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    How Facebook's Renunciation of Third-Party Data Targeting Affects Marketing

    Change is in the wind at Facebook, with the company facing a wave of bad press following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The social media giant has long acted as a data gateway, connecting advertisers with their target markets. That relationship is coming under scrutiny, however, and the way Facebook gathers and uses data is changing.

    What's Changing?

    Near the end of March, TechCrunch reported that Facebook is stopping its use of third-party data warehouses as part of the ad targeting algorithms it offers. The company is facing backlash from the way Cambridge Analytica misused data, as well as the impending General Data Protection Regulation, which will impose tighter rules on the way firms can use European Union residents' personal information.

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  • Top Packaging Trends for 2018

    Creating a visual identity for your business's packaged goods means balancing unique flair with industry-approved trends. Following in footsteps of your fellow brands can give you great ideas, while adding your own branding will make your items stand out on the shelves. Studying 2018 packaging trends is a great idea if you've gone too long between redesigns.

    Using that inspiration to shake up your own labeling strategy may point you toward success.

    Defining Strategies

    The following are a few concepts that have been making waves in the labeling world, and which you may find helpful to adopt:

    • Becoming Eco-Friendly: Daymon Creative Services Director Steven Cox told Packaging Europe brands are becoming greener in their approach to product packaging.
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  • Strategies for Increasing Repeat Customers

    There's a limited number of potential customers for your small business. While appealing to new shoppers is a key marketing consideration, consolidating and encouraging repeat buyers is the way to truly turn your company into a success. There are important actions that, when carried out well and timed correctly, can increase customers' desire to return time and again to shop with you. The amount of focus you place on these loyalty-building moves may determine your business's long-term fate.

    Try These Tactics

    The shoppers who make up your clientele are looking for a few comforts that will elevate your offerings beyond what national brands can offer.

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  • How to Develop an Effective Brand Strategy for Your New Product or Small Business Launch

    Launching a business is an exciting moment, and the choices made in the early going can set the tone for success or failure. When you set out to put a fresh product on the market, there are a few elements that should be in place to ensure customers get on board.

    Despite the ease of seeking out and trying new items in today's customer-first marketplace, you still need to give people a compelling reason to try your new items. While you may think your organization is set for big returns due to your commitment to quality, there may be an element missing. Branding might be the essential piece that makes people try your business for the first time.

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  • Lightning Labels Welcomes Vic Jubber As New Operations Manager

    Native Zimbabwean applies decades of printing experience, expertise to enhance industry-leading model

    Operations managers who know and have worked in all areas of their chosen industry typically are the best performers. Add to that experience gained by working on multiple continents. Meet Zimbabwe southern Africa native Vic Jubber, newly-appointed Operations Manager for Denver-based Lightning Labels—who’s done it all from printing press operations and sales to entrepreneurship in countries that are worlds apart geographically and culturally.

    His 32 years of experience started in Zimbabwe’s printing industry, where he operated printing presses, gained sales experience and expertise, and ultimately climbed into management rank

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  • Reordering Custom Labels: Easier than Ever

    Instead of making a big order of custom labels, it's often better for smaller companies to purchase exactly what they need, then reorder custom labels when required. There's no room for waste in the budgets of effective modern businesses. When you use the Lightning Labels website, the reordering process is a snap.

    Enhanced and Improved

    The Lightning Labels website has received a revamp that focuses on user-friendliness and ease of ordering. The revised dashboard consolidates every order a client has made, meaning your whole history with Lightning Labels is there for easy viewing. The feedback system is also updated because we want to know what you're thinking about our site

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  • Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand? 10 Product Labeling Tips for 2018

    The New Year's role as a dividing line makes it a great time for any company to change its packaging strategy or general branding. Coming out of the peak retail season and facing a fresh calendar, the months ahead will present many opportunities for small-business owners to maximize their products' appeal.

    Perhaps product labels have fallen out of step with trends dominating the industry. Maybe competition has become especially intense, demanding an updated look as a response. Whatever the reason for a branding refresh, there are many great tactics companies can employ. Here are 10 ways to rethink product labeling in 2018:

    1. Incorporate a new logo: Maybe the labels aren't the problem with a company's branding, at least not directly.
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