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How Important are Eco-Friendly Product Labels?

How Important Are Eco-Friendly Product Labels?

Customers have become more conscientious and careful when selecting products to buy in recent years. People are applying their personal priorities and values when they make their shopping lists. If your brand uses earth-friendly processes to make its items, you can take advantage of the trend toward green commerce.

Marketing and promotion are critical when it comes to conscientious commerce. You should select eco-friendly product labels to reassure your customers that every element of your items, including the packaging, has been made with the environment in mind. Presenting a green image but not choosing sustainable label materials can create dissonant messaging.

What Are the Views on Traditional Packaging Materials?

The most recent edition of the Sustainable Packaging Study found that many companies' representatives are wary of traditional label materials such as plastic and eager to find alternatives. The survey revealed 69% of respondents are concerned about the environmental impact of plastic packaging. The problem with wrappers that do not biodegrade has become visible, with plastic waste choking waterways.

The report noted that while concern over traditional plastics is currently high, it is likely to become even greater in the years ahead. More than nine-tenths of the professionals surveyed stated that the attitudes toward plastics will become more negative in the years ahead. Some of the environmental consequences of plastics use - including the fact that these materials' manufacturing takes fossil fuels and creates greenhouse gases - are still largely underappreciated.

Finding alternative labeling options will likely remain an area of focus in the years to come. There are a few ways companies can go when creating custom eco-friendly product labels, including favoring post-consumer recycled content and selecting biodegradable substances. Due to the fact that environmental anxiety is rising, not subsiding, companies will have to make further decisions regarding their manufacturing methods.

What Alternative Materials Are Available?

Companies working with Lightning Labels have access to several eco-friendly materials, each presenting a distinctive approach to sustainability. Recycled Kraft and Vellum Labels are both made with 100% post-consumer content. Labels made with either of those materials give items a tactile and natural feel, which can help companies present a green image to customers. Biostone is another option - this material is manufactured from stone, which means no trees are destroyed in its creation.

Lightning Labels also offers CleanFlake, a material that makes PET plastic containers easier to recycle. Companies pondering ways to appeal to their earth-focused customers and do their part to safeguard the environment can work with Lightning Labels to deliver relevant packaging.

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