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    Grow Your Garden and Lawn Care Product Sales with Custom Labels that Stand Out

    Seize the Day During National Lawn and Garden Month

    There's no season quite like spring for the lawn and garden care industry. If this is your field, now is the time to act and capture customer attention. This is especially true during April - National Lawn and Garden Month. Whether you want to tie your items in with this gardener's holiday or just celebrate spring in general, custom labels are a great choice. Dressing up your products with colorful and vibrant reminders of the season can get customers excited to do some gardening - and help your items stand out in a world of competitors.

    Be Colorful, Helpful and Exciting

    There are two ways of looking at gardening: It's either a chore or a fun activity. If your lawn care product labels give the latter impression, you may have an easier time converting shoppers and keeping them enthusiastic. You can become a knowledgeable helper for your customers by printing plant care or yard maintenance tips on your fertilizer, pesticide and seed products. These informational panels play the same role as recipes on food packaging, and encourage gardeners to pick your brand.

    Hints and information require a lot of text to get across, which means you should always work with a custom label provider capable of printing high-quality product packaging. Blurry or illegible words aren't convincing and they make your brand look unprofessional. The space you have for helpful text is extremely limited, as you don't want to skimp on bright spring imagery and a memorable logo. If the product is something potentially harmful (such as a pesticide), you have to devote some of your label space to warnings and ingredient information. High-quality printing is the way to ensure you have room for everything.

    Choose Tough Labels

    Your choice of material will play a large part in determining whether lawn care product labels end up looking good. Since these items are typically stored in garages, sheds or out in the elements, tough and waterproof labels that won't smear or fade over time are essential. Unless you go with waterproof materials, your products may look bad by the time customers need to purchase another item. If your brand name has worn off, the products won't be able to act as subtle advertisements encouraging shoppers to come back for more.

    An Ideal Partner

    When Lightning Labels is your third party of choice, you gain access to the competencies described above - many tough materials that can hold up through wet outdoor conditions, as well as speed, quality and customer service. The short time from placing an order to receiving your labels is especially important, as it means you have a chance to quickly capitalize on temporary occurrences such as National Lawn and Garden Month.

    Lawn and garden products are an industry where smaller companies can compete with the big brands. Every spring is a fresh new start, and if your products look bold, helpful and positive, you could catch shopper attention and gain new customers. If your current labeling style isn't up to the challenge, now's the time to step up.

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  • Custom Candle Labels Add Sparkle to the Holidays

    Brighten Up the Holiday Season with Candles

    Candles bring personality to a room at any time of year, but they gain a little extra sparkle around the holidays. A festive family gathering or a quiet winter night feels that much more special with candles, so if you manufacture or sell these products, don't let the season go by unmentioned. There's plenty of changes you can make to the candle labels that let buyers know how great they'll look around the house this holiday season.

    Market Candles Right on their Labels

    If you just manufacture candles instead of also selling them at retail, using custom candle labels ensures that they'll have a festive feeling no matter where or how they're displayed for sale. Holiday labels can help your brand stick out from others, and this may be a critical differentiator. When customers head into a store to decorate for the holidays, they likely haven't decided on what brand of products to bring home with them. There in the aisles, you have a chance to make a sale through great-looking packaging.

    Custom holiday labels with bold, colorful imagery can give great suggestions about how candles should be displayed around the house - as well as important safety information. When you work with a labeling partner that provides high-quality service, you'll be able to balance attractive pictures, your brand's distinctive logo and all the explanatory and sales text you need. These all-in-one labels are functional and compelling, and can convince undecided shoppers which brand they should buy.

    After the holidays, you'll likely need a slightly different labeling strategy, but this is an opportunity rather than a problem. If you work with an all-digital printer that allows smaller print runs at reasonable prices, you can purchase just what you need for the holidays - and make another order for the items that will go on shelves in January and beyond. Those candles may look best with wintry branding that doesn't include holiday imagery. There are still plenty of cold months ahead once the holidays conclude, and candles that promise to light up and add sparkle to the rest of winter may go over very well on shelves.

    Time to Order

    While the holiday season is some time away for consumers, retailers are already in the full swing of preparation. Whether you work in manufacturing candles or selling them, you're probably already in holiday mode, and may therefore think it's too late to add a holiday packaging strategy to the mix. However, with Lightning Labels, you can change your brand's look in a proverbial heartbeat.

    Lightning Labels uses all-digital printing methods, and produces orders in its own domestic facilities instead of outsourcing. These decisions have made it possible to send out batches of labels and stickers in days, rather than weeks or months. There is still time to get holiday-branded items out the door and have them on shelves for customers to admire. Their homes will be a little brighter around the holidays with the glow of candles, and attractive labels are your big chance to convince them of this fact.

  • Bathhouse Soapery parlays $700 into squeaky-clean soap and cosmetics company

    After a decade of making soap and cosmetics Christmas gifts, Charlene Simon opened her first Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium retail store in Hot Springs, AR in 2009. She had $700 and 10 years’ worth of hobby supplies as her startup stakes.

    Fueled by customer demand for her soaps and an ever-expanding line of complementary products, Charlene opened boutique #2 in Natchitoches, LA and boutique #3 in St. Charles, MO in 2015. She plans to open #4 this year in a yet-to-be announced location. The company also offers limited wholesale opportunities to independent businesses and sells online at www.bathhousesoap.com

    Charlene notes, “I made soaps exclusively in the beginning. Then, customers started suggesting other products for their skin, so we formulated accordingly. We also are inspired by new trends in spa treatments and aromas, and will continue to develop soaps and bath luxuries in that niche.” Bathhouse also offers such olfactory delights as perfumed oils and aromatic candles.

    Innovative uses abound. Charlene says, “Customers love to cut a sliver off of their bar of soap and tuck it away in their clothes drawers for added scent. I've also had customers tuck them under the seats of their car as a car freshener.”

    Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Soap and Bath Products Label Specialist

    With a strong awareness of the need for distinctive branding, Charlene places strong emphasis on her soap product labeling. She emphasizes, “Presentation is EVERYTHING. The bath and body industry is a competitive market and my labels from Lightning Labels help me stand out. The label is not only elegant and beautiful but strong and durable. My customers appreciate that the packaging looks bright and shiny until the end of its use. They are as proud to display it as I am to craft it, and I have Lightning Labels to thank for that. They also have exceptional service. My label keeper, Michaela, keeps me on track. I'm not very technically savvy and she has been a dream. They are lightning fast and everything always comes to me in impeccable shape.”

    To find out more about Lightning Labels custom soap and bath product labels, contact us today.

  • Nonprofits Aim to Improve Safe Labeling of Household Products

    New initiatives are developing to create safety labels for eco-friendly cleaning products.

    Consumer Groups Advancing Eco-labeling Initiatives While a lot of attention has been paid to creating more transparent labeling on the packaging of food and beverage products, there has been a lack of it on other items used daily in households. However, that may soon change.

    FairWarning reported that the nonprofit Made Safe will launch a safety approval label next year that will be applied to products made without harmful chemicals or ingredients, much like the seal for personal care items released last year by the Environmental Working Group, EWG Verified. Both marks were created to address the issues that are not currently being covered by the United States Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Product Safety regulations.

    Consumers demanding to know what is contained in the products they use is not exactly a new issue. Many companies understand that people value brands that are environmentally and socially responsible. Unfortunately, the existing policies make it so manufacturers are able to leverage marketing tactics that position their items as healthy.

    Safe Seal of Approval ABC 7 News recently pointed out that although the ingredients listed on household products may be present, companies aren't necessarily required to disclose all of them, which could mislead shoppers into thinking something is safe when it isn't. For example, one approach some cleaning product manufacturers use to list some information then direct consumers to the website if they want more details.

    However, the news source revealed that when one customer went to a brand's website to inquire about the ingredients of a particular item, it took nearly 15 minutes to find the information and, even once he did, it was limited. Some industry professionals argue that their approach isn't used to confuse or manipulate consumers but, rather, to protect company secrets, since "[e]ach and every product may have a specific formulation that is unique for that product."

    Nancy Buermeyer, a member of the Breast Cancer Fund, told ABC7 News that this isn't a legitimate excuse because if the competitors wanted to find out what chemicals are used in a product they could do so by examining it in a lab.

    "So the only people that are left in the dark are the government, consumers and workers," Buermeyer told the source.

    Although a number of consumer groups were unable to have a law passed in California last month which would require the full disclosure of all ingredients on the labels of cleaning products, the source said they aren't giving up.

    According to FairWarning, the Environmental Protection Agency has not been effective in adequately policing the use of toxic chemicals use in commercial products and, although the House and Senate have both passed bills intended to reform the laws set forth by the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, there has not been any definitive action taken yet. This is why some nonprofits are taking matters into their own hands.

    Controlling Chemicals in Cleaning Products Both the EWG Verified and Made Safe labels aim to better inform shoppers about whether a product was made using safe ingredients and without harming animals, the source said. In addition, member companies are required to pay a fee. However, there are some differences between the two. While the EWG label only certifies skincare products, Made Safe will extend its verification seal to a wide range of household items that aren't food, including makeup, apparel and cleaning goods. Amy Ziff, branding consultant and founder of the Made Safe mark, told the source that eventually, the nonprofit hopes to extend the labeling certification to vehicles and electronic devices.

    FairWarning revealed that Made Safe will offer two types of labels: base, which will verify the ingredients of an item to make sure it doesn't contain harmful chemicals, and "Nontoxic Certified," which will check for toxins by putting the products through testing procedures.

    Some industry experts pointed out that the effectiveness of these seals could be limited because they have to compete with so many other packaging seals, the source said. However, the eco-labels could help by increasing the amount of information offered to consumers.

  • How Will You Approach National Wedding Month?

    NationalWeddingMonthFebruary is National Wedding Month

    Love is in the air this month, as February hosts both Valentine's Day and National Wedding Month, all within the shortest number of days of the year. If you produce candles, wine, wedding favors or any other products that are a bit more popular during wedding season, which generally falls in the spring and summer months, the time is now to get moving on customized label projects that will let newlyweds-to-be know that you are a good choice for their event.

    In many ways, this month is a great time to build brand awareness through several different types of campaigns, including those that celebrate National Wedding Month and Valentine's Day, directly market relevant services or get the brand name into the minds of individuals planning their weddings for later in the year. At the end of the day, custom wedding gifts are a great place to start, as virtually every couple will make sure that their guests receive some token of appreciation following the ceremony.

    Wedding Favor Labels

    Regardless of which types of wedding-related products you might be selling, custom labels can be a great way to differentiate your items from those of competitors, and getting out ahead of others in the industry can help to drive revenue down the road. Customizing wedding favor labels will allow the bride and groom to land on a specific product that they would like to be included in the baskets, but then personalize each one for the guests who are receiving them.

    Candle labels, as well as custom stickers for other hot items such as wine and cheese, can also be a relatively simple and affordable means to the ultimate end of building demand for your products rather than those distributed by others in the marketplace. Because personalization and customization have become two of the primary drivers of customer engagement and loyalty, they should not be overlooked this National Wedding Month.

    Lightning Labels for the Win

    With February coming to a close and the spring just a month away, you will likely need a quick turnaround on orders for custom labels and other branded items. To ensure that your labels are ready to go and printed nicely ahead of the busy wedding season, consider partnering with Lightning Labels for all of your custom needs in the coming weeks.

  • Prepare Now for Valentine's Day

    Prepare Now for Valentine's DayLovers Deserve the Care

    Valentine's Day is one of the first major retail events of the year, and is an exceptionally advantageous time for any company that produces chocolates, sweets, greeting cards, flowers or anything else romantic. Married couples, individuals who are dating and even men and women in the courting process will try to show their love for their significant others, and you can help them do so with the right Valentine's Day gift labels.

    Custom stickers can help to completely change the packaging of your products at a relatively low cost, thus allowing you to put a Valentine's Day theme on the items without breaking the bank. Since stores will soon be filled with pink and purple heart-laden products, now is the time to get rolling on your customized stickers for Valentine's Day.

    Plenty of Possibilities

    Now, the aforementioned obvious examples of Valentine's Day fare are far from the only ones, as candy, flowers, greeting cards and the like are often complements to other, bigger items. For example, if you make soap or other similar products that tend to be a bit more popular when gifts are being exchanged, consider using custom stickers for these ones as well.

    For manufacturers and distributors of goods that are popular throughout the year and a bit more highly valued than candy, the use of custom labels will help to avoid situations in which the whole packaging needs to be changed after the second week of February. You can also take an even more unique approach to brand packaging for Valentine's Day, potentially offering personalized candles, soaps and other items to maximize the aesthetic value of the products.

    At the end of the day, try to focus on what drives your core customer base to purchases, and align your packaging and marketing with their preferences this February.

    No Time to Wait

    Because you will be contending with so many other manufacturers for the attention of Valentine's Day customers, you should get moving on your designing procedures now and allow some time for revisions. Once the custom labels have been ironed out and agreed upon, though, you can partner with Lightning Labels to ensure speedy completion of orders and accurate printing of the desired designs.

    With the right custom and personalized labels and stickers on your products, you can get a healthy revenue boost this February 14.

  • Glam Up Your Holiday Labels with Satin Cloth Material

    Glam Up Your Holiday Labels with Satin Cloth Material

    Who Says Labels Have to be Boring?

    Standard, boilerplate labels have long been in use by a range of organizations, including food industry competitors, retailers and manufacturers, and will generally include the bare minimum of information related to products. While this can certainly get the job done, and some brands might want to keep their messaging and packaging as simple as possible, others do not have to remain one-dimensional when approaching their product labeling strategies today.

    Rather, before the holidays kick in, some business leaders should go outside the norm and begin to label their products with a bit more pizzazz, helping to give them the best possible chance of maximum revenue and brand recognition. In these instances, they might want to think about using holiday labels made from various materials, including satin, to really separate themselves from competitors in their respective marketplaces.

    Adding a Tactile Edge

    Labels will tend to only target one of the average consumer's senses, and while sight is sometimes plenty, there is something to be said about adding to the feel of the items with a rewarding texture such as satin. Simply put, there are likely very few businesses that actually take this approach, and doing so can quickly improve the stature of a branded product on the shelves and in the hands of shoppers sifting through their various options in a given store.

    Custom holiday labels can be designed to also have a visual edge on the competition, but the tactile feel of more unique ones might just work to keep the brand and the products themselves in the minds of consumers for longer periods of time. Considering the fact that the busiest shopping days and weeks are right around the corner, now would be the best time to get moving on these projects and establishing the right balance for design and texture.

    Satin cloth labels will be better-suited to some products compared to others, including home goods and furnishings, clothing, special holiday food packaging and toys. On the other hand, virtually any product can be made more engaging when the company puts an extra effort into the marketing and placement of the products, and this can be quickly handled when working with the right label service provider.

    Customized Holiday Labels

    Now, some products will simply not have any different packaging or labeling when the holidays roll around, and this is a missed opportunity among manufacturers and retail firms given consumers' gravitation toward specialty items. What's more, if providers of similar products do indeed go above and beyond the call of duty with respect to their packaging and labeling, they will likely be more successful in terms of brand recognition, loyalty and revenue growth this holiday shopping season.

    Working with a specialized, reliable labeling service provider like Lightning Labels can help ensure that all of the effort put into these projects comes back with speedy and preferable returns both in November and beyond.

  • Kick off Autumn Craft Fair Season with Custom Labels

    Kick off Autumn Craft Fair Season with Custom LabelsGet Ready for Fall Craft Fairs with Customized Labels

    There's a lot to love about fall. Pumpkin-flavored everything, leaves changing color before falling off trees, the heat of the summer slowly giving way to the crisp air and slight chill that constitute what the kids call "hoodie weather" and, of course, craft fairs. Kick off autumn craft fair season in style with customized labels to help make your handmade wares pop. At even the smallest of local craft fairs, competition can get fierce, with artwork, jewelry and assorted tools and trinkets everywhere you look. Give yourself every advantage in terms of standing out from the crowd by making sure your stickers and labels are eye-catching and unique - just like your products.

    What Goes Into Designing the Perfect Craft Fair Labels?

    Handmade products are much different from the mass-produced items that line the shelves of retail and grocery stores, but craft fair labels have a lot in common with the packaging deployed by big-box brands. For instance, edible items need nutrition panels, bath and body products should come with ingredient lists and directions for use and, as any good small-business owner knows, the company logo should be front and center. In addition to the contents of craft product labels, sellers should also pay attention to the labels themselves: What material should they be made from? Could they benefit from a particular finish or laminate? What size and shape best fits the product? Do several different designs need to be ordered, or will one suffice? In short, although preparing labels may not seem like a major part of getting ready for a craft fair, there are a lot of important questions to be answered - and these could affect key aspects like sales numbers and the reputation of the business.

    Why Choose Lightning Labels for Craft Fair Products?

    Lightning Labels understands that when it comes to labels for craft fair products, the smallest decisions can have the biggest impact. Craft fair attendees are big on customization and personalization, so the labels and stickers on wares should reflect this. Lightning Labels offers an impressive array of materials, finishes and laminates, ranging from our durable BOPP labels to our eco-friendly Kraft and EarthFirst PLA labels, and even the paper-free BioStone. Shore up products' ability to weather the elements with our UV outdoor gloss, and select heatproof and waterproof options for candles and bath and body products, respectively. Whatever your craft fair labeling needs, Lightning Labels is here for you.

  • Prepare for Labor Day with Custom Labels

    Prepare for Labor Day with Custom LabelsReady Your Seasonal Promotions Ahead of Labor Day

    As much as you may hate to admit it, summer is swiftly coming to a close. Yes, Labor Day is just around the corner - and in fact, pumpkin products and other autumnal goods are already beginning to crop up among retailers and restaurants eager to be quick off the mark this fall shopping period. In addition to associating Labor Day with the change of the seasons, many people also connect the holiday to sales and promotions - something that savvy sellers should capitalize upon using retail sale stickers. As we alluded to above, there's a certain sense of denial associated with Labor Day. Most people know that the holiday's purpose is to honor American workers and the history of the labor movement in the United States. However, the time at which it falls during the year has led to many individuals viewing it as the last opportunity to enjoy warm-weather pursuits before the temperature starts to drop, the leaves begin to turn, the kids settle back into school and the sun stops rising before everyone's alarms go off in the morning. You can hardly blame people for not wanting to let go of the carefree days of summer, but if they're in denial about the proximity of Labor Day then they may not want to hear about the associated retail sales, which poses a problem for companies eager to boost their takings over the upcoming long weekend.

    Focus on the Positive with Retail Sales Stickers

    Turn customers' end-of-summer frowns upside down with retail sales stickers that give them a reason to celebrate the Labor Day weekend: low prices on their favorite products. The great thing about Labor Day sales is that companies in any industry can participate, as the holiday isn't nearly as restrictive as some of the others observed at this time of year, such as National Honey Month or Classical Music Month.

    Lightning Labels Can Meet Your Requirements for Custom Labels

    Whether you're selling food, beverages, nutraceuticals, bath and body products or something else, eye-catching, professional-quality custom labels are an effective way to make your wares stand out from the rest without breaking the bank. This is especially the case if you're using your product labels to deliver an exciting and appealing message about Labor Day sales and discounts. Some items require stickers and labels that can withstand harsh conditions such as extreme heat and cold, brightness and exposure to moisture. None of these issues are a problem for Lightning Labels, which offers a range of label materials, finishes and laminates to make your product packaging as durable as it is attractive. For instance:

    • Food labels will retain their vivid, crisp qualities even after the items are stored in a refrigerator or freezer, or kept outside for long periods of time during one of the last hot days of summer.
    • The stickers on bath and body products won't peel or rub away after a dunk in the bath or a splash in the shower
    • Candle labels won't be compromised by the heat of a flame, no matter how often candle-owners indulge in the product's calming flicker.

    Get a free quote from LightningLabels.com today!

  • Announcing Our 4th Annual Lightning Labels Photo Contest Winners!

    Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Facebook Voters Crown Label Contest's Top 5

    Back in May, we announced the kickoff of our fourth annual label contest and invited our customers to show off the product labels and stickers they printed with Lightning Labels. Once the submission period closed, fans of Lightning Labels on Facebook were encouraged to vote for their favorite product photos. With each entry more compelling than the last, there was some stiff competition, but voters were ultimately able to whittle down the options to five winners.

    Scentsational Soaps Claims Grand Prize in Image Contest

    Scentsational Soaps of California came out on top in our image contest and took home the grand prize - a Canon EOS Rebel camera. When she founded Scentsational Soaps back in 2007, Toushonta Hogan's wares were limited to glycerin soaps. Eight years later, she has transitioned into an expansive range of offerings that includes cold-pressed soaps, bath salts, body butter, sugar scrubs, candles, body mist and body souffle. Each product comes with a vivid label that describes the item not just with words, but also pictures. For instance, Scentsational Soaps' Caribbean soy candle label features palm trees backlit by a beautiful sunset, printed in vivid color by Lightning Labels.

    Candle-Makers Seize Second, Third Places in Lightning Labels Photo Contest

    Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary of Wisconsin, which won second place in the Lightning Labels Photo Contest, was awarded a 40-inch high-definition flat-screen TV. Meanwhile, third-place winner Art Scents of Hawaii got a Kindle Fire HDX. Like Scentsational Soaps, Milwaukee Candle's wares are more expansive than its name would suggest. In addition to candles, the company sells lip balm, aftershave, soap and more, all elegantly packaged by labels featuring refined designs. Art Scents is another business that sells candles, but with a twist: Every candle features art prints by business owner Chris Neil Conner. What's more, the containers are meant to last much longer than the candles themselves. Durability is a must in terms of this company's packaging, which makes Art Scents the perfect candidate for Lightning Labels' heat-resistant candle labels.

    Southern Girl Soapery and Sweet Tea Junkie Earn Lightning Labels Credit

    To round out the top five, Southern Girl Soapery of Arkansas and Sweet Tea Junkie of Florida received $500 and $300 in Lightning Labels credit. Southern Girl Soapery's handmade bath and body wares run the gamut from shaving products and bar soaps to body scrubs and creams, each infused with a little slice of the South. The rich colors and elegant fonts featured on Southern Girl Soapery's labels are a perfect extension of the company's brand. Sweet tea is another staple of the South, and Sweet Tea Junkie celebrates this delicious beverage by selling "tea shirts" and a range of premium, handcrafted blends. The teas' black labels combined with Sweet Tea Junkie's off-white logo and lime green text strike a balance between being refined and eye-catching. Interested in entering next year's photo contest and potentially nabbing one of these great prizes for yourself? Watch this space for details!

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