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Expiration Dates Need to be Easily Viewed on Food Labels

Expiration Dates Need to be Easily Viewed on Food Labels

Confusing Product Labels May Negatively Affect Customers Satisfaction Happy customers are profitable customers, so companies should always do their best to satisfy the people purchasing their products, and that starts with product labels. Confusing labeling may affect customer satisfaction, as they may end up using products improperly if the labels aren't clear.

For example, one recent public health and safety survey conducted by NSF International found that people have trouble and differentiating between common food terms. The most common points of confusion were "expiration dates," "best if used by dates" and "sell by dates," CBS News reported, citing the study.

Product Labels Need to be Easy to Understand As a result of this confusion, nearly half of Americans don't throw away food until they see mold or other noticeable signs of expiration. Failure to discard food on time may result in exposure to pathogens that may be particularly dangerous to children and other people with illnesses pertaining to their immune systems. Although the producer may not be at fault, it's quite likely that people won't by food or drink items that have made them sick in future grocery store visits.

As companies design their packaging, they need to keep label clarity in mind. Customers should be able to determine when to throw their food away.

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