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    It's Wedding Season! Personalize Wedding Favors with Custom Labels

    Add Flair to the Ceremony by Customizing Labels On Wedding Favors

    As spring gives way to summer, this year's wedding season is officially underway. Every ceremony is unique, representing the unique interests of the individuals tying the knot. On top of their importance to the couples getting married, weddings are also memorable events for everyone who attends. These events bring family and friends together to share the joy and celebration.

    If you're planning a wedding, you're likely looking for little elements that will help the day stand out. If so, graphic design innovations for personalized wedding favors such as custom bottle labels for water or champagne could be the right choice. These act as a way to tie the celebratory aesthetic together and create a visually memorable reception that establishes a specific tone.

    Water or Champagne

    Handing out water bottles is a common way to keep guests hydrated at a reception, and if you employ personalized water bottles at your wedding, you can turn this simple item into a part of the overall aesthetic. Whatever the theme is, there's a label style that ties in. Metallic materials can create a tasteful look, perhaps evoking old Hollywood. Rougher and more rustic finishes could show off a "real-ness" and down-to-earth spirit.

    Wedding favors customized for the event - with the name of the happy couple emblazoned on them - are great to hand out to guests. Bottled water labels turn an average item into such a memento. Water bottles are immediately useful at dinner or after dancing, and they can go home with the guests in case they want a little physical reminder of the wonderful evening.

    Champagne bottle labels are another example of a personalized wedding favor, perhaps a more elegant and sophisticated take on the custom party favor. At a big enough wedding, there could be enough champagne served at the reception to make custom labeling possible. You can also hand out custom bottles of champagne that are intended to go home with guests instead of being served on the spot.

    Giving a toast from a custom labeled bottle of champagne adds one more fancy touch to a wedding reception. As with custom water bottle labels, this ties the whole aesthetic together. If you go with both water bottles and champagne with custom labels, they will match one another and the rest of the decorations.

    Working with Lightning Labels

    At first, it may seem impossible to go with a high-quality, commercial-grade labeling partner for your wedding favors. Won't the minimum order sizes or prices be too high? With Lightning Labels, those concerns dissolve. Lightning Labels uses all-digital processes that enable affordable purchasing of smaller orders and keep costs low despite impressive resolution and a variety of possible material and finish choices.

    Getting exactly the look that suits the rest of your wedding decorations is a reasonable goal when you can pick from the many visual options on offer from Lightning Labels. The same company that has spent 15 years presenting companies' products in the best possible light can add a classy and sophisticated aesthetic cohesion to your wedding ceremony and reception, all for a cost that won't break your budget.

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  • Product Labels: Legal Action Remains Common

    Challenges Go to Court

    Choosing your words carefully is essential when designing product labels, as when customers feel deceived by a package, they don't just stop buying - they sue. There are reputation and financial effects to claims that don't match consumers' perceptions, and letting these matters go to court can prove time-consuming and costly.

    Complying with all relevant labeling laws and restrictions is a starting point for companies, rather than the maximum diligence brands should show. Using phrases that have not been legally ruled on in the past, but are taken as deceptive by customers, could lead to your organization becoming cited as a future precedent, spending a lot of money on settlements before the dust settles.

    Headline News

    The following are three recent examples of incidents when product labeling promises ended up leading to court cases. Each is at a different stage of litigation, but they all serve as illustrative examples of the kinds of things consumers take issue with. From the place an item is from to the nature of its ingredients or even whether it has health benefits or not, these issues run the gamut.

    Costco Pays Nearly a Million

    A recent judgment has cost supermarket chain Costco, to the tune of $775,000. The money may pale in comparison to the heavy lifting the brand now has to do to change its packaging, however. According to Law 360, the issue centered on the word "healthy" with regard to coconut oil. Buyers of the product took issue with the fact that the drink incorporated a heavy dose of saturated fat. Now, to settle the case, Costco has agreed to strike the word "health" and "health benefits."

    In fact, no matter how the suit was resolved, the words would have likely been gone for good. The labeling change was executed during the course of the case, the source noted. In a note that may be relevant to other companies facing legal product label challenges, Costco moved for dismissal in mid-2016 on the grounds that the plaintiffs didn't prove their health had actually been damaged by the saturated fat, but that wasn't enough to sway the judge.

    Ginger Ale Ingredient Listing Questioned

    A separate Law 360 report noted that Canada Dry will have to fight a court battle over its claim that real ginger is present in its soda. The brand asked the judge to call the case off on grounds that it is not precise enough. The judge, however, ruled that the suit will proceed, at least on the core issue of whether a "real ginger" label is deceptive.

    The attorney for Canada Dry suggested that since the brand doesn't make claims about pharmaceutical health benefits, it's not the kind of matter that should be litigated in a fraud proceeding. The judge threw out the allegation that there is fraud occurring but allowed the plaintiffs to rephrase and submit it again. The plaintiffs claim that they would have paid less - or not bought the soda at all - if they knew there was just "natural flavoring" from ginger roots, rather than ginger being directly involved in the creation of the drink.

    Where Is This Beer From?

    The issue of regional origin is a major packaging element. According to a Washington Legal Foundation post for Forbes, it has become the latest battleground for attorneys who want to "earn an easy buck" off of brands. The case promoting this assessment involves Kona, a beer brand associated with Hawaii. The current suit alleges that since the brand's products sold in the U.S. mainland are not brewed on the islands of Hawaii, the packaging is deceptive, even though the company is based in Hawaii and does have a brewery there.

    The same kind of theory is behind a suit that alleges Japanese brand Sapporo is being deceptive with the Japan-centric promotional copy on its products sold and brewed elsewhere. The news provider noted that there has been pushback against this kind of suit - but not enough to stop it yet.

    Are Your Product Labels Ready?

    Once your brand has decided on product label copy that won't end up challenged in court, it's time to print those labels and make them look as visually impressive as possible. This is where Lightning Labels can help. With all-digital processes in place, you'll get your new-look labels in a hurry.

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  • Spice it Up! Update Your BBQ Sauce Labels for National Barbeque Month

    BBQ Sauce Labels Provide A Bold New Look

    When you produce barbecue sauce, marinade and hot sauce products, you add the spice to your customers' meals. But if the BBQ sauce bottle labels for those items are bland or unmemorable, it harms your ability to convince shoppers to give your brand a try. There's no better time than National Barbecue Month to take a look at your sauce line and determine whether an exciting new look could be just what it needs to win people over.

    Adding New Elements

    There isn't just one way to improve BBQ sauce labels. In fact, just about every element of the graphic design can be tuned up and improved dramatically if you focus. As long as you work with a labeling provider that is able to realize your new ideas, you're free to get creative and update your food labels for maximum audience appeal.

    It's the dawn of cookout season, so a potential sales boom is right around the corner. Here are a few particular graphic changes you can employ to catch aspiring backyard chefs' eyes:

    Useful recipes: Maybe people are hesitant to buy a sauce or herb rub if they aren't sure how to use the flavoring. Putting simple directions and suggested ingredients on the package takes away that uncertainty. If you work with a producer of high-quality labels, it will be easy to print the necessary amount of text on the label without it getting blurry.

    Exciting graphics: BBQ sauce and hot sauce are sold on bold personality. You want to communicate to buyers who have never tasted your product that they'll enjoy it, and give them a sense of how it tastes. You can boost your brand's appeal via colorful imagery that evokes a flavor and potentially uses regional symbols to celebrate your local surroundings.

    Seasonal content: You can remind shoppers that it's National Barbecue Month - or just that summer is coming up and it's a great time to grill. Changing elements of your packaging every few months keeps things fresh, and as long as you work with a printer capable of producing reasonably sized orders, you can execute this strategy without waste.

    Reach Your Audience

    Sauces and other BBQ essentials aren't the kind of products that receive media-blitz ad campaigns. The in-store experience, when someone is browsing an aisle, is your chance to make the case for your brand. Your labels are the part of the package that sets your items apart from the rest of the field. Custom hot sauce labels, BBQ sauce labels, spice rub packages and more act as your company's calling card. It's up to you to take the design challenge seriously.

    Once you have a good idea of how you want your labels to look, it's time to find a third party that can turn that vision into reality. Lightning Labels can fulfill that function, with its all-digital processes enabling affordable, short print runs as well as remarkably quick turnaround times. Any new ideas you put onto your BBQ sauce labels in celebration of National Barbecue Month can become physical items in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

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  • Customize Memorial Day Celebrations with Custom Stickers and Labels

    Hosting an Event? Use Custom Stickers and Labels for Visual Flash

    Memorial Day has two different personalities - it's a solemn remembrance of military members who have given their lives for their country and a time for friends and family to spend a fun spring weekend together. When you plan a party for Memorial Day weekend, whether for a large family group, town or company, you can fuse the themes of fun and patriotism with custom American flag stickers and labels.

    Different Types of Gatherings

    There's more than one way to spend Memorial Day, and a great weekend event can be organized by a town, sponsored by a company or simply set up for a reunion or family gathering. No matter what type of celebration you're thinking of, there's a case for custom decorations such as American flag stickers to give the whole thing a patriotic flair.

    • Organizers of parades, fairs or other major gatherings for Memorial Day weekend can use patriotic stickers of all shapes and sizes to decorate their parks and public spaces. Alternately, free stickers can be giveaways for members of the crowd, allowing them to show their spirit. Whether you work for the town itself or a company stepping in to help with the event, you can use American flag labels on items such as bottled water to add another festive dimension to the parade, picnic or fair. These labels can even have the town's name or seal along with the American flag motif to act as a symbol of local pride.

    • If you're working on a family reunion or group trip, you can still incorporate custom stickers and labels, either handing them out on their own or putting them on water bottles. It may seem that a family outing, even a sizable one, is too small to warrant custom labels. However, all-digital printers such as Lightning Labels offer low minimum order sizes, meaning there is an easy and affordable way to create the labels or stickers your group will love. Bottles or stickers can be taken home as souvenirs of a Memorial Day weekend spent in the company of loved ones.

    Celebrations Throughout the Year

    If you have a great experience using custom stickers at your Memorial Day event, the obvious next question is what other get-togethers could be livened up with custom labels on water bottles or bumper stickers to hand out to attendees. Sticking with the theme of patriotic stickers, Independence Day is only a few months away. States, cities and towns also have their own local commemorative days throughout the spring and summer months that could play host to a great picnic or parade. Working with Lightning Labels is so easy and rewarding that it's natural to imagine collaborating on more events throughout the year. Lightning Labels' domestic facilities and all-digital processes ensure remarkably short turnaround times and low minimum orders. This means that even with a holiday almost here, you can still commit to getting great patriotic stickers or labels. Celebrations with excellent, consistent looks are right around the corner.

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  • Bottle Your Brand with Custom Water Bottle Labels

    Add Branded Flair to Any Event

    Water bottles that are distributed to guests at events are perfect delivery mechanisms for customized messages. Depending on the type of event, there are lots of different potential messages to go on these bottles. This simply means that whenever a big gathering is on the calendar, you should take time to ponder whether custom water labels will help out.

    In business or charity contexts, labels are a great branding vehicle. On the personal side, you can create a winning look for a wedding or other large-scale party via personalized water bottles. Below, we break down these kinds of events - and this is just a beginning. Truly, wherever there are numerous water bottles, there is a branding opportunity.

    Business: Meetings and Events

    Whether it's an industry conference featuring many corporate entities or an event being put on by your company alone, a professional gathering or convention is a great place to deploy custom water bottle labels. Organizers of multi-business events can put their own logo on the bottles or call on a participant business to step up as a sponsor, gaining extra capital and promoting that firm's brand. Busy attendees hurrying around an industry conference will be happy to have complementary water, and good-looking bottle labels will likely make an impression.

    Charity: Fundraising Drives

    A charity or other nonprofit has a few different possible avenues for custom water bottle uses. Your group can put a corporate logo on water bottles at a major event in return for a sponsorship money. Alternately, you can strike an agreement with a privately funded event to display your information on water bottles and attract donations that way.

    Weddings and Events: Add Flair

    Creating a unified look for a wedding or other major get-together can extend all the way to food and drinks. When you employ personalized labels for water bottles, even something as simple as water becomes a part of the aesthetic. If you put the date of the party on the label, guests may even opt to take the bottle home as a souvenir of the big day. Weddings, family reunions, school reunions - any festive occasion with high attendance can benefit from custom water bottle labels.

    Labels That Won't Let You Down

    To undertake any of the aforementioned projects, you need a reliable source for the custom labels. When you work with Lightning Labels, you gain access to speed, quality and customer service that will keep your plans on track. Due to its use of solely digital processes, Lightning Labels is capable of turning orders around quickly and producing smaller amounts of labels - these are critical factors when producing custom materials for a single event.

    Labels that weaken or break down when exposed to liquids may fail to hold up as water bottle labels. Lightning Labels offers water-resistant bottle labels that will keep looking great over time. White BOPP labels, the most popular kind Lightning Labels offers, is impervious to harm from water or oils. Using a tough material and finish will help ensure your custom labels look great for the duration of any event.

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  • Are Cans or Bottles Better for Your Craft Beer? We Can Label Both!

    Craft Beer Producers Have Choices

    Craft beer has been one of the hottest fields for entrepreneurs in recent years. This is a product that can say a lot about your identity, via the ingredients you choose and packaging you employ, yet still reach a mass audience. If brewing is your profession, you have a series of important decisions to make, including whether to ship your beverages out in glass bottles or aluminum cans.

    While making that choice, you can set your mind at ease on one point: No matter which of those options you choose, Lightning Labels is your partner of choice. Lightning Labels offers the ability to print custom beer bottle labels or beer can labels. Opting for labels rather than pre-printed aluminum cans is a way to keep minimum-order sizes low, an absolute money-saver for craft beer brands that don't have the resources available to national macro-breweries.

    Bottle Labels? Can Labels? Both?

    Bringing your beer brand to the masses means using your labeling as a kind of advertisement. Customers choosing between your products and others, both from local breweries and the massive multinational corporations, will get to judge all of those brands side by side. Will your items' look stack up effectively?

    Fortunately, Lightning Labels can help you make that great impression, with high-quality imagery printed on a variety of materials. You gain access to this difference-making visual appeal whether your beer comes in bottles or cans. You can therefore make the choice between custom beer can labels and beer bottle labels safe in the knowledge that Lightning Labels will have an offering to support your selection.

    • Labels for Bottles: Beer bottles accept a number of labeling styles. You can go for die-cut labels that show off more of the color and shape of your bottle, or larger labels that wrap exciting imagery all the way around. There are many different materials on offer from Lightning Labels, meaning that whether your brand has a hand-crafted and earthy appeal or is slick and futuristic, there's a great choice out there for you.
    • Labels for Cans: When you want to preserve the flavor of your brew and give consumers the option of buying beer in a convenient and easily recyclable package, aluminum cans have your back. While pre-printed cans' minimum order sizes may prove too large for your brewery, you can opt for custom beer can labels from Lightning Labels, turning generic cans into bright representatives of your brand.

    Express Your Brand's Identity

    Whether you choose bottles, cans or a combination of both, Lightning Labels can help you express what your beer brand stands for. Your philosophy, regional pride or unique flavor fixations make for great copy, and you can take advantage of Lightning Labels' high-quality, all-digital processes to print this information in compelling and legible text on your bottle or can labels, alongside all legally required disclosures and warnings.

    In a competitive and popular space such as the world of craft brewing, there is no room to look bland or boring. Consumers are willing to try new brands, but how will they choose? If you make your labels as bold as possible, it's a canny form of advertising. Lightning Labels can help you accomplish this task.

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  • When selecting a wine, does the wine bottle label design play a role in your choice?

    Wine Selection Can Be Tied To Wine Bottle Label Design

    When selecting a wine, a shopper has a limited field of visual information to go on. There's a glimpse of the color of the wine itself, the shape of the bottle and, most prominently, the wine labels. Think back to times you've searched for a new wine to try. Was your decision influenced by the wine bottle label? From the color of the imagery to the font chosen to the label's material, each part combines to make a whole. Chances are, experiencing the label in person did feed into the decision you made to bring a particular brand and vintage home.

    This points out the importance of vineyards selecting custom wine labels that hang together stylistically and tell a branded story. When it comes down to a direct comparison of wines side by side, customers react to the information presented to them on the packaging.

    All the Right Cues

    A few particular design elements deserve emphasis when designing custom wine bottle labels. These are the factors that convince customers a particular variety is right for the drinker's palate or suitable for the gathering where it's going to be served. With thousands of wines out there, shoppers try new varieties often so the label has to serve as an introduction. Here are different factors designers can focus on:

    • Toughness: Wines that are meant to be enjoyed after significant aging need to have wine bottle labels that are strong enough to look great even after years. Failure to work with materials and techniques specifically meant to be used with wine could lead to labels that peel or fade before the contents of the bottles are ready to be enjoyed.

    • Texture: Vintners can use labels to create a tactile connection with the customer. If the label feels and looks great, it will enforce the perception of the brand as classy and perfect for sophisticated dinners. Vineyards that work with woven cloth materials instead of standard paper can stand out from competing brands.

    • Imagery: Producers that adorn their bottles with photographs gain a chance to show off their branding in a strong and distinctive way. That said, designers have to be careful. Blurry or badly chosen imagery could create doubt in a consumer's mind or make the brand seem cheap. This is why it's vital to work with an experienced printing partner.

    • Uniqueness: When creating a look for a wine brands, it pays to look at what others are doing - and then refuse to chase the trend. Faced with a shelf or similar wine labels, customers may naturally gravitate to a brand that has its own distinct appearance.

    Working with Lightning Labels

    Vineyards that want to ensure their products are compellingly packaged can work with Lightning Labels to get the look they're after. With a range of materials suited to wine bottles and the ability to print in several different sizes, Lightning Labels makes it easy to enhance a brand's appearance. Furthermore, Lightning Labels is an all-digital printer. The lack of plates in the printing process means that even small orders of custom wine labels are economical and simple.

  • Prepare for Holiday Celebrations with Custom Wine and Champagne Labels

    Festive Times Call for Custom Wine Labels

    When the holiday season rolls around, it's time for people to meet up with friends and family, and many of these gatherings involve a drink. If you own a wine or champagne brand, you should distinguish your products with packaging to ensure they have maximum appeal and seem like good selections to bring to parties or give as gifts. New Year's Eve parties typically conclude with a champagne toast - are you doing enough to ensure that your brand is the one people bring with them?

    Stand Out from the Pack

    When shoppers go to stores en masse to purchase items for the holiday season, they often leave the house with no fixed idea of what brand to buy. Your wine and champagne offerings can therefore win over customers simply by standing out visually. Each brand has a unique identity, and your labeling strategy should play into yours. Are you going for a rustic, classy look? Is your image sleek and modern? Do you want to use customized wine labels that actively mention the holiday season, or simply effective designs that will look good even afterwards?

    Once you square away these questions about brand identity, it's time to purchase wine labels custom-matched to your specifications. It's important to ensure that in addition to on-point branding, the labels are of sufficient quality to impress potential buyers. High-resolution printing is a must, because even the best design can be undermined by ugly or low-quality production techniques.

    There are plenty of events coming up that you can directly market toward, if you decide to go with a seasonable strategy for your wine labels. Openly suggesting that your champagne is great for consumption at New Year's Eve parties is one approach, as it tying the brand in with winter or holiday imagery. However, bottles given as gifts often linger on shelves for a long time before being opened. If this is the kind of market you're aiming at, it's probably best to stick to season-neutral pictures and messages - but a visually compelling redesign is likely worth pursuing, even if you aren't eager to promote a particular holiday.

    Get Started Now

    One question about holiday promotions remains - is it too late to get these initiatives underway and have them matter before the holiday season? The answer is that it's not too late, provided you work with a fast and effective labeling partner. Lightning Labels can deliver batches of custom wine labels in a hurry, due to its domestic production facilities and all-digital processes. The choice of digital printing also means its possible to receive affordable rates on smaller orders, a key point if you want holiday messages on a limited number of bottles.

    There are shoppers heading out to stores now wondering what kind of wines and champagnes they'll buy as gifts and bring to parties. This is your target audience for the remainder of the year, and you want to serve them the most visually appealing and impactful message possible. Custom labels are a key ingredient in this kind of strategy.

  • Get Ready for Oktoberfest with Custom Beer Labels

    Spruce up Your Beer Labels with High-Quality Customized Beer Labels

    It's that time of year again: The air is getting crisp, the leaves are getting ready to turn red and yellow, and revelers and brewers are anticipating Oktoberfest. If you're planning on selling a special batch of ale or lager for this annual event, you're in good company. Your challenge is making sure your brew stands out from the many others that will doubtless be available to your customers, no matter how close to or far from Germany you are. This is where high-quality custom beer labels enter the picture, making your brand unmissable.

    Draw the Eye with Autumn Imagery

    Oktoberfest and the fall season in general have ample great imagery that could look great on a beer label. Colorful images of Alpine villages or leaves turning orange could put purchasers in the mood for a refreshing stein of beer, positioning your brand head and shoulders above competitors that don't change their products' looks for the season. To make sure the images and text stay sharp even in cold fridges and when doused in condensation from the bottles, you should work with an experienced digital printing partner such as Lightning Labels.

    Ensuring the labels fit on the bottles is another important consideration. Custom beer bottle labels should suit the shape of the products they'll be adorning. This is why Lightning Labels offers a variety of different sizes and configurations. You have a high level of control over multiple elements of the packaging layout, including which type of material best suits your needs. Whether the feel of a paper label or the toughness of a vinyl version is more appropriate for your brand, you'll find a good match. Furthermore, environmentally friendly options are available to add a little eco-consciousness to your brand.

    When Oktoberfest is over, it'll be time for another seasonal brew, or perhaps time to settle into a year-round look for your brews. In either case, a new set of tough and visually appealing labels from Lightning Labels can give the line enduring appeal into the winter and beyond. Whether you prefer to change the branding frequently to draw fresh eyes or stake an enduring position with a consistent look, Lightning Labels can become a valuable packaging partner.

    It's Not Too Late

    It's not long until the first day of Oktoberfest. That said, it's not time to think about next year just yet - there's still time to get customized beer bottle labels before the festivities kick off. Lightning Labels' all-digital process enables rapid turnaround times and batch sizes that run the gamut. Whether you're interested in putting out a few bottles of beer for special events or a whole line of seasonal brews, you'll find an option that works.

    For a brewery, there are few events that shine a spotlight on the industry the way Oktoberfest does. This is a great chance to get a name out there and reach new customers, an opportunity not to be missed. Custom labels are the transformational element that lets viewers know a particular brew is part of this season.

  • It's Wine Harvest Season: Time to Think about Wine Labels

    From the Vine to Store Shelves

    From August to October, it's harvest time for vineyards in the Northern Hemisphere. That means it's time to think about putting those grapes on store shelves as wine. A refresh of label design could make the bottles more likely to appeal to customers, and there are plenty of great custom wine bottle labels out there for vintners interested in the market. If your find yourself in this situation, it's time to consider whether a new labeling strategy will breathe life into your wines' look and appeal.

    Win Shoppers' Eyes with Customized Wine Bottle Labels

    It's a great time to be a consumer of wine, as vineyards around the world are putting great products on shelves every year. Standing out among these offerings is a challenge, and the label may be the deciding factor that influences a shopper. This means that it's a mistake to take packaging for granted. Even if a vineyard has an age-old look that it's keen to preserve, there is room to select a new label material or adopt a new printing process to ensure the classic logo looks sharper and more appealing than ever before.

    Custom wine labels can be tuned to suit a vineyard's particular character. Maybe one type of wine is meant to have a classical, refined old-world appeal. An earthy, weathered label style could give this elegant impression and attract buyers with developed palates. Or perhaps your vineyard is more interested in appealing to young customers who are interested in fast-paced nights out and fun times with friends. A bright and contemporary set of wine bottle labels could be just what it takes to solidify that impression.

    Harvest Time is Time to Plan Ahead

    What kinds of bottles will best express the character of this year's grapes? It's time to think about it. No matter how soon you want to begin bottling and packaging your harvest, it's not too late. Lightning Labels, true to its name, enables lightning-fast turnaround times. There's no need to stick with branding that is less than optimal. There is a new, exciting all-digital alternative waiting to take your appeal to the next level.

    You can even use the vineyard itself as an effective component of your new labeling strategy. Gathering the grapes from the vines is likely a photo-friendly moment, and when you order custom wine labels from Lightning Labels, the high-definition digital printing process, those pictures can come across clearly and beautifully, giving customers an appetite-enhancing view of where the grapes came from.

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