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    Nutraceutical Manufacturers Prepare for New Year Weight Loss Resolutions with Custom Labels

    Make Sure Your Products Stand Out During Times of Demand

    While weight loss is a year-round concern, the steely optimism of New Year's resolutions spurs plenty of extra attention. If your nutraceutical products focus on helping customers maintain a healthy body weight, January is your time to shine. However, competing brands will also be front and center after the New Year. It's up to you to keep your items' packaging as visually arresting as possible to win over curious consumers, and custom labels are an important element of this process.

    Bold Designs Draw Eyes

    Your nutraceutical labels should be clear about the purpose of your products, combining bright imagery and clear text to make a strong case for the items.

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  • Vital Proteins concentrates on collagen to enhance health

    Our forebears consumed plenty of collagen—a basic protein building block of hair, skin, bones, joints and nails that makes up nearly 70% of our bodies—through whole-animal nutrition. As with so many other foods, modern food processing has removed much of this protein from our diets.

    Since 2013, Vital Proteins’ collagen products have worked “from within to rebuild and restore, nurture and enhance,” notes spokesperson Shannon Race. She adds that the objective is to, “help you feel younger, run farther, recover faster, and most importantly, live each day as the best version of yourself.” This is particularly important as we age because natural collagen production declines after 25 yea

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  • Update Nutraceutical Product Labels for Summer!

    Summer is Right Around the Corner

    If you sell nutraceutical products, you're likely preparing for one of the busiest times of the year, as summer will lead many consumers to purchase items that help them boost their health and drop their weight. If you manufacture these products, you should be changing up brand packaging at the end of each season to stay on the same page as your customers and prospects, essentially ensuring that your business always makes sense in their eyes.

    With spring waning and summer on the horizon, now is a great time to update product packaging with custom nutraceutical labels.

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  • Enhancing Success With Eco-friendly Packing and Labeling

    Customers Increasing Demand for Responsibility
    Consumer awareness has reached new heights, and it is influencing the way many organizations are choosing to package, label and market their products. Companies are realizing that people are becoming increasingly conscious of their health and diet. Running in tandem with this is the rise of customers choosing to purchase from businesses that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. It is not just their own safety and well-being they care about; they also want assurance that the items they use, foods they eat and goods they buy are not sourced or produced in a way that causes any damage to the planet or suffering to workers and animals

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  • FDA Demands Safety Labeling Changes for Painkillers

    The FDA is enforcing safety labeling changes to warn against painkiller abuse.

    Growing Demand for More Honest Labels and Healthier Products

    There have been a lot of issues pertaining to health-related claims made on product labeling. Many consumers have argued that companies, thanks, in part, to loose regulation policies, are able to limit the amount of information they include on packaging to shoppers, which impacts their ability to make informed decisions. Some have said that the lack of transparency is resulting in people purchasing products that actually have the opposite effect of what they hope for when they buy them. By urging companies and policymakers to improve their labeling laws and guidelines, people hope that they will be better educated and able to make smarter choices.

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  • Nonprofits Aim to Improve Safe Labeling of Household Products

    New initiatives are developing to create safety labels for eco-friendly cleaning products.

    Consumer Groups Advancing Eco-labeling Initiatives While a lot of attention has been paid to creating more transparent labeling on the packaging of food and beverage products, there has been a lack of it on other items used daily in households. However, that may soon change.

    FairWarning reported that the nonprofit Made Safe will launch a safety approval label next year that will be applied to products made without harmful chemicals or ingredients, much like the seal for personal care items released last year by the Environmental Working Group, EWG Verified. Both marks were created to address the issues that are not currently being covered by the United States Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Product Safety regulation

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  • Update Nutraceutical Labels for the New Year

    Update Nutraceutical Labels for the New YearCapitalize on the Month of Resolutions

    New Year's resolutions will almost always be at a peak in January, especially in terms of how many individuals are actually keeping to their plans to be fitter, happier and more productive. If you manufacture, distribute or sell nutraceutical and supplement products, now would be an ideal time to get moving on fresh marketing and product packaging strategies, as you might not see another month as active as this one until the beginning of 2017.

    As many business leaders know, a major portion of the battle to maximize revenues in a given year relates back to capitalizing on opportunities caused by higher traffic, greater demand and more attention paid to the lines of products.

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  • Preparing for New Year Weight Loss Resolutions

    Preparing for New Year Weight Loss Resolutions

    Nutraceutical Manufacturers are Up

    The new year is coming quickly, and this means a fresh round of major resolutions that will often include matters related to weight loss. Manufacturers of nutraceutical products and other healthy items will have a great opportunity to get the word out about their brands with the help of some fresh marketing and product packaging schemes. For example, nutraceutical labels can be used to ensure that individuals in stores understand the merits of the items for their weight loss goals.

    Although the busiest shopping days of the year are now behind the retail sector, the coming weeks will still be highly opportunity-rich given the continued traffic most stores see through the end of the year.

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  • Summer is Here - Update Nutraceutical Packaging to Attract Those Eager to Lose Weight

    Update Nutraceutical Packaging to Attract Those Eager to Lose Weight. Body-Conscious Americans Seeking Nutraceutical Products for Summer

    Losing weight was Americans' most common New Year's resolution for 2015, according to Marist Poll. With the official first day of summer just around the corner and numerous areas of the country already enjoying sunshine and high temperatures, many individuals are scouring the shelves for nutraceutical products to assist them on their journeys toward attaining a beach-ready body.

    In a bid to attract these consumers, companies in the nutraceutical sector may want to update their packaging for the summer months. However, before they make any moves to update their custom labels and stickers, they must ensure any and all proposed changes comply with federal regulations.

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  • Prepare for Wine Harvesting Season by Ordering Custom Labels

    Prepare For Wine Harvesting Season. Before Wine Harvesting Season Begins, Lock Down Label Designs

    Wine harvesting season doesn't begin until late summer, but it's never too early to prepare by designing and ordering custom product labels. In a recent article, we delved into what it takes to design an appealing wine label and found that color, simplicity vs. complexity and ostentatiousness vs. refinement all play a significant role in the process. Speaking with Lettie Teague, wine columnist for The Wall Street Journal, veteran label designer Bob Johnson noted that aesthetic strategies differ in accordance with price ranges - for instance, simple packaging is associated with products on the low and high ends of the pricing scale, while the labels on mid-range bottles tend to be more ornate.

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