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    Custom Spirit Sheets Soar at Sterling High School


    Sterling High School in Sterling, Colorado sought to enhance fundraising and more strongly brand its sports teams in the community. They wanted to emulate the success they’ve had with their baseball team statewide over the years, and custom spirit sheets (a.k.a. removable branded sticker sheets) were chosen to fit the bill. They used them for the first time starting March 2017.


    The customized spirit sheets promoted the Sterling Tigers baseball team, and then some. Notes Athletic Director and baseball team Head Coach Jeff Squier, “We achieved our fundraising objective with the spirit sheet

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  • From Afghanistan to D.C., Custom Coffee Labels Keep Compass Coffee Pointed in the Right Direction

    Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez became friends and coffee drinkers while at Basic School in Quantico, VA. The two young Marine lieutenants wound up commanding platoons in Afghanistan, where coffee became an important ritual and reminder of home.

    So, it’s no wonder that the duo started Compass Coffee in Washington, D.C. upon returning stateside. Featuring nine light to dark roast blends from primary growing regions of East Asia, Africa and the Americas, Compass is packaged in recyclable and refillable 12-ounce tins “which look great on the shelf at our local Whole Foods,” notes Michael.

    With four locations in the D.

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  • Gold Mountain Beauty Customer Spotlight – Health and Beauty Custom Labels from Lightning Labels

    At first, the idea of using a natural teeth whitener containing coconut activated charcoal may sound a bit difficult to get one’s…well, teeth, into.

    But, Gold Mountain Beauty’s mint tuxedo natural teeth whitener for sensitive teeth seems to be catching on with customers, along with the rest of an activated charcoal-based line of health and beauty products, including facemasks, natural shoe deodorizer and foot odor spray, and antifungal foot soak.

    The journey to a line of health and beauty products began several years ago. Principal Daniel Thompson says, “Several years ago, I started to work in digital marketin

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