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The Importance of Beer and Wine Labels in the Digital Age

The Importance of Beer and Wine Labels in the Digital Age

Impulse buying accounts for more than 75 percent of all consumer activity.

One of the biggest factors influencing those impulse purchases? Product packaging and labels, which is responsible for generating about 33 percent of sales.

However, if you're selling beer and wine online, you might be a bit confused about how you can make those labels work in the digital era. You're likely also wondering if those labels even matter at all.

In this post, we'll tell you why, even when your liquor shop is online-only, beer and wine labels are still incredibly important.

They're a Part of Your Branding

Especially if you brew your own beer or sell wine from your own company on your website, you need to think of your beer and wine labels as a form of marketing that helps you to build brand recognition.

Your labels can also help your customers to get to know your product and who you are as a company.

For example, your label can include your company's logo and help to promote brand consistency by including your business's colors.

Additionally, those labels offer you lots of branding and marketing real estate. Think outside of the nutrition facts and your logo. Include pairing ideas, ideal recipes, or even a brief story of why you began to sell wine and beer.

Of course, the more consistent your digital branding is, the more likely that consumers will be to buy your product when it's on the shelves in physical stores.

They Still Drive Impulse Purchases

Believe it or not, labels can still influence consumers to add your items to their cart at the last second when they're shopping online.


First of all, lively, unique labels attract the attention of consumers. This doesn't mean that your label needs to contain every color under the sun, but it does mean that having a central image that expresses the essence of your brand is crucial.

When creating a design for your labels, don't be afraid to think outside of the box.

We don't just mean in terms of images -- we're talking the texture of your labels and even the eco-friendly factor, too.

Especially if you're selling a luxury wine or beer, it's important that your labels are consistent with that experience. Plus, a textured label or even one with a custom font helps your customers to form a better connection with your brand.

If you want to use some of the latest trends in your current label design, one of the most popular is hand-drawn images. A sketch of a vineyard, mountain range, or any other image relevant to your branding is especially appealing to the millennial market.

Plus, it communicates to consumers that you're an exclusive brand that's up-to-date on what your market wants.

Where Can You Have Beer and Wine Labels Printed?

Now that you know why beer and wine labels are still important in the digital age, once you get your design down, you just need to know where you can have them professionally printed so that your design shines..

That's where we come in.

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