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    Organic Food Label Requirements. What You Need to Know

    When consumers are in the grocery store deciding what to take home, they may check for organic food labels. These markings, part of the larger clean label movement, attest that items haven't been filled with preservatives or artificial ingredients. That's putting it simply, however. There are specific requirements brands have to clear before they can place various kinds of seals or promises on their packaging.

    If you're a food producer considering marketing your goods as organic, it pays to study the rules and regulations closely. Organic food labeling is a complex and precise process and differs based on the type of recognition you're applying for:

    USDA Organic

    To be eligible the U.

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  • Cannabis-Infused Edibles: A Growing Food Trend

    Recreational cannabis legalization is underway, albeit in a piecemeal manner, in the U.S. and Canada. Rather than being limited to just one product, recreational dispensaries have a host of new options to sell, often including cannabis-infused food. Creating cannabis edible product labels is a complex art, balancing the need for legal disclosures with interesting branding to attract customers' eyes.

    It's rare for a fresh, new industry to spring up. The entrepreneurial opportunities in these spaces are numerous, with a burgeoning audience ready to form brand loyalty. If your company wants to make waves in recreational cannabis, a focused strategy for your cannabis edible labels can help you on your way

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  • How the NAFTA Labeling War Could Affect Your Food and Beverage Warning Labels

    When creating labels for your brand's food products, you have to walk a line between disclosing essential information and creating an appealing look. The regulations that govern ingredient disclosure and nutrition facts lists are complex and multi-faceted, and they're prone to change. The latest addition to packaging could come in the form of mandatory food and beverage warning labels that don't meet healthy standards, with North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations focusing on this sticking point.

    U.S. Against New Rules, Canada and Mexico For Them

    The contentious tone around the NAFTA renegotiation has spilled into the realm of food and beverage warning symbols, according to The New York Times.

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  • Create excitement and boost sales using these fundamental label design techniques [Infographic]

    Collaborate with an experienced label partner and get the high-quality, efficient printing that will make your products stand out in a crowded marketplace. See below for important label design best practices that are easily implemented and can help increase sales.

    Food and Beverage Product Label Design

    Request your FREE instant quote today. &nbsp

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  • National Maple Syrup Day is December 17

    Maple syrup is the natural sweetener everyone can agree on. Who doesn't love syrup on French toast, or a stack of fluffy pancakes for breakfast? When syrup is your business, you have a great product to promote, but it won't sell itself. There are a few seasonal and one-off opportunities that can turn into great showcases for delicious maple syrup, with perhaps the most obvious being National Maple Syrup Day, December 17.

    Labeling Makes the Sale

    Leading up to National Maple Syrup Day, you can employ custom bottle labels that name that special date, as well as listing recipes, fun facts or info about where your products come from.

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  • Canning Jar Labels that Promote Your Food Products

    Jars holding jellies, jams and preserves should be labeled in bold and eye-catching ways that let buyers know exactly what's inside. While food labels must contain nutritional information, they should also have room for great imagery and design work to ensure consumers are attracted to the items on store shelves.

    "No company is exempt from the need for vibrant and eye-catching packages."

    This need for great jar labels applies to companies of all sizes. From one-person businesses that sell canned goods at farmer's markets to corporations that produce items in large quantities and distribute them to grocery chains, no company is exempt from the need for vibrant and eye-catching packages.

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  • November is Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month

    Food and beverage brands have several opportunities throughout the year to reach out to customers with specific dietary needs and preferences. November is set aside as Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month, which makes it a great time for producers to consider consumers who can't eat foods with high gluten content.

    Business owners whose companies make gluten free items can use this themed month as a reminder to check their labeling strategies. Shoppers learn a great deal of information about foods from their packaging, and failure to clearly disclose a gluten free product may mean losing out on sales to individuals who feel unsure whether they can safely consume the food.

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  • 5 Ways to Sell More Produce with Custom Labels

    September is Fruits and Veggies: More Matters Month. This makes it an excellent time to try out new labels for your fruit or vegetable brand, whether you sell vegetables straight from the farm, fruit preserves or anything in between.

    There are a few different ways to create labels that celebrate the wholesome goodness of fruits and veggies. You can either explicitly mention the special month or create more general designs that work all year long.

    The following are five custom food labeling tactics that you can employ to see better results from buyers:

    1. Offer a Recipe

    Especially if your brand sells vegetables or fruits consumers may not be immediately familiar with, a recipe can help encourage these shoppers to take a chance

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  • Guide To Custom Jar Labeling

    Jars for jams, preserves and jellies leave plenty of room for creative branding, whether it's on a full-size label wrapping around the jar or a more limited label on the lid. Whether canning is your hobby or your company's source of income, there is space to create informative and visually stimulating works of art on your labels.

    Depending on your product and its intended audience, you can try one of several different approaches to creating custom jar labels. The information printed on these labels is the major source of connection between you and the people who will take your products home.

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  • Enhance Honey Jars with High-Quality Custom Jar Labels

    Promote Your Products at Farmer's Markets

    Independent honey production is a rewarding hobby that can turn into a beloved small business. Selling products at farmer's markets or giving out jars to friends and family lets you show off the sweet bounty. Now that it's time to harvest honey, you'll have to think about labeling the resulting products. High-quality custom jar labels by Lightning Labels let you promote the wholesome goodness of honey, whether you're bottling a little bit for gift purposes or turning the hobby into a source of income.

    Nature's Sweetener

    When people want sweetness in their food or drinks but would rather avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners, honey will be there for them.

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