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Including Caffeine Amounts on Custom Beverage Labels Could Reduce Addiction

Including Caffeine Amounts on Custom Beverage Labels Could Reduce Addiction

Should Caffeine Content Be Included in Custom Beverage Labels?

There is no federal regulation for listing the amount of caffeine on custom beverage labels. However, new research from American University in Washington, D.C., suggests that drink companies should pay more attention when it comes to including the content of the drug on product stickers. Researchers determined that some individuals are so dependent on caffeine that they suffer symptoms of withdrawal when they don't have it, Science 20 reported. Because caffeine is often a big part of the customs and routines that make up everyday life, its negative impact is often overlooked, according to Laura Juliano, the lead author of the study.

Include the Amount of Caffeine on Custom Printed Beverage Labels to Educate Consumers The researchers believe being more informative on custom printed beverage labels could have a positive impact on caffeine consumption. The authors of the study said addiction problems could result from a lack of labeling, according to the National Post. Currently, bottled coffee beverages and energy drinks are not required to reveal how much caffeine they contain. The study suggests that individuals shouldn't drink more than 400 milligrams in one day. However, when consumers lack knowledge about how much they are actually consuming, it can be difficult to adhere to this guideline.

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