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Stand Out from the Pack with Unique Custom Label Materials

Stand Out from the Pack with Unique Custom Label Materials

Why Use Unique Materials for Labels?

These days, the store shelves are packed, making it harder for manufacturers and distributors to set their products apart from the crowd. At the same time, as many product manufacturers know all too well, so much of the battle for revenues takes place on the shelves, meaning there needs to be a way to differentiate. Because most products will have labels printed on traditional materials, you might want to consider using more unique materials for yours.

Satin cloth labels can add a completely new dimension to your products, giving customers a tactile component to the brand experience in the stores and allowing the materials themselves to pop off the packaging. Designs will need to be unique in and of themselves, but leveraging unique label materials will inherently help to drive the process of differentiating your brand from others in the marketplace.

Options on the Table

Today, you can choose from a range of materials, including satin cloth and gold polyester labels, though only when you're using the right service provider. Certain products will actually be better-suited in special materials on the labels, notably fine wines and other micro-produced alcoholic beverages. Estate #9 labels have become more popular in this space, but there is no reason for manufacturers of other products to completely balk on the concept.

Rather, you ought to be using every possible tool at your disposal to make your products more identifiable by individuals in the stores, and using different materials might be the most straightforward one of all. It is worth noting that designers, as well as product management and marketing teams, will need to adjust their general strategies to get the most out of items such as satin cloth labels, otherwise the imagery simply won't match the materials on which it are printed.

Use Lightning Labels!

If you want to ensure your custom labels printed on unique materials come out the way they are expected, you should consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers a range of materials to help you get the right choice per your unique needs, as well as customizable options for all label and sticker products. When in a pinch, Lightning Labels is ideal given its lightning-fast turnaround times on orders.

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