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    Benefits of Die Cut Labels and Stickers: How Custom Shape Labels Can Help Your Products Stand Out From The Rest

    When you're labeling products, every bit of originality and brand identity that shines through can be a selling point. Picking a great material to work with and settling on compelling imagery are important steps in the design process, but there's another possibility you may be overlooking: shape. Custom shape labels made through die cutting create a bold and interesting look for your goods, with the natural color of the packaging underneath giving the items a wholly unique kind of appearance.

    Use Custom Shape Labels as a Differentiator

    Custom shape labels and stickers allow your brand's logo to seemingly pop out from whatever it's applied to.

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  • How to Develop an Effective Brand Strategy for Your New Product or Small Business Launch

    Launching a business is an exciting moment, and the choices made in the early going can set the tone for success or failure. When you set out to put a fresh product on the market, there are a few elements that should be in place to ensure customers get on board.

    Despite the ease of seeking out and trying new items in today's customer-first marketplace, you still need to give people a compelling reason to try your new items. While you may think your organization is set for big returns due to your commitment to quality, there may be an element missing. Branding might be the essential piece that makes people try your business for the first time.

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  • Custom Window Decals Can Help Drive Sales for Your Brick and Mortar Business

    Making a brick-and-mortar store look inviting to passersby is one of the critical tactics merchant must learn. There are numerous approaches to signage that can create a professional and eye-catching appearance, including the use of custom window decals. Choosing the right material for your removable decals can determine how well this plan goes: Ideally, you'll find an option that combines great looks, a reliable hold on the window and no-hassle removal when it's time to change decals.

    Hours, Sales and General Info

    Branded removable window decals can take several distinct forms. You could list store hours or tell visitors which items are on sale.

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  • Lightning Labels to Exhibit at National Candle Association Conference & Expo in Weston, FL, April 17 - 19

    The candle industry is a unique space for custom candle labels and stickers. Products that deal with open flames require labels that contain vital safety information and stand up to heat.

    Candlemakers can discover these kinds of custom candle labels at shows such as the National Candle Association Conference & Expo. This year's edition of the event will be held in Weston, Florida, between April 17 and 19. Lightning Labels representatives at Booth 14 will be happy to show how an idealized labeling strategy can drive candle sales.

    Experience the Show

    The 2018 National Candle Association Conference & Expo is part of a long tradition of industry events hosted by the organization, dating back to 1974.

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  • Update Your Products for Spring with Vibrant High-Quality Labels

    Spring, the season of growth and renewal, is right around the corner. This is a great time to put a revised spin on your brand's visual identity, whether it's a temporary look or a permanent style. Custom product labels emblazoned with a new logo or focusing on bright and positive springtime colors could add a little excitement to store shelves or online marketplaces and make your products irresistible to curious buyers.

    The one major caveat about a brand refresh is that this process can't be handled carelessly. Your audience will notice if products' new look isn't up to the standards they expect, meaning your spring cleaning must involve high-quality labels and carefully considered visual designs.

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  • How to Use Custom Water Bottle Labels to Get Brand Exposure

    Water is extremely welcome to a weary customer, and when custom water bottles have your brand's logo on them, you can gain extra visibility for your company. There's no wrong time to hand out free bottles of water, but a few moments stand out as particularly opportune. For instance, at a trade show or other well-attended event, you can simultaneously quench attendees' thirst and make a marketing splash with custom water bottle labels.

    Reaching out to walk-in customers and event attendees involves making your brand's logo and messaging visible in a sea of distractions. By attaching your business's name and identity to something people will be happy to carry with them - their refreshing water - you're creating a path through the visual clutter.

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  • Ship Products that Stand Out with Custom Shipping Labels

    When your products arrive on customers' doorsteps, what is the first detail those buyers will notice? This is an important consideration for companies of all kinds today, due to the increasing use of e-commerce as a primary sales channel.

    People encounter brands via potentially generic-looking shipping boxes or envelopes. You can make these mailers more exciting by adding customized shipping labels.

    E-commerce is Dominant

    Selling via the internet has opened up small companies to the world, allowing businesses to reach consumers everywhere. This has come at the expense of in-store experiences, where bright and colorful packages had a chance to catch eyes.

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  • Reordering Custom Labels: Easier than Ever

    Instead of making a big order of custom labels, it's often better for smaller companies to purchase exactly what they need, then reorder custom labels when required. There's no room for waste in the budgets of effective modern businesses. When you use the Lightning Labels website, the reordering process is a snap.

    Enhanced and Improved

    The Lightning Labels website has received a revamp that focuses on user-friendliness and ease of ordering. The revised dashboard consolidates every order a client has made, meaning your whole history with Lightning Labels is there for easy viewing. The feedback system is also updated because we want to know what you're thinking about our site

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  • Use Variable Printing to Elevate Your Beverage Brand

    Consistency and difference have to work in just the right ratios when you're designing the packaging for your beverage brand. Consumers have to know at once that your products are all from the same manufacturer, so they can develop brand loyalty.

    At the same time, the beverage labels adorning each flavor should be different enough in their imagery and color palette that the flavors are immediately imaginable and enticing. Through variable label printing, your brand can create a consistent set of labels that wear their differences proudly.

    Learning from a Market Leader

    To see an example of attractive and colorful beverage labeling, you don't have to look far.

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  • Come Visit Lightning Labels at Eastern Winery Expo in Lancaster, PA March 7 - 8

    The unique needs of the wine-producing world are served by trade shows across the country, a series of gatherings designed to connect vineyards to one another and the third-party partners that will help them manufacture and sell their wines.

    Lightning Labels is one such company, and at the Eastern Winery Expo in Lancaster, PA, vintners can discover the ways custom wine labels make their products stand out on crowded store shelves. Our representatives will be at booth 217 on March 7 and 8, ready to give examples that could help your brand thrive.

    Biggest Expo in the East

    While a casual appraisal of the U.

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