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    Come Visit Lightning Labels at Midwest Vapor Expo in Cleveland, OH April 21-22

    The vape and e-cigarette market is an exciting space, much newer than many other consumer goods markets. This freshness means the best practices of vaping product sales are still evolving. In addition to the great potential and energizing spirit of this commercial environment, there are also plenty of legal requirements to understand and keep in touch with as they change. If your business operates in the e-cigarette market, the Midwest Vapor Expo is a great place to get information and inspiration that will carry your company through the year ahead.

    This April 21 and 22, you can take a day or two out from actively running your business and discover the wares of over 100 fellow companies on the expo floor.

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  • Lightning Labels to Exhibit at Big Industry Show in Fort Lauderdale, January 10-11

    It's almost time for the BIG Industry Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On January 10 and 11, this gathering of companies involved in the vaping and e-cigarette industry will give brands a chance to make lasting partnerships that take their products to the next level.

    The vape industry is still relatively young, and Lightning Labels has been a presence in the space for virtually its entire existence, so it's no surprise that Lightning Labels will have a booth at the expo: Come see us at booth 435 to learn more about the connection between custom vape labels and your products' shelf appeal.

    Discover the Value of Vape Labels

    In addition to providing the ingredient information and safety warnings that keep products compliant, e-juice labels act as a primary form of advertising.

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  • Vape Label Trends

    The process of designing vape product labels is defined by two separate and vital factors: appearance and regulations. Getting your e-cigarette and e-juice items noticed on store shelves means creating visually impactful look that will stand out from competitors. While pursuing a new look, however, you can't forget the ever-changing web of laws dictating what elements are allowed on vape labels.

    A Distinct Look, Governed by Rules

    Over a decade into vaping's mainstream moment, companies have to combine bold colors and imagery with a consistent and recognizable look that spans multiple products and flavors.

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  • Top 5 Label Design Considerations for Vape Products

    What does it take to create a great package design in the vaping and e-cigarette industry?

    This is a vital question for the young and ambitious companies competing in the sector. If you count yourself among those businesses, it's time to take on this quandary and maximize your products' shelf appeal. The following are five separate facets of package design to think about when crafting custom vape labels.

    • Legal Compliance: Perhaps the most important (but least exciting) component of e-juice labels is made up of the elements mandated by federal and state authorities. It's vital that you ensure your packaging is in compliance with the latest regulations around vaping supplies
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  • Print Multiple Vape Flavor Labels Without Hurting Margins

    When you launch a fresh, new brand in a growth market - such as the vape and e-liquid space - printing labels can seemingly present problems. If you produce a relatively small number of bottles of each e-liquid flavor, you may find yourself making a choice between buying uniform labels for the whole brand and spending on large print runs that eat into the budget.

    "Get the distinct look your product deserves, without breaking the bank."

    There's no need to accept one of these sub-optimal choices when you work with Lightning Labels, however. Digital printing allows you to receive variable labels.

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  • BOPP Labels: The Top Custom Vape Label

    Few places have such a colorful and alluring selection of products as a vape shop. If you look on the shelves of your local vape shop, you’ll see countless varieties of e-liquid for customers to choose from. If you want your product to stand out from the pack in such a competitive field, you’ll need a label that is guaranteed to catch a customer’s eye.

    Many brands focus on the purely visual aspects of their labels such as artwork and logo. However, one of the most critical yet overlooked aspects of label design is the material the label is made of.

    A high quality label tells the customer that the product is of equal or greater quality and shows that that it was made by people who take pride in what they produce.

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  • The Schwartz Yogurt Vape – Custom Vape Labels

    The Schwartz turns yogurt into tasty vaping treat

    With names like the The Upside, The Downside, & Comb the Desert, The Schwartz has helped place the taste of yogurt squarely on the palate of e-liquid aficionados.

    A need to stop smoking caused principal Huy Nguyen to spend months of research and development to create a unique, handcrafted yogurt-based line of e-liquids. In addition to The Upside and The Downside flagship flavors, which are “tasty all-day vapes and fan favorites,” Comb the Desert and a new entry, Ludicrous Speed are more complex and intense, according to Huy.

    Spurred on by popularity generated through personal visits to many shops, positive word-of-mouth and favorable social media reports, The Schwartz decided to expand the selection with two non-yogurt lines featuring combinations of intense fruit flavors, Naked 100 E-Liquid and Unicorn E-Liquid.

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  • Use High-Quality Custom Labels for Vape Products!

    Capitalizing On Massive Opportunities

    The vape industry has come out of virtually nowhere to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the United States. With a combination of health-conscious smokers and individuals trying to quit standard cigarettes, the market continues to expand beyond the bounds of what most analysts might have expected a few years back. At the same time, while individuals of all ages are vaping today, the biggest portion of users are young.

    Thanks to such massive increases in demand, competition has heated up significantly in this space, meaning that marketing efforts are becoming a bit more creative and innovative among manufacturers.

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  • FDA upends vaping industry with strict new requirements

    Do you know where your vape labels are in the mix?

    By Mark Lusky

    A while back we posted an article entitled, “Keep your branding process nimble…A hard lesson from the e-cig industry.” That article focused on two primary needs—being proactive with planning and organization to be able to move swiftly when needed; and considering multiple options to address various potential challenges.

    For the vaping industry, it’s time to be nimble and swift. In early May, the FDA announced its intent to extend tobacco regulations to e-cigs, vape and other products. A CNN report notes, “Electronic cigarettes and hookahs will now be regulated like tobacco…Children will no longer be able to buy them; ingredients will be regulated; packages will carry war

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  • Beard Vape proves hairy proposition

    BeardVapeSometimes, ideas for company branding are as clear as the nose on one’s face—or, in this case, the beard on one’s face. When brothers Brady and Casey Bates (in tandem with close friend Colbey Pfund) started Beard Vape Co. in the back of Nana’s Vape Shop in Venice, CA during 2014, they brainstormed a name and look that would resonate. They found it with their father, whose nickname was “Beard.” And, both brokers sport beards as well.

    The search for their signature flavors was far more intensive. They made nearly 100 flavors over several months, assigned a number to each, and started testing on vape shop customers.

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