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Make Products Pop Like Fireworks With Custom USA Stickers

Make Products Pop Like Fireworks With Custom USA Stickers

Show Patriotism and Pride This Summer with Custom USA Stickers

Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to prepare their products for the Fourth of July and other patriotic summertime events by using USA Stickers. Products can be just as American as apple pie in time for Independence Day, which can make them the perfect addition to themed cookouts, family gatherings and other summertime events.

These custom stickers don't have to utilized only in July, either. Businesses and individuals can create red, white and blue stickers and labels that showcase year-round American pride, attracting support and garnering sales from current and prospective buyers.

Why 'Made in the USA' Labels Matter More than ever, consumers are reading labels of products they currently use and those they are thinking about purchasing, and sometimes, what's on the label makes or breaks sales. But ingredients aren't the only consideration people take when poring over labels - "Made in the USA" labels show buyers and prospects that the manufacturer supports the country. That can be a big benefit to businesses and others, as American consumers look to boost the domestic economy.

"With the troubles our economy has faced, more people are making a conscious effort to buy local products, and this applies to goods made in America, too," said AnneMarie Campbell, Business Development Manager at Lightning Labels. "When manufacturers display the fact that their products were made in America, more people will want to support the company in hopes to support local businesses and, ultimately, the economy."

2 Ways to Make Red, White and Blue Custom Stickers Pop Chances are other manufacturers will also plan USA-themed designs in time for Independence Day, so here are two ways to make red, white and blue custom labels and stickers stand out from the competition:

1. Use Custom Stickers to Tell a Story While "Made in the USA" labels are a great idea and are impactful enough on their own, larger custom stickers can be used to tell people a bit about the product and its patriotic background. How many local workers does the business employ? Does the company support military efforts or donate to veterans' charities?

2. Make USA Stickers Timeless, Not Timely Although American-themed stickers are great additions to products around the Fourth of July, they can be designed to outlast the summer. Making these stickers attractive and informative yet timeless in the sense they don't mention specific dates or months may serve to remind consumers that the manufacturer supports America all the time - not just on Independence Day.

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