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    Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?

    Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?Temperature-Resistant Labels Necessary

    In the wake of one of the more legendary storms to ever strike the East Coast, manufacturers of popular winter products should be evaluating the resilience and durability of their packages and labels. Lip balm and chap stick tend to be far more commonly used around this time of year, and should distributors not properly protect the items against the elements, chances are customers will begin looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

    Lip balm labels need to be able to stand up to tough, harsh winter conditions, and not all stickers will be tested against the cold rain and snow. However, putting a bit more effort into getting weather-resistant labels can go a long way toward protecting your brand image, especially in the eyes of current customers and prospects who are first seeing the items in the possession of their friends and family members.

    Tough Labels for the Win

    With all of the work that your marketing and product management teams put into the aesthetic value of the items your company sells, it would be a shame to not protect them against the elements. When labels and stickers start to break down due to winter weather, the products might be thrown out altogether, and your customers might begin to purchase ones that will not fade or fall apart, even when they are using the lip balm on a cold mountain peak.

    You do not have to choose between a label that looks good and one that remains resilient to the conditions, though, as premium options will allow for plenty of custom designs and eye-pleasing prints while still being more durable than the rest. With the right attention to detail, the lip balm you sell will be trustworthy in the perspectives of your current and prospective clientele, and will thus be a more coveted item on store shelves.

    Choose the Right Vendor

    Lightning Labels is a leading provider of product labeling and sticker products, and offers custom durable options for all of your lip balm and other packaging needs. With quick returns on orders and accurate printing of the personalized designs your marketing teams dream up, you will be in the driver's seat this winter and better-positioned to excel in your marketplace.

  • Help Consumers Find Their Healthy Zone with Quality Custom Labels

    Help Consumers Find Their Healthy Zone with Quality Custom Labels

    Winter Raises Health Concerns

    Winter can be a tough time of year for health-conscious consumers struggling with everything from the flu to dry skin. However, given the fact that such a high portion of the population is now driven by finding healthier alternatives to traditional products, you can capitalize on the hardships of winter and help your customers out by leveraging health product labels. Ensuring that your clientele understands the contents and benefits of your products can go a long way toward boosting your brand image and sales.

    Considering the fact that the holiday shopping season is underway, now is a great time to iron out the details of custom product labeling initiatives. The effort put into these projects will be well worth your while, as they can help to cultivate higher revenues toward the end of the year and put the company in a good position to excel in the new year. As long as your packaging and labeling strategies align with best practices and step outside the ordinary, your products will fly off the shelves this winter.

    Beauty Product Labels

    Dry skin is one of the many afflictions that will become more common in the winter months. Individuals are less likely to go outside, and the air is generally drier in many parts of the nation, with cold winds brutalizing exposed skin in much of the United States. You can position your products for success by leveraging beauty labels that explain the various benefits your products have with respect to skin health, and you can even further customize the items to be winter-centric.

    The most straightforward approach to this would be listing the benefits of your products on the label, but you can also take a more creative angle. Consider including custom labels that complement the standard packaging with informative guidance on the best practices of skin health protection in the winter. Research has shown that a more educational approach to marketing can have a better impact on brand stature in various industries, and you can take this approach for stronger brand positioning this winter.

    You can also include Web addresses for portals that will give consumers more background information about beauty and health best practices in winter. Either way, try to be informative in the content contained within the labels.

    Following through

    With all of the work put into the customization and design of these labels, you will want assurance that the finished product is up to your standards. Rather than trying to handle the printing process alone, you can instead leverage the services of a company like Lightning Labels for all your custom sticker, decal and label needs.

    This firm can help you address consumer concerns regarding winter health issues, and will ensure that labels are printed in a timely fashion following the original order. To position your brand as a leader this winter, consider leveraging custom health labels provided by Lightning Labels.

  • Announcing Online Ordering Capabilities for Lip Balm Labels

    Online Ordering Capabilities for Lip Balm LabelsAnnouncing Online Ordering Capabilities for Lip Balm Labels

    We are proud to announce that it's now easier than ever to get your hands on some of our popular lip balm labels. They're durable, vibrant and now available to order online, not just over the phone or via email. You don't need to pick up the phone or type up a long message anymore - just head to and with a few clicks, your personalized lip balm label order will be placed. Just like our name, our turnaround time is lightning-fast: Following proof approval, you can expect a turnaround of just two to three days. In short, if you need your custom labels sooner rather than later, we've got you covered.

    3 Great Features of Our Lip Balm Label Product

    There's a lot to love about our lip balm label product, particularly the following aspects:

    1. Extended content: Lip balm containers are small, so their labels need to be as well - or do they? Our extended content labels fold out from the container, providing extra space for ingredient panels, directions, warnings and more. You want to make sure users have all the information they need, and we want you to have the space to say everything you need to.
    2. Flexibility and customization: Are you looking to print multiple designs on the same material without incurring extra costs? Do you only need a relatively small number of labels (as low as 50)? Is your brand's color scheme extremely specific? No problem - Lightning Labels can meet those requirements.
    3. Full and partial safety seals: A high-quality lip balm label needs to be eye-catching, durable and in complete compliance with safety standards, which is where our full and partial safety seals come in.

    Our Custom Lip Balm Labels Have Staying Power

    By its very nature, lip balm is a product that many people keep on or near them a lot of the time, and custom lip balm labels go along for the ride. Think about it: Lips tend to dry out in the heat of the summer, crack in the cold of the winter or need soothing after a lip-bitingly scary movie or a stressful day at work. Lip balm is carried in pockets and purses and stored in drawers and glove compartments, conditions that can all have a compromising effect on label quality. However, that's something Lightning Labels' customers don't have to worry about, as our lip balm labels are resistant to water and oil - not to mention that they're made of our durable BOPP material that won't wrinkle, smudge, peel or fade.

    With custom lip balm labels from Lightning Labels, buyers can rest assured that their message will remain crisp, readable and vivid for weeks and months to come. Given how often people handle and use lip balm, there are few better ways to ensure your brand stays at the forefront of these individuals' minds than by emblazoning it on lip balm labels. Why not place an online order with Lightning Labels today?

  • Announcing Our 4th Annual Lightning Labels Photo Contest Winners!

    Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Facebook Voters Crown Label Contest's Top 5

    Back in May, we announced the kickoff of our fourth annual label contest and invited our customers to show off the product labels and stickers they printed with Lightning Labels. Once the submission period closed, fans of Lightning Labels on Facebook were encouraged to vote for their favorite product photos. With each entry more compelling than the last, there was some stiff competition, but voters were ultimately able to whittle down the options to five winners.

    Scentsational Soaps Claims Grand Prize in Image Contest

    Scentsational Soaps of California came out on top in our image contest and took home the grand prize - a Canon EOS Rebel camera. When she founded Scentsational Soaps back in 2007, Toushonta Hogan's wares were limited to glycerin soaps. Eight years later, she has transitioned into an expansive range of offerings that includes cold-pressed soaps, bath salts, body butter, sugar scrubs, candles, body mist and body souffle. Each product comes with a vivid label that describes the item not just with words, but also pictures. For instance, Scentsational Soaps' Caribbean soy candle label features palm trees backlit by a beautiful sunset, printed in vivid color by Lightning Labels.

    Candle-Makers Seize Second, Third Places in Lightning Labels Photo Contest

    Milwaukee Candle and Apothecary of Wisconsin, which won second place in the Lightning Labels Photo Contest, was awarded a 40-inch high-definition flat-screen TV. Meanwhile, third-place winner Art Scents of Hawaii got a Kindle Fire HDX. Like Scentsational Soaps, Milwaukee Candle's wares are more expansive than its name would suggest. In addition to candles, the company sells lip balm, aftershave, soap and more, all elegantly packaged by labels featuring refined designs. Art Scents is another business that sells candles, but with a twist: Every candle features art prints by business owner Chris Neil Conner. What's more, the containers are meant to last much longer than the candles themselves. Durability is a must in terms of this company's packaging, which makes Art Scents the perfect candidate for Lightning Labels' heat-resistant candle labels.

    Southern Girl Soapery and Sweet Tea Junkie Earn Lightning Labels Credit

    To round out the top five, Southern Girl Soapery of Arkansas and Sweet Tea Junkie of Florida received $500 and $300 in Lightning Labels credit. Southern Girl Soapery's handmade bath and body wares run the gamut from shaving products and bar soaps to body scrubs and creams, each infused with a little slice of the South. The rich colors and elegant fonts featured on Southern Girl Soapery's labels are a perfect extension of the company's brand. Sweet tea is another staple of the South, and Sweet Tea Junkie celebrates this delicious beverage by selling "tea shirts" and a range of premium, handcrafted blends. The teas' black labels combined with Sweet Tea Junkie's off-white logo and lime green text strike a balance between being refined and eye-catching. Interested in entering next year's photo contest and potentially nabbing one of these great prizes for yourself? Watch this space for details!

  • Introducing Our Top-of-the-Line Label Printing Press

    Introducing Our Top-of-the-Line Label Printing Press. Welcome to the Era of Our New Digital Press!

    At Lightning Labels, we make everything from wine labels to stickers for household products. Our process is about to get much more streamlined thanks to the state of the art digital press that we recently installed at our facility in Denver, Colorado.

    3 Features of Our State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Press

    Here's a look at just three of the ways our new acquisition will benefit our customers.

    1.  Speed: Processing your orders quickly is important to us - after all, our name is Lightning Labels. Sometimes, quality can suffer for the sake of speed, but we make sure not to let that happen. In fact, our new digital printing press will help expedite our turnaround times. Some solutions require pre-planned treatment before they can print on synthetic and paper substrates, but not our new press - and that's all thanks to its inline priming unit. In fact, the printer can even speed up press throughput for the majority of new color jobs by 33 percent when you enable the Enhanced Productivity Mode.
    2. Versatility: We offer our customers a range of material options, from chrome BOPP to gold polyester. Our new label printing press can handle them all - even the ones that are sensitive to heat. In fact, we can support the widest selection of media in digital production.
    3. Precision: Some of the products we create custom stickers for require a large amount of text (lists of ingredients, nutritional information, etc.) to be fit into a very small space. Just look at our lip balm labels as an example. We can print text as small as 0.7 points, and while it may be tiny, it will be perfectly legible.

    We're Not Done Yet: More About Our New Label Printing Press

    Think One Shot Color technology sounds impressive? You'd be right. Thanks to this solution, our label printing press is able to lay down all color separations at the same time, checking the boxes for speed, accuracy and repeatable printing in - you guessed it - one shot. If you also like the sound of liquid ElectroInk technology, just wait until you find out more about it. This digital color printing process is the only one of its kind that that can compete with the quality of gravure printing - minus the painstaking process of engraving your image onto a cylinder, of course. Place your order today and you'll get your great-quality labels before you know it.

  • Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable

    Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable. Jazz Up Your Party Planning With Custom Party Labels

    During the long, hot months of summer, it can seem as if events like barbecues and poolside gatherings are a dime a dozen. When you're pool party planning, it may be hard to figure out ways to make your summer shindig stand out from the rest. Are party favors on your list of party ideas? Favors are one small aspect that can have a surprisingly large impact on a gathering, especially when you incorporate the added pizzazz of customized party labels.

    Stand Out Thanks to Unusual Party Ideas

    Many people remember party favors from their childhoods, but there's no reason kids should have all the fun. Favors for adults compose a growing market, although these take-home items are still sufficiently unusual party ideas to be a trendy and pleasant surprise for event attendees. Here are just a few fun, quirky and useful favor ideas:

    • Go green: Flower seeds and miniature potted plants are a compact and colorful favor option. If the people on your guest list aren't terribly horticulturally skilled, cacti are a great, low-maintenance choice!
    • Make the write decision: Mini notebooks and journals can inspire even the least writing-inclined of partygoers. Cater to your guests' interests and needs with recipe books and gratitude journals, or keep things general with blank pages waiting to be filled with whatever recipients desire.
    • Give a sweet gift: There's no age limit on having a sweet tooth. Leave the grab-bag candy for kids' parties and refine your favors for adults by including macarons or home-baked cookies.
    • Light it up: Candles and sparklers are great ways to illuminate the summer night and keep the party going long after the sun begins to set.
    • Be practical: Party favors are usually take-home gifts, but there's no law against including items to use at the event itself. Outdoor gatherings during the summer months are characterized by high temperatures and bright sunlight, so sunglasses, fans, lip balm and mini bottles of sunscreen are sure to be a big hit.

    Make A Memorable Impression With Waterproof Labels

    To keep the memory of the day alive, you might want to consider affixing party favor bags or even the individual items inside with waterproof labels that include identifying information about your event (the name of your family, the date of your gathering and so on). What's more, personalizing labels and stickers with each recipient's name is a great way to avoid confusion and ensure nobody walks away with someone else's items - especially when different bags contain different things. Depending on the number of people on your guest list, the amount you're willing to spend and the time you have available, you can stick to a simple design or go more complex and ornate. Regardless of the design decisions you make, one element is non-negotiable: The labels should be waterproof. Coolers, cold drinks, sprinklers, kiddie pools and their full-size equivalents are all great for staying hydrated and refreshed on hot, sunny days, but they can be kryptonite to carefully prepared custom labels and stickers. Put it this way: When one of your guests pulls out the lip balm he or she got as a favor from your pool party weeks or even months after the fact, the label should be as vivid as the memories of the event. At Lightning Labels, we offer numerous label materials and several different laminate options to ensure your party favor labels keep looking as fresh and new as they did on your big day.

  • It's UV Safety Month - How Can Labels Help?

    It's UV Safety Month - How Can Labels Help? Use Safety Labels to Raise Awareness About the Dangers of UV Rays

    Most people know that staying out in the sun too long, not wearing sunscreen and engaging in other behaviors that can lead to sunburn should be avoided. However, they may not understand the full gravity of the situation - and that's where safety labels come in. For instance, did you know that more than 1.2 million new skin cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States every year? How about the fact that one bad sunburn during childhood can double a person's risk of developing skin cancer at some point in his or her lifetime? And it may sound strange, but it's actually possible to get a sunburn even when it's cloudy. These are just three of the sobering statistics detailed by the Sun Safety Alliance. To draw attention to the dangers of UV radiation from the sun's rays, the United States Department of Health and Human Services named July UV Safety Month. As part of UV Safety Month, companies that sell summer necessities like lip balm, sunglasses and sunscreen can incorporate warning labels into their products' packaging to help ensure consumers enjoy the good weather in a responsible way.

    With Labels, Knowledge is the Best Weapon

    As the adage goes, knowledge is power. With that in mind, including facts on product labels like the three outlined above is a positive step that enterprises can take toward educating people about the dangers associated with UV overexposure. However, highlighting the problem is only half of the equation. It's unrealistic to expect people to never go out in the sun again once they find out about the associated risks, so the labels also need to present tips, tricks and best practices to encourage safe behavior. For instance, both the SSA and the DHHS' Federal Occupational Health websites recommend using - and frequently reapplying - sunscreen products with an SPF of 15 or higher that offer what's known as "broad spectrum protection" against both UVA and UVB rays.

    Fight Off the Elements with Weather-Resistant Labels

    The intense heat and light that come with exposure to the sun can have an adverse effect on labels as well as human beings, so using weather-resistant labels is key. As well as ensuring their product labels are able to hold up in hot, bright conditions, companies should also ascertain that they are using water-resistant labels. Think about it: Relaxing in the sunshine often comes with a side of water, whether this takes the form of ocean spray at the beach, splashes from the pool or droplets from sprinklers and hoses in the backyard. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how helpful and informative a label is if it's too compromised by the elements for people to read its contents. At Lightning Labels, we have a range of materials and laminates available to make your summer product labels and stickers durable even at the height of summer.

  • Sun-Proof Your Summer Products with Heat- and Waterproof Labels

    Heat and Waterproof LabelsSun-Proofing Labels Helps Products Hold Up in Summer

    After what proved to be a long, dreary winter in many parts of the country, people are welcoming the soaring temperatures and the reappearance of that giant celestial orb in the sky - that is, except for manufacturers who failed to acknowledge that they needed to engage in sun-proofing their product labels for the summer. When temperatures are high, certain products tend to fly off the shelves, including sunscreen to keep the sun's damaging rays at bay, lip balm to moisten lips on hot days and lotion to stave off dry, cracked skin and soothe sunburn. Given that many individuals will take these items outside with them - sometimes for hours while swimming, sunbathing and enjoying cookouts and other outdoor events - it's imperative that the labels affixed to these products can hold up if exposed to water or sunlight. After all, what use is a bottle of sunscreen if you can't read the SPF number on the packaging, or if the label is too faded for you to make out the instructions about how often to reapply?

    Don't Forget to Heat-Proof Labels

    Sometimes, manufacturers fall into the trap of declaring their wares ready for summer after simply ensuring the packaging won't get bleached by the sun - in fact, they need to heat-proof labels as well. Lightning Labels creates custom stickers for candles, so we know just what to do to make sure the labels on your summer products can take the heat. After all, stickers that crack and peel when exposed to high temperatures won't exactly give consumers a good impression of your products - especially if you're selling something that promises to protect them against the sun.

    Use Waterproof Labels to Combat Pool and Ocean Splashes

    It happens to everyone - dropping something in the bathtub, getting splashed by an unexpected cannonball into a nearby pool or even being caught off guard by a wave at the ocean. Products with waterproof labels aren't affected by these events, as consumers can simply wipe off any errant droplets and go on with their days. However, individuals who use items with sub-par packaging may not be as lucky. Before they know it, the pristine stickers on their sunscreen bottles or lip balm labels are marred by water spots or, even worse, entirely reduced to a soggy, pulpy mess. Manufacturers can avoid this unpleasant fate by turning to Lightning Labels for vibrant, high-quality labels that do more than just look the part - they can truly stand up to whatever summer throws at them.

  • Party Favor Ideas for Summer Events

    Cinco de Mayo Product LabelsWelcome the Summer with Seasonal Events and Party Favors

    It was a long and arduous winter in many regions of the country, with some areas even experiencing record-breaking levels of snowfall, but the weather is finally beginning to brighten up - and that means summer events and party favors are in many people's not-too-distant futures. When it comes to deciding on favors, party planners - be they professionals or amateurs - almost have too many options. Should they go with functional gifts that recipients can put to good use or select decorative trinkets that guests will be able to proudly display in their homes? Would attendees prefer to take home a bottle of wine with a customized label or slip some lip balm into their purses and pockets for those dry summer days? There are no definitive answers to these questions, as what's best for one occasion might not be a good fit for another. Think about the type of event being planned: Is it a graduation party, a wedding reception, an open house or simply an excuse to celebrate the warm weather? Regardless of the particulars, one thing's for sure - attendees are bound to appreciate the inclusion of custom labels and stickers.

    Taking the Classy Route: Personalize Wine Bottles with Custom Stickers

    Bottles of wine make great favors to take home from evening soirees or formal luncheons, and adding custom stickers is a great way to personalize the gift. At Lightning Labels, we offer a range of printing finishes for bottle labels, including high-gloss, matte and old-style textured paper. You also have the choice of one large wraparound label or a separate sticker for the back of the bottle. Whatever you choose, one thing's for sure: Your labels will be high-quality and water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the text being hard to read or the material degrading in hot, cold or wet conditions.

    Taking the Practical Route: Add Pizzazz to Lip Balm with Party Stickers

    For a beach-side barbecue, pool party or similarly informal gathering, giving away wine bottles as favors may seem a little excessive - and that's where tubes of lip balm wrapped in party stickers come into the picture as the perfect casual choice. Think about it: Lip balm is something that people carry around and use frequently, particularly during the summer months when their lips are more likely to dry out. Affixing custom stickers to tubes of lip balm is a great way to ensure the memory of your summer party lives on for weeks and months to come. Lightning Labels prints hundreds of thousands of personalized lip balm labels every month, each one made of a unique material designed to meet the special needs of this type of product, which include the ability to stand up to everyday use and exposure to water and oils.

  • Get Custom Lip Balm Labels for Every Flavor

    Few products are as ubiquitous as lip balm.Offer Chapped Lip Relief and Promote Your Brand with Lip Balm Labels

    Few products are as ubiquitous as lip balm, and this means companies that use lip balm labels as a promotional vehicle have the opportunity to reach a wide and varied audience. Think about it: Regardless of age, gender and other demographic factors, almost everybody can say they experience the annoyance of chapped lips once in a while. So, when they reach for the lip balm in their pockets, purses or desk drawers, why not deploy some well-crafted packaging to remind them that your company is out there and ready to serve their needs - just like that lip balm?

    Custom Lip Balm Labels Clearly Deliver Your Message

    If you've ever found a tube of lip balm in a crevice of your couch, the pocket of a rarely worn jacket or the center console of your car, you know that this small but important product can turn up virtually anywhere - and this means custom lip balm labels need to be sufficiently durable to hold up to wear and tear. When you receive your shipment of lip balm stickers and labels, you'll be surprised by the vibrant, crisp color produced by our digital printing presses, but you'll probably question how long this initial high-quality appearance will last. Never fear - Lightning Labels understands the importance of using printing materials that will stand up to everyday use and exposure to elements such as water, oils and sunlight. In fact, we use a unique material for lip balm labels that has been formulated to meet the special needs of these products' packaging. Whether you select a rich, bright palate or soft, soothing colors, rest assured that our labels will preserve your company's message.

    Our Make-Up Labels Echo Our Quality Lip Balm Packaging

    Of course, lip balm isn't the only product for which Lightning Labels provides make-up labels. We have a selection of hundreds of label sizes and shapes from which to choose, and if you don't find what you're looking for, we also offer the ability to custom-order labels to fit your bath and body care product containers perfectly. Whether your enterprise sells soap, lotion, cosmetics or is focused on another facet of the bath and body field, our professional-quality custom labels and stickers will help your offerings stand out from those of your competitors. If label durability is a concern of yours, allow Lightning Labels to put your worries to rest. Every month, we print hundreds of thousands of labels, many of which must be durable enough for their quality to remain uncompromised by factors like extreme heat or a plunge in the tub. See for yourself by requesting free label material samples before you commit to making an order. We're so confident in the caliber of our products that we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction on every order, every time.

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