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How to Make Wine Labels That Sell | Lightning Labels

How to Make Wine Labels That Sell - Custom Wine Labels

Learn How to Make Wine Labels That Stand Out From the Rest

[caption id="attachment_8306" align="alignleft" width="300"]make wine labels that sell with Lightning Labels Learn how to make wine labels that sell your bottles.[/caption]

The wine market is constantly expanding, and knowing how to make wine labels that are unique, attractive and professional can put your brand ahead of its competitors. According to The Wine Institute, an organization that represents more than 1,000 wineries and affiliated businesses in California, total wine sales in the United States reached $34.6 billion in 2012, setting a new record of 360.1 million 9-liter cases sold. With wine sales rising and more winemakers entering the industry, vintners of all kinds must boost product marketing to keep up with the competition. Custom wine labels that feature a creative, eye-catching design are sure to command shoppers' attention and get them interested in your wines.

Consumers Look for Custom Wine Labels

Last year, KGO, the California Bay Area affiliate of ABC News, reported on an increasing trend of consumers relying heavily on custom wine labels to make purchasing decisions. In an interview with the station, Dave Phinney, a local winemaker, stated labels need to say, "Pick me up."

Phinney explained that while a great wine will keep consumers returning to the brand, strong product packaging is key to reeling them in and persuading them to try the product.

The industry-leading experts at Lightning Labels can help you create wine labels that speak to your target audience, whether you sell high-end luxury wines or lower-priced bargain vinos.


3 Tips for Creating Customized Wine Labels That Grab Consumers' Attention

With the right market research, winemakers large and small can create customized wine labels that not only catch the eyes of shoppers, but resonate with target consumer groups as well. Here are three tips for designing wine labels that sell your bottles:

1. Choose Words Wisely for Wine Bottle Labels: Based on what your customers are looking for, decide judiciously what wording will go on custom wine labels. Whether it's price value, production processes, ingredients or the biodynamic or environmentally friendly ways in which the wine was made, make sure you highlight what's most important for consumers. Additionally, use this insight to name your wine. For example, Phinney's wine is called Sexual Chocolate, a bold and effective title for the demographic he's targeting.

2. Opt for Original Graphics and Images on Custom Labels: Because you want your labels to stand out, you need visual elements that truly differ from the norm. Whether you partner with an artist or create the graphic yourself, go for something that communicates your brand message.

3. Use the Best Label Printing Services: Working with a wine label expert like Lightning Labels will ensure the text and images you choose to place on your bottles are printed clearly, maintaining the detail you put into your design. Our digital process ensures a professional and durable finish for your custom wine label design, and our variety of labeling materials, shapes and sizes to choose from give you the versatility to take your labels in any direction you choose.

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