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Everything You Need To Know About BOPP Labels

Everything You Need To Know About BOPP Labels

Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene, or BOPP, is one of the most popular label materials, suitable for most applications. BOPP label materials, which provide an ideal printing surface, are commonly used for bottle labels, food labels, vape labels, cannabis product labels, custom roll labels and numerous other products. Here's a helpful guide to their many uses and the different types of BOPP labels available:

What is BOPP?

Lightning Labels has partnered with Avery-Dennison, the industry leader in high quality label materials, to offer BOPP as a major part of its product line. BOPP is basically polypropylene that's stretched flat. It is economical to produce, and its ruggedness, low toxicity and versatile performance (especially resistance to oil and water) lends itself to a wide range of uses.

What Types Of BOPP Labels Are Available?

In the oil- and water-resistant label category, you have a choice of White BOPP labels, Clear BOPP labels, Chrome (Silver) BOPP labels, Lip balm label material and Gold BOPP labels.

White BOPP labels, the most commonly-ordered, feature a permanent adhesive and are suitable for most applications. These are impervious to oil and water, making them a great choice for bath and body products, as well as food and beverage labels.

Clear BOPP labels offer the same water-resistant properties as White BOPP, while delivering a "no label" look that allows you to show off the contents of your product. Clear BOPP is especially suited to window decals or display cases in stores, where images and text are reverse-printed for viewing on the outside of a window or glass door.

Chrome (Silver) and Gold BOPP labels, which also provide the same water- and oil-resistant properties as White BOPP, give you a decorative metallic look - such as the mirror-like appearance of shiny chrome, or the elegant, reflective surface of gold.

Lip balm labels are available in White BOPP, Clear BOPP and Chrome BOPP. Created specifically for lip balm products, this material is water- and oil-resistant, won't crease or smudge and features an aggressive adhesive that holds on tightly to products, especially small sized lip balm containers.

Removable BOPP Labels Too

Sometimes you may want a label that is removable or repositionable. For special applications like this, Removable white BOPP labels provide the same properties as standard BOPP label materials, with the added advantage of a less aggressive adhesive. To assure that the labels perform as desired, especially when applied to different surfaces and substrates, you may want to conduct product testing with the containers you have in mind. Lightning Labels would be glad to supply sample labels for this purpose.

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