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    Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?

    Do Your Lip Balm Labels Stand Up to Winter?Temperature-Resistant Labels Necessary

    In the wake of one of the more legendary storms to ever strike the East Coast, manufacturers of popular winter products should be evaluating the resilience and durability of their packages and labels. Lip balm and chap stick tend to be far more commonly used around this time of year, and should distributors not properly protect the items against the elements, chances are customers will begin looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

    Lip balm labels need to be able to stand up to tough, harsh winter conditions, and not all stickers will be tested against the cold rain and snow.

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  • Help Consumers Find Their Healthy Zone with Quality Custom Labels

    Help Consumers Find Their Healthy Zone with Quality Custom Labels

    Winter Raises Health Concerns

    Winter can be a tough time of year for health-conscious consumers struggling with everything from the flu to dry skin. However, given the fact that such a high portion of the population is now driven by finding healthier alternatives to traditional products, you can capitalize on the hardships of winter and help your customers out by leveraging health product labels. Ensuring that your clientele understands the contents and benefits of your products can go a long way toward boosting your brand image and sales.

    Considering the fact that the holiday shopping season is underway, now is a great time to iron out the details of custom product labeling initiatives.

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  • Announcing Online Ordering Capabilities for Lip Balm Labels

    Online Ordering Capabilities for Lip Balm LabelsAnnouncing Online Ordering Capabilities for Lip Balm Labels

    We are proud to announce that it's now easier than ever to get your hands on some of our popular lip balm labels. They're durable, vibrant and now available to order online, not just over the phone or via email. You don't need to pick up the phone or type up a long message anymore - just head to and with a few clicks, your personalized lip balm label order will be placed. Just like our name, our turnaround time is lightning-fast: Following proof approval, you can expect a turnaround of just two to three days. In short, if you need your custom labels sooner rather than later, we've got you covered.

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  • Announcing Our 4th Annual Lightning Labels Photo Contest Winners!

    Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Facebook Voters Crown Label Contest's Top 5

    Back in May, we announced the kickoff of our fourth annual label contest and invited our customers to show off the product labels and stickers they printed with Lightning Labels. Once the submission period closed, fans of Lightning Labels on Facebook were encouraged to vote for their favorite product photos. With each entry more compelling than the last, there was some stiff competition, but voters were ultimately able to whittle down the options to five winners.

    Scentsational Soaps Claims Grand Prize in Image Contest

    Scentsational Soaps of California came out on top in our image contest and took home the grand prize - a Canon EOS Rebel camera.

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  • Introducing Our Top-of-the-Line Label Printing Press

    Introducing Our Top-of-the-Line Label Printing Press. Welcome to the Era of Our New Digital Press!

    At Lightning Labels, we make everything from wine labels to stickers for household products. Our process is about to get much more streamlined thanks to the state of the art digital press that we recently installed at our facility in Denver, Colorado.

    3 Features of Our State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Press

    Here's a look at just three of the ways our new acquisition will benefit our customers.

    1.  Speed: Processing your orders quickly is important to us - after all, our name is Lightning Labels. Sometimes, quality can suffer for the sake of speed, but we make sure not to let that happen.
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  • Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable

    Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable. Jazz Up Your Party Planning With Custom Party Labels

    During the long, hot months of summer, it can seem as if events like barbecues and poolside gatherings are a dime a dozen. When you're pool party planning, it may be hard to figure out ways to make your summer shindig stand out from the rest. Are party favors on your list of party ideas? Favors are one small aspect that can have a surprisingly large impact on a gathering, especially when you incorporate the added pizzazz of customized party labels.

    Stand Out Thanks to Unusual Party Ideas

    Many people remember party favors from their childhoods, but there's no reason kids should have all the fun.

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  • It's UV Safety Month - How Can Labels Help?

    It's UV Safety Month - How Can Labels Help? Use Safety Labels to Raise Awareness About the Dangers of UV Rays

    Most people know that staying out in the sun too long, not wearing sunscreen and engaging in other behaviors that can lead to sunburn should be avoided. However, they may not understand the full gravity of the situation - and that's where safety labels come in.

    For instance, did you know that more than 1.2 million new skin cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States every year? How about the fact that one bad sunburn during childhood can double a person's risk of developing skin cancer at some point in his or her lifetime? And it may sound strange, but it's actually possible to get a sunburn even when it's cloudy.

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  • Sun-Proof Your Summer Products with Heat- and Waterproof Labels

    Heat and Waterproof LabelsSun-Proofing Labels Helps Products Hold Up in Summer

    After what proved to be a long, dreary winter in many parts of the country, people are welcoming the soaring temperatures and the reappearance of that giant celestial orb in the sky - that is, except for manufacturers who failed to acknowledge that they needed to engage in sun-proofing their product labels for the summer. When temperatures are high, certain products tend to fly off the shelves, including sunscreen to keep the sun's damaging rays at bay, lip balm to moisten lips on hot days and lotion to stave off dry, cracked skin and soothe sunburn.

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  • Party Favor Ideas for Summer Events

    Cinco de Mayo Product LabelsWelcome the Summer with Seasonal Events and Party Favors

    It was a long and arduous winter in many regions of the country, with some areas even experiencing record-breaking levels of snowfall, but the weather is finally beginning to brighten up - and that means summer events and party favors are in many people's not-too-distant futures. When it comes to deciding on favors, party planners - be they professionals or amateurs - almost have too many options. Should they go with functional gifts that recipients can put to good use or select decorative trinkets that guests will be able to proudly display in their homes? Would attendees prefer to take home a bottle of wine with a customized label or slip some lip balm into their purses and pockets for those dry summer days? There are no definitive answers to these questions, as what's best for one occasion might not be a good fit for another.

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  • Get Custom Lip Balm Labels for Every Flavor

    Few products are as ubiquitous as lip balm.Offer Chapped Lip Relief and Promote Your Brand with Lip Balm Labels

    Few products are as ubiquitous as lip balm, and this means companies that use lip balm labels as a promotional vehicle have the opportunity to reach a wide and varied audience. Think about it: Regardless of age, gender and other demographic factors, almost everybody can say they experience the annoyance of chapped lips once in a while. So, when they reach for the lip balm in their pockets, purses or desk drawers, why not deploy some well-crafted packaging to remind them that your company is out there and ready to serve their needs - just like that lip balm?

    Custom Lip Balm Labels Clearly Deliver Your Message

    If you've ever found a tube of lip balm in a crevice of your couch, the pocket of a rarely worn jacket or the center console of your car, you know that this small but important product can turn up virtually anywhere - and this means custom lip balm labels need to be sufficiently durable to hold up to wear and tear.

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