are judged on sight by consumers looking for interesting new vintages to try. Now, with the season for harvesting grapes for wine production approaching, it's time to think about how to label the bottles and ensure that audiences get a good idea of the vineyard's unique appeal.

Every vintner is looking to project a slightly different appearance for consumers. Some brands are best served by classic, old-fashioned appearances. Others are more suited to sleek, modern designs. In all cases, the material and finish chosen for these custom paper labels can play into perceptions and help determine how consumers feel about certain vintages.

Finding the Right Material

Lightning Labels offers several different label materials for its product packaging. Picking the right one can help a vineyard present its wine lineup to the public under ideal conditions. The following are two paper options that work especially well for wine producers, lending a specific tone to the bottles on the shelves and presenting graphic designs in an ideal light.

Classic Crest: When a vineyard's graphic design is based around a white background, Classic Crest labels are a great choice. A dull matte finish over white paper stock completes the effect of this classy and modern material.

Estate #9: If a wine label would look better with a cream-colored, natural and intriguing look, Estate #9 paper labels are a top choice. The texture of these labels is interesting to the touch, meaning they can convey a brand's personality.

A Look to Suit the Brand

There are many similarities between the two materials described above. They are both based on the same adhesives and liners, which are strong and suitable for machine application. Whether a vineyard is a family-run operation producing limited amounts of wine or a major concern reaching the world with its products, there is a labeling option that will suit its purposes.

When thinking about a wine brand's identity, the label factors heavily. When consumers browse for a new wine to try, they consider the look and feel of the bottles before picking one to place into a shopping basket. Vineyards that think hard about the details of their labeling, including the materials and finishes used, may make their products more compelling in this key moment of decision.

Lightning Labels' all-digital printing processes make quick turnaround times and low minimum order sizes possible. Vintners getting ready for a harvest should consider whether it's time for a labeling shake-up for this year's vintage.

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