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FDA Combats Antibiotic Resistance With New Product Label Printing Guidelines


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FDA Combats Antibiotic Resistance With New Product Label Printing Guidelines

FDA Introduces Voluntary Guidelines for Antibiotic Product Label Printing The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is unrolling a voluntary initiative to change the way antibiotics are referenced in product label printing. Many experts are worried about the effect that certain drugs fed to livestock are having on human resistance to antibiotics. These antimicrobials are sometimes fed to animals, because they help animals to gain weight faster while eating less food. To prevent development of human resistance, experts are saying these microbial ingredients should only be used for animal welfare when absolutely necessary. As a result, the FDA has asked drugmakers and animal health companies not to print labels for medically significant antibiotics that contain references to animal production.

Companies Are Expected to Comply With New Regulations for Custom Product Labels While the initiative is voluntary, the FDA hopes that all drug companies will get on board with the new guidance for custom product labels. If the labels do not contain references to animal production, it will become illegal for food producers to use them in this manner, according to a release from the FDA. The organization believes implementing voluntary guidelines to be the fastest way to enact change to the feed and animal production industries.

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