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Senators Call for Stricter Rules Governing Nutraceutical Labels on Supplements


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Senators Call for Stricter Rules Governing Nutraceutical Labels on Supplements

Push for More Regulation For Nutraceutical Labels

Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut recently introduced a bill that would mandate the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to implement stricter guidelines regulating dietary supplement nutraceutical labels.

A press release about the legislation explained recent research suggests public knowledge about supplement safety is lacking and there is little regulation in place requiring manufacturers to provide certain information before selling their products in stores and online. The source suggested the FDA often doesn't learn about dangerous supplements until a consumer suffers negative side effects.

Legislation Calls for Transparency on Labels for Supplements The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act would require manufacturers to place more information on supplement labels and mandate brands register their products with the FDA, providing ingredient lists and proof of health benefits.

Medical Daily reported many supplements today are sold without FDA approval. Critics of the bill state that the enactment of the legislation would take products currently sold to consumers off the market. The reportedly long time it takes to get the FDA's OK would keep items from being available for an extensive period of time.

Meanwhile supporters say the bill would save lives and limit injuries and illnesses.