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    The Schwartz Yogurt Vape – Custom Vape Labels

    The Schwartz turns yogurt into tasty vaping treat

    With names like the The Upside, The Downside, & Comb the Desert, The Schwartz has helped place the taste of yogurt squarely on the palate of e-liquid aficionados.

    A need to stop smoking caused principal Huy Nguyen to spend months of research and development to create a unique, handcrafted yogurt-based line of e-liquids. In addition to The Upside and The Downside flagship flavors, which are “tasty all-day vapes and fan favorites,” Comb the Desert and a new entry, Ludicrous Speed are more complex and intense, according to Huy.

    Spurred on by popularity generated through personal visits to many shops, positive word-of-mouth and favorable social media reports, The Schwartz decided to expand the selection with two non-yogurt lines featuring combinations of intense fruit flavors, Naked 100 E-Liquid and Unicorn E-Liquid.

    Huy attributes initial success and repeat business to the novelty of the yogurt flavors. He points out, “We were really the first ones to release a yogurt line. People want new interesting flavors to add to their collection and The Schwartz did just that. Not only were the flavors new and interesting but the taste and quality of them stood out to people, which has allowed us to continue growing.”

    Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Vape Products Label Specialist

    Notes Huy, “Labels play a huge role when it comes to product presentation and attractiveness. We wanted the bottles and labels to reflect our product, so they had to be made beautifully and of quality material. It was really important to us that our labels be water-resistant, because being vapers ourselves, we realize that liquid can drip down the side of the bottle, so we wanted our labels to withstand that and be preserved. Lightning Labels has helped us by always providing fast quality service for a great price. Lightning Labels always works to get us our labels fast, especially when we have to place emergency orders.”

  • Use High-Quality Custom Labels for Vape Products!

    Capitalizing On Massive Opportunities

    The vape industry has come out of virtually nowhere to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the United States. With a combination of health-conscious smokers and individuals trying to quit standard cigarettes, the market continues to expand beyond the bounds of what most analysts might have expected a few years back. At the same time, while individuals of all ages are vaping today, the biggest portion of users are young.

    Thanks to such massive increases in demand, competition has heated up significantly in this space, meaning that marketing efforts are becoming a bit more creative and innovative among manufacturers. Should you wish to appeal to prospects in a more comprehensive and valuable way, you'll need to spruce up your vape labels and packaging strategies. There is perhaps no better and more efficient way to do this than with custom labels for e-juice products, vape accessories and more.

    Vibrant, Custom Vape Labels

    Again, more companies are entering this industry with the passing of each day, crowding the shelves and making it all the more difficult to effectively catch the eyes of consumers in the stores and draw them toward a purchase. However, manufacturers can get the job done properly by simply allowing the unique aspects of their brands and products to shine through within marketing and vape labels. Custom vape product labels can add just the right amount of differentiation to the product packaging, when done right.

    Of course colors will need to be vibrant and stand out on the product package, but the imagery in the foreground should be highly creative, completely defying the more common branding practices of competitors in the field. With custom options and the ability to print on different types of materials, labels will allow designers and marketers to use their full imagination and get those ideas into action on the shelves.

    This does not only go for vape pen manufacturers, either, but those that create juice for users to smoke as well. In fact, vape juice manufacturers might even be facing more competition than their pen counterparts, and should seriously consider taking a new approach to their product packaging strategies as a result. Custom vape juice labels will help to differentiate brands not only in the stores, but in marketing campaigns as well.

    Get Moving

    This market is still growing quickly and will likely be an even greater giant in the coming years, but this does not mean that companies can simply phone it in and watch their revenues build. Rather, they need to be pulling every lever available to give themselves a greater opportunity to thrive in this bustling industry, especially considering the fact that not all vape manufacturers around today will still be competitive in a few years.

    When in need of custom vape labels, consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels. Lightning Labels offers custom label and sticker products to put the power in your hands, as well as lightning-fast turnaround times on orders.

  • FDA upends vaping industry with strict new requirements

    Do you know where your vape labels are in the mix?

    By Mark Lusky

    A while back we posted an article entitled, “Keep your branding process nimble…A hard lesson from the e-cig industry.” That article focused on two primary needs—being proactive with planning and organization to be able to move swiftly when needed; and considering multiple options to address various potential challenges.

    For the vaping industry, it’s time to be nimble and swift. In early May, the FDA announced its intent to extend tobacco regulations to e-cigs, vape and other products. A CNN report notes, “Electronic cigarettes and hookahs will now be regulated like tobacco…Children will no longer be able to buy them; ingredients will be regulated; packages will carry warnings...The e-cigarette industry calls the final rule ‘a complete disaster’.”

    That well may be true for e-cig and vape companies unprepared for multiple scenarios. The new regulations will extend to a variety of vape products such as vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes (E-Cigarettes), and e-pipes, all of which use liquid containing nicotine that is vaporized and inhaled.

    When it comes to potential vape labeling changes/additions, now is the time (if you haven’t already) to assess with your custom vape label customer service rep about how best to maximize productivity while minimizing price and delivery times for any number of looming changes on the horizon. Among possible outcomes are:

    • A second whammy closer to home combined with the FDA regulations, which could create compliance chaos. Companies trying to be compliant may face a maze of confusing and conflicting requirements about branding, claims, vape labeling, ingredients and more. Local outrage over continuing reports of children ingesting the liquid nicotine and its use reportedly leading to more young people smoking regular cigarettes can continue to lead to more immediate and drastic controls.

    According to the CNN report, “Research has showed that e-cigarettes have become a problem for children. This year, the CDC found that e-cigarette use had tripled among teens in just one year, and recent research found that teens who used them were more than three times as likely to smoke traditional cigarettes a year later.”

    • Delays due to FDA compliance windows and/or legal action, leaving the vaping industry in limbo about what to do when.  Notes the CNN article, “The new rule will not go into effect immediately, since companies will need time to comply…Companies will probably file lawsuits that could delay implementation of parts of the law for decades.”

    • Major vape product labeling changes, with or without other provisions in effect. CNN points out, “The new rules will also require companies to register with the FDA and put health warnings on their packages and in their ads. It gives the agency the authority to evaluate the potential health impact of these ingredients on users.”

    As the world seems to turn ever faster, there’s no time like the present to make sure your company is turning with—or preferably even ahead—of it.

  • Beard Vape proves hairy proposition

    BeardVapeSometimes, ideas for company branding are as clear as the nose on one’s face—or, in this case, the beard on one’s face. When brothers Brady and Casey Bates (in tandem with close friend Colbey Pfund) started Beard Vape Co. in the back of Nana’s Vape Shop in Venice, CA during 2014, they brainstormed a name and look that would resonate. They found it with their father, whose nickname was “Beard.” And, both brokers sport beards as well.

    The search for their signature flavors was far more intensive. They made nearly 100 flavors over several months, assigned a number to each, and started testing on vape shop customers. After many weeks of marketplace feedback and stated customer preferences, they selected three, and have added three since. The flavors are: Cheesecake with Strawberries, Cinnamon Funnel Cake, Custard with a dash of Custard, Blue Raspberry Hibiscus, Sweet and Sour Sugar Peach, and Chocolate Mint Cookie. New flavors are in the works, subject to the same type of customer input.

    Today, Beard Vape is sold on six continents and in all 50 states. Fueling popularity is the company’s ability to build a strong rapport with fans, customers and prospects—reinforced by the easily-recognized beard logo, present on their vape product labels. Strong social media presence contributes to robust organic growth.

    While healthy company popularity spawns considerable pride and joy, Creative Marketing Director Collin Duddy explains that, “Perhaps the most rewarding thing Beard Vape Co. has ever done is establish a relationship with American Armed Forces across the globe. We hear their opinions on present and prospective flavors, and act on requests for bottles for their bases.”

    Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Vape Product Label Specialist

    Duddy elaborates that, “Lightning Labels has provided Beard Vape Co. with a quality label that matches the attention to detail befitting of the brand. Using an exceptional texture unseen on other labels and a collaborative approach to creativity, Lightning Labels has been accommodating Beard Vape Co. since the beginning.”

  • Customer Spotlight: Smax Custom Vaping Product Labels

    Customer Spotlight: Smax Custom Vaping Product LabelsSmax foregos fad flavors for classic taste

    That’s probably not a claim that would come to mind immediately in the world of vaping and e-liquids. But, it’s at the heart of the e-liquid manufacturer’s operating philosophy.

    Another differentiating factor is Smax’s e-liquid dispensed in an airless pump. Notes Smax co-founder Tyra Pham, “It was intended to provide convenience in a stylized compact bottle since all e-liquids at the time were contained in Boston round bottles with generic droppers and were messy when applied in moving conditions.”

    She adds, “I was introduced to e-liquids by a few friends who got involved in the vaping industry back in 2014 and randomly met co-founder Roni Nisnisan, a talented e-liquid mixologist. I noticed that his flavors were much better than what was out there. We have a timeless brand, whereas 99% of vaping products are made to sustain for a temporary amount of time. Our flavors are classic and unique so we never fall into those fad flavor categories.”

    Notoriety of the pump style bottle has largely driven the company’s social media-centric marketing. Notes Tyra, “It easily caught the attention of vapers. I began posting images on Instagram and that has still been my main channel of sharing content. We have never spent a dime on advertising. All of our advertising comes from people taking photos of our products and tagging us in them on social media channels. Social media is the only tool I use to introduce products to the market, and the rest is just building meaningful relationships with customers and people in and out of the industry.”

    Relationship with Lightning Labels, the Custom Vaping Product Label Specialist

    Tyra explains, “Lightning Labels has helped with the flavoring and warning labels on the cap and back of the Smax bottle. We have used Lightning Labels for everything manufactured for our other brands, RNR Vapors and Stryker Juices. It’s been such a pleasant experience working with Peggy that I wouldn’t trade it for a better discount from other label manufacturers. Peggy has remedied every issue, and we’ve developed such a valued trusting relationship together that I wouldn’t go anywhere else for labels in the future.”

  • Quality E-Liquid Bottle Labels Make a Difference

    Quality E-Liquid Bottle Labels Make a Difference

    E-Liquid Popularity is Rising

    Trends in consumer demand will come and go, but e-liquid has become somewhat of a powerful movement given how many individuals now purchase items that fall into this novel category. Manufacturers of such products will need to ensure that they understand the importance of durable labels, as standard ones might not make it through distribution, purchases and other activities while in motion.

    By using vape labels and other types of product packaging that will remain resilient even if leaks exist or other common liquid-derived issues arise, business leaders will be safeguarding the items from assuming a poor image in the eyes of consumers. Additionally, companies do not need to allow their labels to lose their luster when using more durable materials, as customization is available with the right service providers.

    Water-Resistant Labels

    E-liquid products are not the only ones that will need a little extra protection against the elements, but are certainly popular ones today. Companies should always ensure that their product packaging and labeling are aligned with best practices, brand image and requirements related to the elements of the items themselves.

    One of the main reasons why these types of labels are so important for e-liquid products relates to the dangers of information on the packaging no longer being legible due to water damage. Should this occur, consumers might not understand what is inside, and considering the nature of e-liquids, this could present a health or safety concern in certain situations.

    With the help of durable label materials and a service provider that offers personalization, business leaders can avoid these problems while simultaneously boosting the aesthetic appeal of their e-liquid items. With the new year right around the corner, now is a good time refresh brand marketing and product positioning strategies, and custom labels on durable materials are a great way to do so in this particular industry.

    E-liquid labels

    Businesses should always look for ways to differentiate their products from those of competitors, and this tends to demand customization efforts. Because the design processes can be quickly upended by water and liquid damage, durable materials will ensure that the resources put into these initiatives are safeguarded from the elements.

    Lightning Labels, a leading provider of product label, sticker and decal services, offers durable materials and customization options to put the power in the hands of business leaders and marketing professionals.

  • Keep Your Branding Process Nimble: A Hard Lesson From the E-cig Industry

    branding-process-e-cig. For many organizations, branding and rebranding can be addressed in deliberate fashion over a period of months. But what happens when circumstances—such as unexpected passage of emergency legislation—force a very quick and unplanned turnaround? Just such an event is now happening in the electronic cigarette (e-cig) industry, where young children across the country have ingested the liquid nicotine used in e-cigs. In addition to repeated calls for child-proof packaging from a growing number of states, the federal government also is weighing in on the dilemma. The challenge doesn’t stop there. Many nicotine liquids are candy or fruit flavored and come in colorful packages that appeal to children. They also carry such names as Peppermint Patty, Bubble Gum and Caramel Surprise. So, along with childproofing, e-cig companies now face rebranding challenges to make the products less attractive to kids while continuing to draw adult buyer interest. Right about now, you may be wondering how this could possibly apply to you. Well, in our lightning-fast-changing world, no one can know for sure if or when their brand may come under attack. For example, it’s highly unlikely that the makers of pet food saw the specter of tainted ingredients that wound up harming and killing many animals. But, the time to face the potential need for rapidly changing branding, including labels and packaging, is long before anything occurs. Just as companies increasingly have reputation management crisis plans in place to address future negative reports and reviews, look at how a rapid rebranding process could unfold. Among the areas to address: 1. Fast-track team assembly/responsibilities. Determine what team members will oversee the effort. Establish pertinent task lists, deadlines, budget and how revisions and approvals will be fast-tracked. 2. Concept creation. Assign the appropriate team members to oversee the big picture of the rebranding effort. (It might even be useful to do some brainstorming sooner than later about what ideas could be in play for this effort, providing a jump start of sorts.) 3. Design and content development. Decide if/how to use in-house and/or contracted services to create what’s needed quickly. If time permits, consider holding a crowdsourcing competition to get outside ideas/input into the process—and perhaps get some positive social and mainstream media coverage at the same time. 4. Make sure that all printing and packaging systems can rapidly deploy. Digital label printing can provide the best option for quick turnaround (can be ready to ship in 1-2 days from receipt of approved artwork),offers cost-effective pricing in any quantity up to 10,000, and delivers quality comparable to or better than other forms of printing. In today’s dynamic marketplace where social media-fueled comments and reports can spread literally like wildfire in a matter of minutes, it’s important to get and stay way ahead of the game—even if you think you’re immune from emergent problems. You never know for sure.

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