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Benefits of Die Cut Labels and Stickers: How Custom Shape Labels Can Help Your Products Stand Out From The Rest

Benefits of Die Cut Labels and Stickers: How Custom Shape Labels Can Help Your Products Stand Out From The Rest

When you're labeling products, every bit of originality and brand identity that shines through can be a selling point. Picking a great material to work with and settling on compelling imagery are important steps in the design process, but there's another possibility you may be overlooking: shape. Custom shape labels made through die cutting create a bold and interesting look for your goods, with the natural color of the packaging underneath giving the items a wholly unique kind of appearance.

Use Custom Shape Labels as a Differentiator

Custom shape labels and stickers allow your brand's logo to seemingly pop out from whatever it's applied to. Circles, squares or more complex shapes can bring out the visual interest of your chosen text or imagery. Negative space becomes its own kind of branding, with bottled items showing more of the liquids inside. Furthermore, when you employ die cutting for stickers, you gain new opportunities to create arresting-looking designs, whether you're handing the stickers out to customers or putting them up yourself.

Customized shape labels and stickers are the products of an exacting process within the factory, with the die cutting occurring after the designs are printed. At Lightning Labels, the precision of the cutting machinery is plus or minus one thirty-second of an inch, delivering precisely made custom labels and stickers that bear your branding. A company's logo is its way of staying on consumers' minds over time, and highlighting the unique shape of your trademark can help it stick out.

Get Your Labels and Stickers Quickly

Lightning Labels is not only capable of creating compelling and high-quality die-cut labels and stickers, we can accomplish this process quickly and efficiently. Equipped with an all-digital printing process and working from domestic facilities rather than outsourcing production, Lightning Labels is a helpful partner for brands in need of new visual flair. If this describes your company, custom-shaped labels and stickers may be in your future.

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