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What You Should Look for in Great Product Label Design

What You Should Look for in Great Product Label Design

Did you know your product label design has the power to supercharge your sales?

Your product label can do more than simply tell what's inside. It's your last chance to market to your audience before they decide to buy. When used correctly, the right design can help ensure your product ends up in more shopping carts.

Designing the best label isn't so easy. Things like color, font, copy, and other elements can impact the overall impression. What works for one brand doesn't always bode well for another.

Discover your best chance for product label success with these four pro design tips:

Tip #1 - Keep Product Label Design Simple

No one should have to guess at what you're selling.

Stay away from artsy, small, or hard-to-read fonts, blindingly light colors, and excess images or decor. A complex design is more self-serving than customer-centric.

If you're selling food, don't try to reinvent the wheel with your nutrition label.

While doing things differently can help you stand out, you also don't want to venture away from a common standard. Doing so risks customers being unable to find what they're looking for quickly, which might force them to move on to another product.

Tip #2 - Consider Your Label Material

Damaged labels happen. Unfortunately, they can affect your product's sell ability and how your brand is perceived.

When choosing a label material, opt for one that is less likely to become torn, smudged, or otherwise altered during the shipping or stocking process.

In addition, label texture can also affect how a person views your brand. Studies show that tactility can help boost brand retention and recognition. With the right material, you can add an extra layer to your branding strategy that brings you a step closer to closing more sales.

Tip #3 - Opt for an Offbeat Shape

Standard-sized labels have their benefits: they're usually cheaper, they work with just about any type of brand or product, and they're easy to design.

However, these so-called "benefits" are more like problems for brands wanting to get attention.

When you choose a custom-shaped label, you're breaking the pattern. People now have a reason to notice you.

Just make sure that whatever shape you choose will work with your product packaging. A mismatched label-package ratio won't look good, no matter how stellar a design you have.

Tip #4 - Give Customers a Reason to Buy

The number of brands and lookalike products on the market is overwhelming. There's no shortage of companies copying other brands' packaging to confuse buyers. Price wars are running rampant to earn business.

This makes deciding which product to buy increasingly challenging.

Use your product label design to let people know why they should choose your brand. Advertise what makes you unique. Tell your brand story.

People need to know why you're better, especially if neighboring products have caught their eyes.

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