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Organization Invests in Custom Stickers that May Reduce Infections

Organization Invests in Custom Stickers that May Reduce Infections

Custom Stickers in Tool Kit May Help Newborns 

One researcher has created a tool kit with custom stickers that might help parents identify if their infant has an infection. According to The Star, a Toronto-based newspaper, Grand Challenges Canada has invested $10.9 million in seed money for 12 made-in-Canada proposals.

Dr. Shawn Morris with University of Toronto-affiliated SickKids hospital is one of the researchers receiving part of the grant to continue his work developing an affordable tool kit in Pakistan to combat illness in newborns. Approximately 42 of 1,000 newborns die in their first month of life, and Morris hopes the kit will prevent 40 percent of those fatalities, according to the newspaper.

Parents May Prevent Illness with Custom Made Stickers Part of the tool kit, which costs around $5, is a smiley-face custom made sticker that can be placed underneath the child's arm. The sticker reacts to the baby's core body temperature, turning black if the newborn becomes hypothermic.

Morris sees the investment in his research as helping thousands of low-income children around the world.

"One of the most brilliant things about Grand Challenges is they take people who have good ideas - who never would have been funded before - and provide you with financial support," Morris told the newspaper.

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