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Use Variable Printing to Elevate Your Beverage Brand

Use Variable Printing to Elevate Your Beverage Brand

Consistency and difference have to work in just the right ratios when you're designing the packaging for your beverage brand. Consumers have to know at once that your products are all from the same manufacturer, so they can develop brand loyalty.

At the same time, the beverage labels adorning each flavor should be different enough in their imagery and color palette that the flavors are immediately imaginable and enticing. Through variable label printing, your brand can create a consistent set of labels that wear their differences proudly.

Learning from a Market Leader

To see an example of attractive and colorful beverage labeling, you don't have to look far. Coca-Cola's refresh of its Diet Coke line is a master class in the power of consistent but differentiated packaging. The company touted a new look for its flagship diet soda as well as flavors old and new - lime, mango, cherry and blood orange. The "Diet Coke" branding is consistent across the five varieties, but the imagery and coloring show of a host of looks.

The update was designed to look "sleek," according to the beverage giant, and yet it retains enough of its classic elements to reassure customers who have loved Diet Coke for a long time. While the high-profile relaunch and accompanying ads have the mark of a powerful beverage conglomerate, a manufacturer of any scale can engage in a similar kind of branding effort.

Variable Printing Labels for Small Companies

Even modestly sized companies can attract customers with the power of variable printing. Beverage labels from Lightning Labels can differ between flavors while always maintaining consistent branded elements that power memory and loyalty among shoppers. Since Lightning Labels uses all-digital printing processes, it's possible to receive many different label designs without the expense that would go into creating plates for traditionally printed packaging. Your beverage brand can take a page from the venerable Coke playbook.

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